Be my Valentine

Celebrate your love with a gift of life

Show your love this Valentine’s Day and watch it grow by gifting an orphan adoption.

If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, consider adopting an orphaned elephant (or rhino!) for someone special. It’s a meaningful way to share your love — and it’s guaranteed to bring joy throughout the year.

A gift adoption is a unique and lasting sign of your love and, unlike chocolates or flowers which will quickly disappear, an adoption can last a lifetime. You can choose to adopt for one or more years and, throughout the duration of the gift, your loved one can watch their chosen elephant or rhino grow and thrive, knowing their gift from you has helped support the life of an orphan in need.

For just US$50, your loved one will receive everything below, and more, as part of their gift:

Personalised adoption certificate emailed on your chosen start day

Monthly orphans updates and Keepers' diaries

Monthly water colour by Angela Sheldrick

Exclusive access to online content, including photos and video

Our unique adoption program is a wonderful way to show just how much you care. Through their gift, your recipient will be invited into the wonderful world of our Orphans' Project, which exists to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned wild animals, so that they can be supported on a journey back to a life in the wild.

In addition to a digital welcome pack, your gift recipient will be kept closely connected with their adopted baby, enjoying a unique look into their life, through exclusive monthly emails, early access to the latest Keepers’ Diaries, never-before-seen photos, and more. Plus, every month they will receive a beautiful watercolour painted by Angela Sheldrick, which they can print and frame! As well as being animal-friendly, our adoption program is eco-friendly too: A gift adoption is entirely digital and to help protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions, we do not send anything by post.

We currently have over 100 milk-dependent orphans in our care — and each one is supported entirely through the generosity of our donors.

Give your Valentine the Gift of Love & Life

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