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 A welcomed return - 11/13/2014
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It is always a mixture of joy and relief when our ex-orphans choose to come by to say hi to their human family. On Sunday the 9th of November there was great excitement at the Voi stockades as EMILY’s group, a herd of 16 ex-orphans consisting of EMILY and her calf Eve, EDIE with her calf Ella, SWEET SALLY, MWEYA, ICHOLTA, THOMA, SERAA, MORANI, IRIMA, LAIKIPIA, LOLOKWE, NDARA, SIRIA and a wild boy arrived at the Voi stockades to greet the Keepers and their dependent orphan friends. 

Emily enjoying a rock scratch  Morani having a scratch

Lolokwe relaxing at the stockade  Laikipia front with the others

Eve left with Morani  From the right of picture Ndara, Seraa, Lolokwe,Thoma and Emily

EMILY’s group have been absent for many months so it was a wonderful surprise to see them all, and looking so healthy and well. It was clear too that we have a good number of wild born babies to look forward to next year with EMILY, EDIE, SWEET SALLY, ICHOLTA, and MWEYA all visibly pregnant with their swollen breasts as a good indicator.

Edie having a scratch  Icholta

Mweya scratching at the stockade  Emily holding a Grewia branch

NDARA was there too, having made a complete recovery from her horrendous poisoned arrow wound which required treatment on two different occasions in April 2012. She remained at the stockades for many months after her second operation while she made the slow journey back to full health.  Her recovery from what had the potential of being a life threatening injury as the arrow had penetrated the lower joint of her left front leg is remarkable. When the joints are affected from arrow, spear or bullet injuries the prognosis is always extremely guarded.  On Sunday the ex-orphans spent the morning at the stockades taking their fill of water while enjoying the youngsters company after which they wandered off into the browsing fields together with the dependent herd and the Keepers.  

Sweet Sally coming to greet Lesanju  Naipoki left, Kihari and Ishaq-B being taken by Mweya left and Sweet Sally

Naipoki following Emily's herd


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