Umani Springs

An oasis of elegant, tranquil calm and comfort, nestled within the unique ground water forest of Kibwezi in the Chyulu Hills.

Situated within the Kibwezi Forest, a biodiversity hotspot renowned for its spectacular variety of butterflies and birds, Umani Springs is a self-catering property overlooking waterholes fed by the Umani Springs. Based in the luscious surrounds of an ancient 18,000 acre groundwater forest which now forms part of the Chyulu Hills National Park, the Kibwezi Forest provides a habitat for a number of species including elephants, leopards, hyenas, buffaloes and bushbucks. serval cats, civets, mongooses and duikers.

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Umani Springs offers the epitome of African comfort, nestled within the stunning Kibwezi Forest, renowned for its diverse range of birds, butterflies and other wild inhabitants.

Accomodation Type

Exclusive use, contemporary lodge


Fully staffed self-catering property, with resident chef


Kibwezi Forest, adjacent to and fenced into the Chyulu Hills National Park

Number of Guests

Up to 10 guests, across 3 cottages


Optional game drives, guided walks, birding platform, and swimming pool. Badminton, croquet and volleyball sets.


Special access to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Umani Springs Elephant Reintegration Unit. Beautiful views of the Chyulu Hills. Stunning variety of bird and butterfly species

Located in the secret world of the Kibwezi Forest, a rare ground water forest, our stylish self-catering retreat directly contributes to the protection and conservation of the area, while safeguarding local communities and their livelihoods. Here’s how funds generated from the lodge directly support conservation efforts:

Support Kenze De-Snaring Team

Build and maintain fencelines

Water for wildlife

Vehicle donation to KWS

Reforestation of Kibwezi Forest

Community Outreach and Engagment

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