Archival pictures of Turkwel

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Views from the airstrip.

Turkwell with Edwin on arrival at the nursery.

Turkwel in the back of the landcruiser that rescued her

Turkwel airstrip

She was named Turkwel after the Turkwel river

Turkwel settled in the Nairobi nursery

The Trust pickup collects the calf at Wilson Airport Nairobi

The Turkwel dam

The Kenya Wildlife Service give Abdul the rescue story details.jpg

The calf is prepared for the long flight to Nairobi.jpg

The calf is laid on the matress and canvas stretching in preperation for the journey to Nairobi.jpg

The calf at the airstrip.jpg

The calf at the airstrip.jpg

The calf arrives at the airstrip after a long wait.jpg

The calf's arrival

Some of the heros involved in saving Turkwel

Loading the calf into the plane.

Feeding Turkwel

At the airstrip our team go through the medicine

Abdul on Turkwel's rescue.

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