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 The Unsung Heroes - 5/22/2018
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"Recently Daphne and I collaborated on a very beautiful publication to gladden the heart called the 'The Unsung Heroes'.  As it turns out, it was to be Daphne's final body of work.  This beautiful book encapsulates the best of humanity and Kenya, revealing incredible stories from the very beginnings of some of our orphans' journeys, recounted by the men and women who were first moved to save a baby elephant's life.  These stories have been a revelation for us too, locating the men and women once more who first found and rescued our orphans before they were safely turned over into the caring hands of our Keepers.

Angela and Dame Daphne Sheldrick  The book


This book with its exceptional photography so lovingly captured by Mia Collis, along with the poignant quotes researched meticulously by Yoyo Volak,  showcases the varied and beautiful landscapes and people that make Kenya a firm favorite for so many.  But aside from telling these fascinating previously untold stories,  captured within the pages is the extraordinarily tender relationships forged between the orphans' as they grow and their Keepers, redefining barriers between the two.

Kenia's hero  Mbegu's hero

Ambo's heroes  Murera rescue

Ambo's rescue


For those who have followed Daphne and David’s lives over many decades,  this publication is certainly a definitive collector's piece. I encourage everyone to consider ‘The Unsung Heroes’ as a personal keepsake or a treasured gift, as it was created with so much love and passion, and serves as an important and significant reminder of Daphne's life's work and remarkable legacy.”

By Angela Sheldrick

To learn more about this very special publication, please visit www.elephantorphans.com 

Orphans at Umani  Nairobi orphanage

Nairobi orphanage




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