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 Wild born babies Emma and Eden a few months on - 6/16/2015
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The Voi ex orphan herd headed by Matriach EMILY have had the joy of two wild born babies this year.  EMILY's second born calf arrived on the 23rd of December, born at the stockades in full view of all her beloved elephant Keepers.  We called her Emma, a little sister for Eve.

Then a few months later on March 16th tiny Eden was born to EDIE who is very much a member of EMILY's ex orphan herd.  This is her second wild born baby too, a sister for Ella.   These treasures have brought the ex orphans so much joy this year, and they have generously shared their babies with the dependent Voi orphans along with their Keepers, choosing to remain close to home for the past six months since they were born.  

Emma minutes after birth  The birth of Emma

Emma the day she was born  Eden and Emma playing at the Voi stockades

Eden with Emma behind  Emma with Eden in the foreground

Emma playing happily at the stockade  

Emma  Eden and Emma

Emma receives love  Emma and Eden at the stockades


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