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Olare was by herself outside the stockade when the orphans were let out. Pare walked over to Olare and exchanged morning greetings by entwining their trunks. Shortly later, Olare had a game of rolling on the ground as she tried to entice the juniors to join her but no one was interested. Olare then stood up and remembered that there was Enkikwe who she was supposed to check on, to see his healing progress. Olare walked to where Enkikwe was standing and had a brief chat with him, before showing the juniors the way out to the browsing field. Mteto settled to browse with Mundusi while Esampu briefly settled to browse with Lemoyian.

On the way to the mud bath, the orphans were joined by Mutara’s group, Kilaguni, Chaimu, Kandecha and Kibo. As Galla was drinking his milk, he was bumped by Ukame. Galla complained bitterly and his loud protest reached Roi, his friend. Roi was drinking water at the water trough and came down running to check what was happening to her friend Galla. Roi met Galla on mid-way and took him to the water trough as she tried to find out if he was okay. Mutara assigned herself the role of taking care of Mundusi, Mteto and Esampu at mud bath. Mutara took the three new babies aside and inspected them and communicated with them in low rumbles. Shortly later, Mutara brought her meeting with the new babies to an end by walking them to join their friends who were wallowing. Tusuja had a brief strength testing exercise with Kainuk as Kilaguni played with Kanjoro. After the herd had enough wallowing, the orphans headed to Kanziku area while Mutara’s group took her group towards Imenti area. Kamok settled to browse with Wanjala while Oltaiyoni teamed up with Olsekki.

Pare greeting Olare


Kandecha after a wallow


After spending the night out, Laragai and her group accompanied by Kilaguni, Chaimu, Orwa, Bomani and Narok joined the orphans in the morning. After feeding on lucerne, Maramoja, who likes leading, led the way followed by the quick-tempered Ukame.

In the bush Kilaguni, whose tusks are twice long as compared to Orwa's, engaged Orwa in a pushing game. Tusuja and Galla who were feeding close by, stopped feeding so they could watch Kilaguni and Orwa’s game. A few minutes later, Orwa surrendered and went back to browsing. Tusuja and Galla decided to put into practice what they had learned by watching the two boys fighting each other. As Tusuja and Galla were busy pushing each, Kilaguni came and separated the two boys by pushing them away – it was as if he did not want them messing around in front of their seniors!

At midday as the orphans made their way to the mud bath, the sun was really hot which we thought indicated more rain ahead, but unfortunately the day ended without receiving a single drop. Dupotto, who at one time disappeared for almost three months, created a scene when after having her milk bottles she tried to join another group who had not had theirs yet. Dupotto made sure she wasn't leading the group to avoid detection. Upon arriving at where the keepers were holding the milk she raised her trunk up as if asking for her share of milk. She was surprised when she was turned away and wondered how the keepers managed to know that she had already finished her own share of milk. One thing Dupotto had forgotten was to wipe her mouth clean because traces of milk could be seen in the mouth and around her chin!

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse close to Imenti area and in the evening Laragai and her group escorted the juniors back to the stockades. Upon arriving at the stockade compound, Laragai and her group went past the compound as if heading to kalovoto area. She and her group had grown wise and knew that if they went into the stockade they would definitely be locked in until morning. The gate was left open for whoever felt like staying to go inside.

Naseku playing

Kithaka and Sokotei

Kamok chatting to Wanjala


After leaving the stockades, the orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Ukame led the way to the browsing field. Roi opted to browse with Kauro as Ukame settled to feed with Pare. Maramoja had a lengthy chat with Siangiki before moving to join Rapa to browse. The temperature continued to skyrocket making the orphans flap their ears continuously as they went on browsing. They also walked under trees with shade as they slowly moved to the mud bath. After having their noon bottle feeds, Karisa led the group to wallow in the mud bath. Shortly after, they went to dust themselves with soil to dry off.
In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Imenti area where Kauro and Namalok took a break from feeding to relax under a tree until the temperature dropped. In the evening, the orphans passed by the mud bath where they had an evening cool-off.

Orphans in the morning

Kauro and Roi browsing

Maramoja chats with Siangiki

Boromoko getting a free ride


Laragai, Garzi, Kithaka, Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Siangiki, Enkikwe, Olsekki and Sokotei, who had spent the night outside after the cunning Laragai managed to open the gate for them, reported early in the morning at the stockade compound. The other orphans were let out and joined them outside. Maramoja followed by Rapa led the way straight to the browsing field as the rest of the herd followed behind them. Only Kauro was seen from time to time taking some time off from feeding to participate in a soil dusting exercise. The temperature was moderate and after the orphans had their noon milk bottle they jumped into the mud wallow and enjoyed cooling off by wading through the water from one edge to the other. Boromoko and Galla enjoyed climbing on their friends while still in the water. After wallowing, Barsilinga and Kithaka had a light strength testing exercise as Lemoyian watched, hoping to get an invitation by the winner. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse close to Imenti area where Pare and Maramoja took a break from feeding to relax under a tree until it was a bit cooler and they felt like browsing again. 

Orphans wallowing altogether

Kithaka playing with Barsilinga

Sunyei and baby Siku

Maramoja and Pare in the shade


Early in the morning a group of wild elephants totaling twenty in number reported for water at the stockade water troughs. A wild mother with her three calves had come to join the orphans to feed on lucerne. Nasalot, who was missing the previous day with Lenana, showed up in the morning looking good. Nasalot walked the baby Nusu up to the stockade escorted by Chyulu and Lenana. Once the juniors were let out, Tusuja had the opportunity to familiarize himself with Nusu as Sidai stood guard. Shortly later, there was a scuffle when two wild elephants tried to chase away some wild dogs and buffaloes that had come for water at the stockade. Yatta and her group reported and joined the juniors for lucerne. Kamok briefly chatted with Kama as Boromoko played with Galla.

Out in the bush, the orphans were joined by Yatta and her group and at eleven o'clock, they escorted them to the mud bath. At mud bath time the herd was joined by fifteen wild bulls. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse on the western slopes of Ithumba Hill while Yatta’s group settled to browse in the Imenti area. It was a hot afternoon, and the orphans had to rest under a tree for sometime before resuming browsing. In the evening the orphans as usual passed by the mud bath again for an evening wallow.

Nusu and Nasalot

Tusuja, Nusu and nanny Sidai

Baby Gawa and Galana

Kamok chats with Kama

Nasalot, baby Nusu and Loijuk




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