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 Ex Orphan Lempaute's Thirsty Herd! - 10/18/2016
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On the 17th of October, while on a regular fence patrol, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) Works Manager came across some of our Ex Orphans feeding on parched grass looking extremely hot, hungry and thirsty.  It was LEMPAUTE's Ex Orphan herd and as they were only 6km from the Voi stockades the decision was made to walk them back to where water is plentiful and a fresh load of Lucerne had just been delivered from Nairobi.  This dry season has lapsed into drought conditions and while we are confident the rains are just a few weeks away we are working tirelessly to keep both the wild elephants and our own Ex Orphans provided with ample water with the Trust funded and managed 10 borehole installations throughout Tsavo, all of which are serviced and maintained ensuring the wild animals are not without water.

Walking Lempaute's herd back home  Arriving at the stockades

Hurrying for water  Hot and dusty Tsavo in the dry season


The Ex Orphan group comprised of LEMPAUTE, MZIMA, DABASSA, SINYA, LAYONI, KIVUKO was rounded up by a couple of Voi keepers and walked the six kilometres home, escorted too by a vehicle to ensure the men’s safety from wild elephants and buffaloes.  It was heart-warming to see the group obEDIEntly follow their Keepers home.  Once at the Voi stockades they were met with ample food and water.  We now hope this group will remain close to home until the rains break so that we can help them through this challenging time with supplementary feed. Thankfully they are all remain in good condition despite it being the end of a long and brutal dry season.

Some tasty lucerne at last  Refreshing water



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