Archival pictures of Tusuja

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Tusuja enjoying browsing

Tusuja browsing

Heading to the mudbath

Tusuja in the bushes

Tusuja and Rapa


Tusuja sucking a keepers fingers

Tusuja walking while out and about

Tusuja feeding

Tusuja being greeted by the nursery orphans

Tusuja getting fresh greens

Tusuja swinging his trunk

Tusuja and Murit

Tusuja and Kauro

Tusja among the nursery group

Out in the bush with Nursery group

Out in the bush

Elkerama, Roi and Tusuja

The calf is named Tusuja

The calf is quite wild

In the stockade the day after arrival

The orphan all on its own

The orphan is captured

The captured and restrained calf

The calf on the tarpaulin for transport

The calf in the pickup

The calf loaded on the plane

Strapping the calf for the flight

Restraining the captured calf

Ready to move the calf to the plane from the truck

Putting the calf onto the truck

Backing the truck up to the plane

The calf on the truck

Moving the calf onto the plane

Looking for the orphan

Heading out to capture the orphan

After arrival at Wilson

Arrival at the airstrip

Loading the car to go to the orphan

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