Archival pictures of Ziwa

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Entering the mudwallow

At mudbath

Running around

In the stockade

Ziwa out in the bush

Ziwa reaching out in greeting

Ziwa in the corner of his stockade

Ziwa unsure of his surroundings

Ziwa hiding in the corner

Ziwa feeding in the stockade

The calfs dying mother

The still immobilized calf in the stockade

The rescue plane on the airstrip waiting for the calf

The orphaned calf

The loaded calf

The immobilzed calf nearly ready for transport

The immobilized calf

The calf near his dying mother

The calf is called Ziwa

The calf hiding in the long grass

The calf arrives at the nursery

Suswa greets Ziwa

Securing the calf for the flight

Preparing the dart for immobilization

Preparing for take off

Preparing to place the calf on the tarpauline

Loading the calf

In the vehicle on the way to the airstrip

Heading out to find the orphan

Community members interested in what is going on

Carrying the calf into the stockade

Arriving at Wilson to head out for the rescue

Administering the revival drug

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