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It was a nice beginning to the day with the orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement feeding before engaging in some brief strength testing games with Nelion taking Bada to task. When they were done playing the orphans left the stockade compound and headed to the bush to begin the days browsing activities.

Two hours after their departure, Seraa, baby Solar, Ndara, Neptune, Wasessa, Lesanju, Sinya, Lempaute, Tassia, Layoni and Dabassa visited the stockade. Wasessa, Sinya and Lesanju were all seen in close contact with the two babies Solar and Neptune guarding them as proper nannies should. After drinking from the stockade water trough, the Ex Orphans fed on range cubes and copra cake. Solar was driven away by a naughty baboon that came to steal the supplements. Seraa took charge and chased the baboon away. It seems that Ndara may be forming her own herd and taking some of Emilyís herd with her with Lesanjuís herd together with Seraa being the latest to join.

Dabassa front and Layoni

Tassia at the stockade

Seraa with Solar under her

Sinya left, Neptune, Solar, Seraa & Lempaute


The day began with Layoni and Dabassa coming and visiting the stockade, after a three week absence following their joining up with Emily and Lesanjuís herds. The two drank water and enjoyed lucerne grass, range cubes and the copra cake, before leaving for the field. Sadly the two Ex Orphans did not join up with the stockade dependent herd.

In the afternoon, the orphan elephants made their way to the baobab tree water hole for their milk and a mud bath. Arruba grabbed her second milk bottle pulling it out of the keeperís hands and downing the milk as she ran away worried that Bada, Lentili, Tundani, Mudanda and Nelion who were coming for their share may try and steal her bottle. When she was satisfied that she had finished every last drop she discarded the bottle leaving it for the keepers to collect and return to the crate.

Oltukai and Ngulia enjoying lucerne pellets

Bada mudbath games

Ndii finds a stick to play with


It was a calm morning as the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrated on their usual feeding routine at the stockade before following Lentili to the browsing grounds. Soon after the juniors left the stockade compound, Emilyís herd arrived and had a quick drink before returning to the Park.

The orphan herd settled to browse in single file with Kenia focusing on her adopted baby Araba while Ndii spent the whole day browsing side by side with. Dabassa and Layoni encountered the stockade dependant orphan elephants at the browsing grounds. The two lifted their trunks skyward to salute the juniors, but did not join them.

The orphans visited the water hole at noon where they had a brief bath before resuming with their browsing activities. Ndoria enjoyed leading the group back to the stockade in the evening using the fact that she is a tail biter to her advantage, as none of the others wanted to overtake her out of fear of getting their tail bitten.

Edie Eden and Emma visit

Siria feeding on range cubes with the orphans

Bada bottle feed


The stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoyed their milk and supplement foods before engaging in some brief games at the stockade compound after which they headed to the browsing grounds.

Three hours after their departure, Emily and Lesanjuís herds arrived at the stockade and had a drink of clean water from the water trough. Kivuko was seen following little Neptune around as Lempaute rubbed her itchy bottom against the rocks at the stockade compound. It has been more than three weeks since Emilyís herd last visited the stockade and the keepers were happy to see them. A few minutes after they walked out to the Park, Laikipia arrived together with Taveta. Taveta was bouncing along, swinging his trunk from side to side. The two later followed the other Ex Orphans out to the park.

Kivuko with Neptune

Laikipia and Taveta arrive stockades

Lempaute scratches bottoms


The morning was cool as the orphans exited their stockades and came to enjoy their morning milk bottle and supplement foods. They briefly played around the stockade compound until Kenia signaled that it was time to head out for the day.

Soon after the stockade dependant orphans had left the stockade this morning, a few of Emilyís herd visited the compound. Icholta, baby Inca, Thoma, baby Thor, Ndara, baby Neptune, Seraa, Taveta and Dabassa enjoyed drinking from the stockade water trough. Taveta and Dabassa played a pushing game and became engaged in a strength testing competition. The Ex Orphan group left the stockade compound and headed in the direction they had come from.

At the noon mud bath the orphans had a wonderful time as they were all engaged in bathing activities. Panda who was in the middle of the water shinning in some rolling games ended her bathing games when Ndoria came and placed her trunk on Pandaís back, preventing her from rolling around.  

Araba rubbing against Kenia

Tundani soil dusting

Rorogoi sliding into the mud




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