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 DSWT/KWS Quarterly Vet Report - 7/17/2017
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During the April to June 2017 3-month reporting period, the DSWT in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and their four dedicated KWS field veterinary officers, attended to 63 wildlife cases.

Of the 63 cases attended to 26 cases included elephants; 12 of these elephant cases were directly related to poaching activities with cases including 2 poisoned arrows, 7 spearings and 3 snarings, whilst there was also 1 elephant rescue and 3 human-wildlife conflict (HWC) cases, 1 collaring, 6 cases treated for natural causes and 3 post-mortems.

During this period 5 rhino cases were also attended to along with 10 lion cases.  A number of other species including giraffe, cheetah, zebra, buffalo, hippo and plains game were also treated by the four veterinary units.

The Tsavo Mobile Vet Unit attended to 17 cases, including 6 poaching and 3 HWC cases, 3 rescues and 2 collarings.

The Mara Mobile Vet Unit attended to 16 cases of which 6 of the cases involved elephants, and 6 involved predators (1 speared lion, 1 HWC Cheetah, 3 lions with fight wounds and 1 lion collaring) as well as 4 plains game with various injuries.

The Meru Mobile Vet Unit attended to 15 cases including 6 elephants, 5 rhinos, 4 plains game and a giraffe. All the rhinos were treated for natural causes (as well as one postmortem attributed to natural causes). Of the 6 elephants, 2 were snared, 2 were HWC Cases (one translocation back into the park after raiding a village), one natural cause, plus a postmortem which was attributed to natural causes.

The Amboseli Mobile Vet Unit attended to 15 cases, 6 of which were elephant cases with 4 caused by spearing and 1 snare plus 1 natural cause.  1 cheetah was also relocated as well as cases including plains game and one baboon.

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