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 Wendi has a wild born baby - 10/15/2015
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We are joyful to share the news that ex-orphan WENDI, living a wild life in Ithumba and rescued as a new born herself, gave birth to her first wild born baby on the 13th of October.  We have called this tiny female calf Wiva to celebrate the fact that the weaver birds, who every year build their nest upon the onset of the rains in the acacia trees at the Ithumba stockades, had busily began nesting on the very same day. 

With pregnant skies promising the onset of the rains, always a celebratory time for the elephants of Tsavo, the timing of little Wiva’s birth could not be better.  WENDI who never knew her elephant mother or family now has the joy of being a mother herself, accompanied by nannies ex orphans NASALOT, SIDAI and KINNA who are all beside themselves with excitement and eager to take care of the baby.  While our Keepers did not witness the actual birth of Wiva, WENDI came to share her joy immediately after the calf was born, arriving at the midday day mud bath with a tiny baby in tow. 



She allowed Benjamin to handle her precious baby, testimony to the love and trust she has of her human family who raised her from new born and gave her a second chance of life but more importantly her freedom, which is something deeply valued by all elephants.  The Ithumba ex-orphans have known the joy of three wild born babies, all females, namely MULIKA’s Mwende, YATTA’s Yetu and now WENDI’s Wiva.





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