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There was a drama in the morning shortly before the orphans were let out when a hyena tried to access water at the stockade water hole. One Tusk with his two friends stood on guard and one of them opted to chase the hyena away. Boromoko, who is always trying to challenge his male friends, was one of the first to leave the stockade. Once Boromoko was outside, he stood at the exit point and tried to block his friends from coming out. First was Galla who tried to fight his way out but was defeated. Second was Olsekki who volunteered to clear the way for his friends. Olsekki tackled Boromoko and pushed him back, thus creating way for others to pass. Roi and Shukuru carried branches in their mouths that they continued to feed on. Shortly later, the orphans were joined by Olare’s group, Yatta’s group and Mutara’s group. The naughty Kithaka tried to pick a pile of lucerne close to Ithumbah, thinking that Ithumbah wasn't looking. Kithaka got a rude shock when Ithumbah threw a back kick that landed on his trunk though! He then decided to leave and try his luck somewhere else. Kamok walked over to baby Nusu where she familiarized herself with the one week old boy, before her mother moved to the water trough to get some water.

As all this was going on, Sunyei's slipped quietly into the stockade and we were shocked and amazed to see that she had a baby that was only a few hours old, with Loijuk who appeared to be the main nanny. The excitement that rocked the whole area as Sunyei walked the baby towards the water trough was euphoric. As some trumpeted with excitement it drew the attention of the other elephants and they all ran towards Sunyei rumbling and trumpeting. The commotion was too much for Sunyei however, and she decided to steer her baby west of the stockade. We decided to call her little girl Siku, meaning ‘day’ after she was born as dawn broke across Tsavo.

Enkikwe had a strength testing exercise with Lemoyian that was cut short by Kithaka who came to ride on Lemoyian. At mud bath time sixty wild bulls and forty Ex Orphans joined the twenty two dependent orphans at mud bath. Shortly later, a new bull to the area who appeared to be a dominant one brought all activities to a standstill when he tackled one of the other big bulls head on. The shout from the wild bull prompted all the other bulls to clear from the water hole. The dominant male then settled for water as the rest of the bulls stood a distance away. The other bulls were only able to access the water after the dominant one left.

Boromoko blocking the way!

Tiny newborn Siku

Sunyei and Siku

Siku leading Sunyei and Loijuk

Tiny little Siku


Soon after having her morning milk, Roi, armed with a branch in her mouth, led the way out from the stockade. Once the orphans were outside, Kamok requested Roi to share the branch with her. Roi resisted by walking away from Kamok. This prompted Kamok to catch up with Roi and forcefully take the branch from her. Later, Kamok settled against a nearby rock where she spent some time scratching her belly. Sokotei inadvertently blocked Lemoyian as he walked up to Kamok's stockade to get his milk. Lemoyian, who spends his night with Barsilinga, Garzi, Laragai and Kithaka, is the only remaining member in that group that is still having milk. To avoid being pushed by his friends, Lemoyian has to go to another stockade to have his milk whenever his gate is opened in the morning. Sokotei realized quite late that he was standing in Lemoyian's way when Lemoyian bumped into him. Shukuru, who has been diagnosed with an infection and still getting her medicine together with Dupotto, lightly pushed Kamok from the rock she was scratching on and used the same rock to scratch her belly. Shortly later, Shukuru had a morning stretch by stretching her forelegs forward, and then walked to the water trough where she settled for water. Galla, who is junior to Boromoko, picked on Boromoko for a strength testing exercise in anticipation of acquiring new pushing tactics that he could use to defend himself against his age mates. Mutara and her group, Nasalot, baby Nusu, the wild orphan, Chyulu, Ithumbah, Ishanga, Wendi, Lualeni and Ololoo reported at the stockade in the morning hours. The wild orphan was escorting and acting as nanny for Nusu this morning. Nasalot took Nusu on a tour of one of the stockades before joining her friends to feed on lucerne. Later in the day, Tusuja tested his strength against Olsekki, Kithaka and Barsilinga but ended up losing all the games to his seniors.  

