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 Kamunyu School Expansion - 4/10/2014
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Kamunyu School is situated within the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Peregrine Conservation Area, where the Trust’s Kaluku head-quarters are located.  The Trust has been supporting Kamunyu, its teachers and students for many years, donating desks, sports equipment, film shows, tree saplings, and offering field trips into the National Park to learn more about their wildlife and environment.



As with so many schools within this marginalised area, Kamunyu, which has enrolled just under 100 children, has inadequate facilities and resources, so the DSWT has taken a step forwards in donating three new classrooms to accommodate every pupil in order to give them all a chance of the education they deserve.  These new classrooms, unlike the current mud structures and poorly constructed rooms there now, will be built to offer a cooler and more comfortable environment for the children with large windows and solid flooring. 

The expansion work begins  Trenches dug for the walls to begin being laid

Walls now above ground  Kamunyu students watching the builders

Part of Kamunyu School

The DSWT is committed to providing as much support as possible through its Community Outreach program, and is hugely grateful to all those who donate towards these projects. https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/is/donate_now.asp


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