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It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the orphans waking up early this morning and catching up with the first light of the day as they walked out to the browsing fields. They had a peaceful morning browsing with Kenia keeping a close eye on Araba while maintaining her distance from Nguvu and Ajali who she feels may try to steal her baby.

At 10.00 am, the keepers conducted a routine patrol along the staff houses electric fence line, which has been installed and maintained by the Trust. Ngulia had taken the two orphan eland Tawi and Kore while Jamhuri followed them. Ngulia became excited and ran past them managing to get them all lost. A search operation was conducted and it took an hour before they were located. Ngulia, who had become quite confused, was happy to be united with the keepers and the group followed them back to the stockades.

A baboon on a Baobab tree

Suswa after mud bath


It was a beautiful beginning of the day with Layoni, who spent the previous night browsing on Msinga Hill, being the earliest caller at the stockade. He joined the stockade dependant orphan elephants for the supplement feeding before leaving with them for the browsing grounds.

This is the second day that Layoni has spent the whole day with Keniaís dependent herd. Kenia, Ndii, Naipoki and Kihari looked more settled as Layoni kept a low profile, leaving the decisions as to what direction to browse in to be made by the orphan group.

They spent the morning browsing peacefully before visiting the middle water hole that afternoon where they had a wonderful mud bath. Nguvu went to play with little Araba in the water with Kenia coming in at high speed, chasing him out of the water, keeping her adopted baby Araba by her side.

On returning to the stockade in the evening, Layoni interacted with Rombo, Wasessa, and Lempaute who had come to the stockade an hour earlier. Other members of Emilyís herd, whom Wasessa and Rombo were a part of, were not seen.

Rorogoi browsing

Tassia at the stockades


The morning was quiet with the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement feeding before following Lentili and Ishaq-B to the browsing grounds.

There was some huge bathing action today, with Mbirikani, Arruba, Suswa, Bada and Panda competing in buttock scratching games after the mud bath. Kenia kept guard over her adopted baby Araba as she bathed. Kenia noticed Nguvu taking an interest in Araba and chased him away.

The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to the mud bath.

Wasessa enjoying some lucerne grass

Kivuko playing on the rock

Wild bull joins ex-orphans at the water trough


The morning started well with the stockade dependant orphans downing their morning milk bottle and settling for the supplement feeding before moving to the browsing grounds under the leadership of Ishaq-B and Kihari.

After browsing for three hours, Layoni joined them and had a wonderful browsing moment with them. Rorogoi, who was busy browsing, got left behind when the group moved on. She came running up to rejoin the group later. Mbirikani and Mashariki turned to welcome her into the herd assuring her that being left behind was an unfortunate mistake.

As they continued browsing, Layoni moved to join Kenia and Araba who were browsing together. Kenia thought he was coming to steal her baby and screamed loudly driving him away. Layoni could see that Kenia was uncomfortable and made sure to keep his distance so as not to upset her further.

Layoni again returned to the stockade with the orphan group and remained there until 7:30pm, when he left towards Msinga Hill.

Mudanda enjoying the water

Bada playing in the mud

Mbirikani scratching games


The morning was good with the stockade dependant orphan elephants emptying a delicious morning milk bottle in a rush before assembling for copra cake feeding. The orphans enjoyed some brief socializing games before making their way to the browsing grounds under Naipokiís leadership. On arriving at the western side of the stockade, Layoni, who was browsing half way up Msinga Hill, came down to join the stockade dependant orphans for the browsing session.

Ajali and Embu separated themselves from the rest of the group who seem to have been set a quick browsing pace. The two enjoyed a private feeding session before linking up with the rest as they headed to the water hole in the afternoon.

Layoni remained with Keniaís herd for the day returning to the stockades with them in the evening. Suswa and Mudanda had a soft spot for Layoni, staying with him as he drank from the stockade water trough. When they entered their stockade for the night, Layoni headed back to the park.

Ajali and Embu having a private browsing moment

Layoni and Suswa

Layoni, Suswa and Mudanda




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