Roi with a branch in her mouth

Kamok scratching her belly

Shukuru stretching

Wendi with Wiva


Shukuru left with a branch in her mouth and enjoyed feeding on it for sometime before dropping it so she could enjoy some lucerne. A wild mum with her two calves joined the orphans together with Mutara’s group to feed on lucerne. Later, the orphans were joined by Yatta’s group and later six wild bulls reported for water. Laragai joined Challa for a drink at the water trough before she rumbled, alerting her friends that it was time to get moving. Mutara’s group escorted the juniors to the browsing field and an hour later, parted with the orphans. Galla and Naseku took a break from feeding and briefly engaged in a chat that ended when Lemoyian passed by and pushed them away. Karisa settled to browse with Boromoko as Sirimon and Dupotto settled for a soil dusting exercise. Lemoyian engaged Enkikwe in a pushing game that ended when Enkikwe surrendered. On their way to the mud bath, the orphans were joined by Yatta’s group where Boromoko played with little Kama.

At mud bath, the orphans and Ex Orphans were joined by ten wild elephants. Yoyo got into the mud bathing water sending all the nannies and the mum into a panic as they tried to guide him out to avoid him drowning. At last Yatta backed by Kinna, Chyulu, Makena, Sidai, Lenana, Ithumbah, Mwende and Mulika managed to get Yoyo out. In the afternoon it was fairly cool and the orphans settled to browse on the western slopes of Ithumba Hill where they browsed calmly up until the evening, when Kamok led the way back to the stockade.

Challa and Laragai

Kinna, Kama and Gawa

Yoyo with nannies

Yoyo goes swimming

Yoyo being helped out


At dawn there was so much excitement amongst the Ex Orphans and wild elephants following Yatta's grant entry into the stockade compound with a new baby! There was trumpeting and bellowing as almost all the young girls wanted to be associated with the baby. Yetu, who is Yatta’s first born, didn’t even get a chance to be close to her younger brother Yoyo. The big nannies were making it almost impossible for her to get close, but she followed from a distance. Yoyo's main nannies included Sidai, Loijuk, Lenana, a wild female, Chyulu and Ithumbah. Shortly later, five wild dogs that tried to access the water trough at the stockade compound where chased away by the elephants who were on high guard. Yatta and her group headed west of the stockade while the juniors headed east. Kanjoro and Garzi briefly had a strength testing exercise before parting ways.

The orphans mainly concentrated on browsing so there was no fun and games out in the bush. At mud bath, only Kinna, Gawa, Yetu, Wendi, Wiva, Lualeni, Sunyei, Orok, Ishanga, Makena, Ololoo, Nasalot and six wild bulls joined the juniors at the venue. After wallowing, Dupotto scratched against the acacia trees and later in the afternoon, settled to browse with Lemoyian. Barsilinga dodged his friends and joined Mutara’s group up until evening when he returned to join his friends in the stockade for the night.

Yoyo with Yatta and his nannies

Little Yoyo with Yatta and nannies

Yetu, Yoyo and Yatta

Tight security for little Yoyo!

Yatta's baby Yoyo


Soon after leaving the stockade, Boromoko and Tusuja had a warm up exercise through a pushing game. Galana, baby Gawa, Loijuk, Kilaguni, Kasigau, Ithumbah, a wild orphan and a wild elephant joined the juniors to feed on lucerne. Shortly later Bongo and Narok, who appear to have temporarily separated from Orwa, Teleki, Bomani and Vuria, emerged from the eastern side of the stockade. Teleki has joined up with Nasalot and always walks together with her while the three boys Orwa, Bomani and Vuria have formed their own small group. Only time will tell if the groups will remain as they are. Kamok led the way to the browsing field where Lemoyian, who loves pushing games, engaged Sokotei in a strength testing exercise while Sirimon tackled Tusuja. At around ten o'clock in the morning, the juniors were joined by Olare’s group, Makireti’s group and Galana’s group. Later the herd walked to the mud bath where they were joined by thirty eight wild bulls.

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the upper Kalovoto area. Olsekki and Boromoko took a break from feeding to play, a game which came to an end when Roi passed close by and Olsekki turned to ride on her. Sirimon came and pushed Olsekki away which we thought was chivalrous but then he turned to ride on Roi himself. Kithaka rolled on the ground on his own but was later joined by Enkikwe. In the evening, a wild herd consisting of ten members came for water at the stockade compound and left later when they had enough water.

Orphans feeding on lucerne

Galana's herd arriving

Garzi and Lemoyian

Makireti leading Olare's herd




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