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 Community Outreach Report September 2016 - 10/10/2016
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In September 2016, the DSWT hosted four wildlife video shows and three school trips. Additionally, the Community Outreach team carried out maintenance with local farmers on the beehive fences funded and installed along a border of Tsavo East.

The DSWT is running a high school scholarship in collaboration with Children Conservation for the best performing and most needy children in the Tsavo Conservation Area. To ensure that sponsored children are faring well in school, the Community Outreach team conduct regular visits to the respective schools to talk with the teachers about the children’s academic performance and their general welfare.

The DSWT also organised the annual Tsavo Kerrigan Cup this month, sponsored by the Waves Trust, and hosted by Sowa Primary School. This annual sports event including football and netball competitions brings together four primary schools (Gimba, Mosi, Sowa and Kalambe) and is located on the South Western border of Tsavo East National Park.

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