Archival pictures of Wanjala

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Wanjala having a drink of water

Mbegu, Wanjala and Dupotto

Wanjala having milk

Wanjala with Kiko

Wanjala and Sana Sana

Wanjala charging at Pea

Tusuja and Wanjala

Out in the bush

Going out for the day with the others

Heading out to the bush

Strapping the orphan for the flight

Ready for loading for the flight to Nairobi

Getting the calf prepared for the flight

On the way to the Nairobi stockades

Offloading on arrival at Wilson

Loading into the rescue plane

The calf is called Wanjala

Eating greens in Nairobi

During the flight to Nairobi

Being placed in the stockade

Arrival at the Nursery

The calf with a wild teenage bull

The orpahned calf

The calf is captured

At the stockades in voi before transfer to Nairobi

Capturing the calf

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