Archival pictures of Ukame

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Ukame finding her place as a new mini matriarch

Ukame finding her way around the Forest

Ukame settling in

Ukame with her new orphan herd in Nairobi

Ukame making new friends at the Nursery

Ukame and her Keeper

The Keepers try taming Ukame down

Ukame feasts on fresh cut greens in her stockade

Rescuing Ukame from Rukinga Ranch

Ukame arrives at the Nairobi Nursery at nightfall

Arriving in Nairobi before dark

Akame and the keepers on the plane

Ukame gets lifted on to the plane

Ukame getting ready to board the plane to Nairobi

Ukame at the airstrip

it needed a lot of man power to lift her from the car into the plane

Ukame having been rescued and taken to the airstrip

flying to Tsavo

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