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 Remembering Pea - 11/27/2016
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Two little ostrich chicks, who we named Pea and Pod, came into our care along with orphaned elephant Waas, all rescued near the Milgis Lugga on the 14th of October 2014.  The two little ostriches grew up with the orphaned elephants; Pea was female and brother Pod, a cock.

On the rescue plane   Pea and Pod on the rescue plane with Waas

When being rescued and taken to Nairobi Nursery  Baby Pea and Pod with the ellies

Baby Pea  Baby Pea and Pod in 2014

Male ostriches become problematical when grown and Pod was no exception, taking an aversion to the elephant Keepers donning a raincoat in wet weather, which was a great inconvenience. Trips down onto the Nairobi Park plains were undertaken so that Pea and Pod could fraternize with their own kind, so when Pod disappeared it was assumed he had joined the wild ostriches, as we had sighted many on the plains, and our Keepers felt confident too that they had sighted Pod while cutting greens. There had never been tangible evidence to suggest otherwise.

Pea and Pod out with the herd  Pea and Pod with the babies

Pea and Pod at visiting  Pea and Pod in April 2015

Pea adored the baby elephants, who were after all the only family she had ever known and grown to love dearly, and chose to remain close.  In fact she loved the baby elephants so much so that we all firmly believe that she truly thought she was one of them, shepherding them around with outspread wings and allowing then to comfort suckle her soft thighs, covering them protectively with her wings.

Pea with the babies  Pea with keeper and baby

Tagwa, Pea and Jotto  Pea with the babies

Pea and Jotto  Pea with the orphans

Pea standing guard  Ngilai playing with Pea's feather

Some days she joined them at the noon day mudbath when the Trust opened its doors to the visiting public enjoying either a dust bath or on hot days even the mud-bath, and walking around the rope cordon that separates the elephants from the public, never pecking at any shiny ornament worn by the spectators, which is unusual for an ostrich who are usually attracted by such objects.  She was a treasured favourite of everyone, and it was indeed an incongruous spectacle to see an ostrich amongst our orphaned elephants, behaving as though one of them! Sometimes she would siesta with the babies in the afternoon, happy to let the young elephants rest upon her soft feathers while sleeping, and was only ever gentle and nurturing towards them.

Pea and Jotto  Pea sleeping with Jotto

Pea and Jotto browsing

On November the 25th, two years since she first arrived at the Nursery, the orphans and Pea were feeding in the forest, when they were panicked by three Nairobi Park lions chasing a herd of impala and in the process scattering the orphans, including Pea.  After the Keepers managed to round up their elephant charges they grew concerned when they could not locate Pea.  While continuing with their search they came to a glade where the lions, two females and a male, were feasting on a kill.  Unable to get close enough on foot to see what they had killed they returned in a vehicle, only to have their worst fears confirmed, when they discovered that the lions had killed Pea.  

Her loss was deeply felt by all, both elephant and human alike for she was dearly loved and is sadly missed.  Rest in Peace dear Pea, you will live in our hearts forever.

Mguu and Pea


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