Archival pictures of Tano

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Arrival at the airport in Nairobi

Lifting the calf onto the rescue plane

During the flight

Tano having re-hydrate fluid upon arrival the the Nursery

Tano with a Keeper

Tano with her new friends at the Nairobi Nursery

Tano with one of the Keepers that rescued her

The calf follows the DSWT Keepers to the rescue plane

The keeper give the orphan milk & re-hydrate fluid

The calf in the pickup upon arrival at the Nursery

The Keepers check the calf's health

The keepers give the orphan milk at the rescue sight

The keepers lay the orphan on a matress for the flight to Nairobi

The keepers in the rescue plane with the orphan

The keepers leaving Nairobi to rescue the orphan

The orphan follows the Keepers to the rescue plane together with the Silvester Family

Tano with James one of her keepers

Tom Silvesters Family waiting for the rescue team at the airstrip.jpg

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