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 Project Amu - 2/21/2012
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A David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Initiative

PROJECT AMU – A hope for the Future

In order to protect the future of not just elephants, but all wildlife and diversity the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust must save habitats. Without the preservation of natural environments our orphans and their descendants cannot survive.

Conservation must begin at the roots, to ensure that wild animals will have a place in this world to exist alongside the human race for generations to come. 

Amu  Amu


It is no secret that the future of wildlife and wild places in Kenya is endangered, it is a fact.  Wildlife cannot be protected until the land that they depend upon is conserved. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is taking huge steps to ensure that these rare remaining wild habitats are threatened no longer. 


Project Amu began a year ago and is already achieving great results in bringing to an end the degeneration of the forest and savannah caused by illegal encroachment, poaching, logging and unsustainable extraction of endangered natural resources.

The area of Amu covers over 60,000acres and is a beautifully diverse and unique wildlife habitat, which is larger than several of Kenya’s National Parks.  It was once home to a magnificent elephant population numbering nearly 30,000, yet today only a couple of hundred remain, isolated in the thick forests, their herds being decimated further by poaching and deforestation.   


We need help to stabilise and preserve this environment in partnership with the local communities of the Lamu district.   We need to safeguard this land so that one day the lost elephant herds of Lamu may once again return and live peacefully in their natural environment.

Project Amu works in collaboration with the community-driven Lamu Conservation Trust, which is working to expand conservation efforts into additional neighbouring areas.  The Lamu Conservation Trust information booklet can be viewed here: http://issuu.com/lamuconservationtrust/docs/lct_brochure

Or visit their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lamuconservationtrust


Coastal Topi  

Carmine Bee Eaters, Amu Ranch  

  Some of the Amu team

Patrolling on Amu




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