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 Kristin Davis visits the DSWT's Ithumba and Voi Units - 4/21/2010
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As an actress, Kristin Davis is best known for her role on HBO’s Emmy and Golden Globe winning series ‘Sex in the City.’  The series was followed by the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, and a subsequent movie due to be released in theaters this May. 


Kristin took time out from her busy schedule and recently visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphans’ Project to check on CHAIMU, the young elephant calf she had helped rescue from the lava slopes of the Chyulu Hills in June 4th 2009 during the height of the drought that gripped Kenya last year.     Kristin has been a great supporter of the work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ever since that day, and during this recent trip was able to spend time at Ithumba with the Ithumba Orphans unit and Voi with LESANJU’s elephant herd of 11, now ranging from two years old to five years old.  With spectacular storms in the area, both Ithumba and Voi have been brought to life by the exceptional rains, every where a profusion of every hue of green imaginable.   The orphans seem to celebrate each day with the bountiful food, mud pools and waterholes to frolic in, and all this set against dramatic skies which have made the month of April simply breathtaking in Tsavo this year.

Beautiful skies every where one looked  Ithumba skies

Rainbow over the stockades - Ithumba  Ithumba waterhole

Kristin walking with the Voi orphans

Kristin vistis the Voi orphans  Kristin feeding Mzima

The Voi orphans enjoying their mudwallow


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