Archival pictures of Tumaren

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Tumaren in her stockade

Tumaren upon arrival at the Nursery

Tumaren sniffing

Tumaren is untied and released from the travelling ropes

Tumaren is almost immedaitely calmed by the orphans

Tumaren in the bush with the orphans

Tumaren in the bush with the herd

The rescue vehicle

The keepers prepare the calf's matress for the flight

The keepers off load the calf into a stockade

The keepers give the calf an anti-biotic injection

The keepers asses the calf's condition

The calf upon arrival at the airstip in the rescue vehicle

The calf is loaded into the rescue plane

The calf during the flight

Off loading the calf

Off loading the calf from the plane

Lifting the calf into the rescue plane

Leaving Wilson airport

Kenia reaches in to greet Tumaren

Kenia comforting Tumren upon theIr first meeting

The calf in the rescue vehicle

Tumaren in a room at the ranch

Tumaren next to her dying mother

Tumaren lays her trunk on her mother

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