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 The West Gate Conservancy Scouts visit the two orphans they have saved, Loijuk and Lempaute - 12/12/2006
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The Scouts from the West Gate Conservancy in Samburu who rescued both Lempaute and Loijuk got to meet them again this month. The Trust sponsored their journey down from Samburu to Nairobi in order for them to spend time with the Nursery orphans, and particularly the two orphans they had saved, Loijuk and Lempaute. They were able to learn more about the Project first hand and got to spend quality time with the Nursery orphans and their Keepers. They were all amazed at Loijuk’s progress, a far cry from the emaciated calf they had last seen loaded onto the rescue aircraft nearly a year ago. Lempaute enchanted them too, as she was clearly attached to her Keepers staying close to them at all times, but quick to play and frolic for her captivated audience.

Loijuk meets those that rescued her a year later  

Angela with the team of West Gate Conservancy Scouts  The Scouts with Dame Daphne


Loijuk with her rescuers  Loijuk is loaded by the West Gate Conservancy Scouts into the waiting aircraft

The tiny calf in the back of the landcruiser  The Scouts that rescued Lempaute


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