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 Guarding the Future of Tsavo - 8/12/2013
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There are few places in the world more unique than Kenya's giant Tsavo National Park, and while the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has projects throughout Kenya, the Tsavo Conservation Area is the Trust's main focus, which has been a life time commitment since 1948 to the present day.  David Sheldrick was the founder warden charged with the safe keeping and care of all the wildlife in Tsavo, protecting them in their natural communities and native landscapes where these animals have always lived.  This is a custodianship which guards for the future the genetic diversity inherited from the past.  For in these wild places is the testament of the laws of life and of the earth.   Forging Tsavo National Park out of virgin bush, David together with his assistant wardens at the time Bill Woodley and Peter Jenkins, walked every corner of this vast landscape first on foot.  The early infrastructure was put into place by hand in grueling heat and challenging conditions.  Thirty five years of David’s life was dedicated to creating the Park and whilst living among the wild animals he was there to protect he was able to acquire a rare and unique knowledge of their habits and characteristics.

Hippos in Tsavo  Elephants in Tsavo

A Lone Bull in Tsavo  Beautiful Striped Hyaena

Still today David Sheldrick's memory burns bright in the hearts of all those who work for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which was created in his memory when he died in 1977.  This trusted team of people work together with the Kenya Wildlife Service to help save the lives of numerous animals and protect threatened habitats.  Whether it be the Trust's famous Elephant Keepers, or the KWS/DSWT Anti-Poaching Units who risk their lives on patrol in an effort to keep Tsavo's wild denizens safe, whilst credit goes to those who fly countless hours in the sky in support of the ground teams along with the veterinary officers whose dedication and hard work saves individual lives daily, together they make a significant difference every day.  There are many unsung heroes who literally keep the wheels turning, such as the hard working mechanics, who all do what they do with unsurpassed dedication and passion.   David Sheldrick would be proud of what has been achieved and continues to be achieved in his memory, not forgetting that none of what the Trust does would be possible without the support of the Kenyan Wildlife Service and the commitment of a caring global public.   

Watering Hole in Tsavo  River Crossing in Tsavo

Big Herds  A Tsavo Sunset


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