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Taru with Mutara

Angela Sheldrick's son Taru playing with Lempaute

Taru with Maalim

Roan and Taru with Maalim

Taru with Maxwell

Taru gets a kiss from Max

Taru and Roan, give Taveta lots of loving

Taru with Taveta

Taru and Roan with the keepers

Taru Carr-Hartley with Rongai

The Nursery babies with Angela's sons Taru & Roan

Taru with Lempaute and Lesanju

Shimba being embraced by Taru

Angela's son's Taru & Roan with little Lempaute

Taru Angela's son with Maxwell

Taru and Roan Angela Sheldrick's sons

The babies chasing Taru on his bicycle

Lesanju & Taru, Angela's son

Angela Sheldrick's son, Taru at Ithumba

Taru and Roan with little Rukinga

Taru with laikipia

Angela, Taru and Laikipia

Taru and Roan Carr-Hartley (Angela's sons)

Taru, Daphne's grandson with Ndololo

Taru & Roan, Angela's sons with Ndololo

Taru Carr-Hartley and Makena

Taru Daphne's grandson with Lualeni

Taru & Roan walk the orphans back to the stockade

Taru & Roan Daphne's grandchildren

Taru Carr-Hartley sits with Lualeni

Roan and Taru Carr-Hartley with Lualeni

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