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Taveta was eager to investigate a dung beetle he had seen burrowing into an elephant dung ball. He prized open the dung ball using his trunk, when the dung beetle latched onto his trunk, causing him to panic and bellow for help. All the other elephants rushed to establish the cause of his problem, by which time the dung-beetle had become dislodged.

Emily and Edie and their entourage came to the Stockades in the evening, and with them was Burra, who had been absent for almost a year and had been last seen with Natumiís splinter group. Natumi herself along with Mukwaju, Aitong, Illingwezi and Tsavo were not with him. Burra had been apart from the other ex orphans so long that he appeared somewhat shy of his old friends, Seraa and Thoma, who were making a fuss of him. Meanwhile, Sweet Sally gently pushed little Eve away from her mother, Emily, and succeeded in this mission, escorting the baby to the Stockade water trough. All the ex orphans enjoyed a hand-out of Copra cake, and left the Stockade together at 7.20 p.m. 

Taveta standing next to Shira

Burra at the stockade

Burra shying away from the others

Seraa scratching against a rock


The orphans left the Stockades early, Lesanju still busy asserting her authority over all the others. They fed on the Southern side of Mazinga Hill where they had their first encounter with a wild group of elephants. One elephant cow had a small calf which attracted the orphans. Siria approached the baby and was pushed away by the mother, screaming loudly, which scared the other orphans, all of whom rushed back to their Keepers! They later fed happily for the rest of the day before it was time to return in the evening. The new orphans from Nairobi appear to have settled in very well.

Others:- The groups of Emily, Aitong and Natumi have not been back all month, but patrols to try and establish where they are continue.

The baby kudus, Njia, Aruba and Mkuki are doing wonderfully well, all friends now and feeding together as a mini herd. They have all grown well. 

Voi unit charging for their milk


Uaso was observed to have joined Emilyís unit, and was seen mounting Aitong, who we believe is already pregnant. We are pretty sure that Emily is also pregnant. 

Uaso playing with Emily


Morani and Mweiga fed on the slopes of Mazinga Hill today. Back at the Stockades in the evening they were met by Natumiís group as well as that of Emily which included Aitong, Sally, Tsavo, Ilingwezi and Salama. The two now wild groups spent a long time together, and also left together.




Burra and Mweiga left early as usual, and met up with Natumiís group at the foot of Mazinga Hill. After a happy reunion the orphans all fed together and enjoyed the mudbath together. In the evening Natumiís group separated leaving Burra and Mweiga to return to the Stockades without them. Emilyís group, consisting of Aitong, Sweet Sally, Salama, Loisaba, Nyiro and Tsavo was observed feeding near the Voi Safari Lodge. 





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