Archival pictures of Tassia

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The rescue plane preparing to land on the Tassia airstrip

Tying the calf for the flight.jpg

The rescue vehicle waits at the airstrip with the men involved in the rescue.jpg

The pilot.jpg

The men who saved Tassia.jpg

The men that rescued Tassia, many people doing so much in order to save this unfortunate calf.jpg

Tassia's home range where he was found.jpg

Tassia's home range where he was found 2.jpg

Tassia is given a warm welcome.jpg

Tassia flys to Nairobi.jpg

Stephen takes down details from Tassia's rescue.jpg

Stephen prepares for the flight.jpg

Sad little Tassia.jpg

Many people doing so much for him, while all so concerned for him must have never the less been most frightening.jpg

The keepers leaving Nairobi to rescue the orphan

The calf is laid on a matress in preparation for the flight

the other orphans are curious of the new comer

The men responsible for Tassia's rescue

the Keepers give the calf re-hydrate fluid

The Keepers asses the calf's condition

The Illingwezi Conservancy area from Tassia airstirp

the calf with one of the men that rescued it

The calf is hed down by the Samburu herdsmen that found him while the keepers prepare the calf for the filght

The calf in the truck that brought him to the airstrip

the calf in the truck awaiting the airplane rescue


Tassia remains calm during the flight

Tassia is warmly greeted upon his 1st meeting with the other nursery orphans

Tassia in the stockade

Stephen takes details regarding the calf from the men that rescued him

one of the Samburu men that rescued the calf sat with the calf on the journey to the airstrip

everyone watches as the calf is loaded into the airplane

everyone gathers to help load the calf into the airplane

Edwin giving Tassia milk

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