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 Li Bingbing UNEP goodwill Ambassador visits The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - 5/7/2013
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Chinese leading actress and singer Li Bingbing,and national Goodwill Ambassador in China for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is visiting Kenya in an effort to meet with wildlife experts throughout the country to discuss the challenges and to urge greater effort to combat the illegal wildlife trade. With a following of over 20,000,000 through social media alone her influence will certainly resonate with those in China and beyond.



On her first day in Kenya she visited the David Sheldrick Widllife Trust Orphans Program based in Nairobi National Park, and was able to learn about the project, the scale of the poaching threat throughout Africa, and its devastating toll, not just on the immediate victims of the ivory trade, but their orphaned dependent young who would die alongside them unless otherwise rescued. A graphic reminder is that most of the 24 Nursery orphans whom she met presently in the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trusts care are victims of poaching.





Li Bingbing was deeply touched by the individual stories of their loss and heartbreak at loosing their elephant families, and of course their intelligent and lovable ways,. Tiny BARSILINGA, orphaned last year when his mother died from multiple bullet wounds, stole her heart, immediately singling Li Bingbing out for preferential treatment, and the two of them were able to share precious intimate moments that will remain with her a lifetime.

Li Bingbing with Angela Sheldrick   


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