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The morning was good with the orphan elephants enjoying playing some hide and seek games, coupled with scratching games against the rocky outcrops in the stockade compound.

Mbirikani and Nelion took the lead of the orphan elephants leading them half way up the eastern side of Msinga Hill. Suswa, Arruba Kihari and Naipoki were left browsing at the foot of the Hill, as they wanted to be the first to arrive for the afternoon milk bottle; they emptied their first bottle in record time before proceeding to the main water hole to have a drink and a wallow. While bathing they were joined by a group of about 10 buffalos. Kihari and Naipoki came out of the water charging at the buffalos driving them away and preventing them from drinking any water. The buffalos waited patiently for the orphans to finish wallowing and once the orphan herd had left for the browsing fields they approached the water hole where they could drink and mud bath in peace.

Panda resting trunk on a rock

Naipoki and Kihari chasing the buffalo

Ngulia and Oltukai playing


The day began with Layoni and Dabassa coming and visiting the stockade, after a three week absence following their joining up with Emily and Lesanjuís herds. The two drank water and enjoyed lucerne grass, range cubes and the copra cake, before leaving for the field. Sadly the two Ex Orphans did not join up with the stockade dependent herd.

In the afternoon, the orphan elephants made their way to the baobab tree water hole for their milk and a mud bath. Arruba grabbed her second milk bottle pulling it out of the keeperís hands and downing the milk as she ran away worried that Bada, Lentili, Tundani, Mudanda and Nelion who were coming for their share may try and steal her bottle. When she was satisfied that she had finished every last drop she discarded the bottle leaving it for the keepers to collect and return to the crate.

Oltukai and Ngulia enjoying lucerne pellets

Bada mudbath games

Ndii finds a stick to play with


The day started with the usual milk and supplement feeding before the orphans engaged in brief games at the stockade compound. Ndii went up to Tahri and placed her trunk softly over her back and the two stood there for a while with their eyes closed completely relaxed and at peace with the world. Panda came and watched them before heading towards the rock by the stockade waterhole.

The orphans lined up behind Arruba, Suswa and Lentili who led them to the browsing grounds. Today Ngulia, Kore and Tawi went into the orphan buffalo Oltukaiís stable and engaged him a wonderful chasing game which they all enjoyed, especially Oltukai who couldnít have been happier to be allowed to join their little orphan band of misfits.

Orphans at the mudbath

Suswa and Rorogoi at the Baobab water trough

Mbirikani rubbing up against a tree


It was a perfect beginning to the day with the orphan elephants engaging in some wonderful rock scratches and soil dusting games after their milk and supplement feeding. It was a big day for Arruba and Suswa today as they took charge of the group leading them half way up the western side of Msinga Hill where they settled for the morning browsing session.

The orphans came down at noon and proceeded in groups of five to the milk feeding area. Panda considered herself to be very lucky as she arrived with Tahri and thus managed to be one of the first to receive milk. She then went for a drink of water from the baobab tree water trough where she enjoyed some one on one time with Tahri until Ndii arrived. Ndii quickly downed her bottles and then ran to the water hole to catch up with her adopted baby Tahri who wasted no time in joining her adopted mother.

The weather had changed during the course of the morning and there were now thick dark clouds covering up the sun. Embu was the only one to enter the mud bath where she was watched over by Mashariki and Panda. The orphans moved away from the water hole to the northern foot of Msinga Hill for the afternoon feeding session.

Ndii running to the waterhole

Embu in a playful mood

Arruba scratching belly against fallen tree


It was a cloudy morning as the orphan elephants milled around the stockade for a breakfast milk bottle and supplement feeding before enjoying some games around the stockade compound. They left for the browsing fields under the leadership of Suswa, Arruba, and Naipoki. The orphans spent the morning browsing on the western side of the stockade before slowly making their way to the baobab tree water hole.

After a wonderful mud bathing session, the orphans were joined by a wild elephant bull that was given a warm welcome by the orphan herd who trumpeted greetings at him while stretching their trunks towards him. Panda was particularly friendly and was the first to go up to him and greet him. Tahri stretched her trunk to greet him from a distance as she didnít want to get to close. The wild bull browsed briefly with the orphan elephants before leaving for the Mzima spring-Mombasa water pipe line area.

Ndoria browsing

Mbirikani trying to greet the wild bull

Wild bull a the Baobab water trough




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