Archival pictures of Zongoloni

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The bullet wound

Zongoloni with the rest of the nursery orphans

Zongoloni having milk at visting

Zongoloni browsing while out with the others

Zongoloni in the stockade with greens

Zongoloni in the stockade

Placing the calf in the plane

2 weeks after treatment Zongoloni watches over

En route to the airtrip

The calf is placed on a drip

The calf in the back of the rescue vehicle

The keepers lay hands on the orphan to comfort her

On board

Zongoloni being put into the aircraft

DSWT & KWS capturing Zongoloni

Last few embraces

Saying goodbye

Too much to bare

Trying to comfort her mother

The calf leans on her mother

Last moments together

Keeping guard

Zongoloni chases everyone away

In the plane on the way to Nairobi

Capturing the calf

A week later - monitoring their progress

Assisting the mother to get up

Up she gets

Zongoloni waits for her mother to wake

Zongoloni awakens first

Sealing the wound with green clay

Removing shattered bone

Cleaning the wound

Zongoloni being monitored

Zongoloni now darted herself, keeping watch

Zongoloni watching over her darted mother

First sighting of mum. Swollen right hand front leg

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