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The morning started routinely with Lesanju’s herd finishing their milk bottles and supplemental feeds before heading to browse. On the way out, the herd split with Lesanju taking Wasessa, Ndoria, Sinya, Bada, Tassia and Taveta in one direction and Lempaute taking Mudanda, Dabassa, Kenia, Ndii, Ishaq-B, Kihari, Mbirikani, Panda and Layoni in another direction to a separate browsing ground. The two herds reunited later in the morning at the middle water hole, where Lempaute took the opportunity of Wasessa’s absence from her group to spend time with Mudanda in the water before they browsed together close to the water hole for the rest of the day.
Edie, Eden, Ella, Seraa, Mweya and Thoma separated themselves from Emily’s herd and visited the stockade at around noon. Mweya was still besotted with little Eden. This was Eden’s first visit to the stockade and she spent her time playing around the water trough in the mud caused by the water that orphans had spilled on the ground while they drank. The Keepers provided the ex-orphans with a large amount of lucerne grass in order to boost Edie’s milk production, which they enjoyed for an hour or so before moving off to join the rest of Emily’s herd.


Bada and Ndoria

Kenia browsing

Ndii browsing


It was another beautiful day and the orphans welcomed it in with a game of hide and seek before heading out to browse. The drought is starting to bite in Tsavo and the orphans were moving slowly as they browsed deliberately trying to grab as much food as they could. They browsed intensively until noon when they returned to the middle water hole. Once at the water hole, Bada took a leaf out of Rombo’s book and perfectly copied Rombo’s soil and dust bathing technique by taking the soil into his trunk and blowing it skywards. However, Bada’s dusting became too much for Dabassa, who was nearby. Tassia enjoyed some time in the water and scratched his buttocks on the walls of the water hole, Ishaq-B and Kihari saw the fun that Tassia was having and joined in the game. Lesanju and Panda also had a mud bathing game and competed to find out who was the best swimmer. The game finished with Lesanju lying on Panda’s stomach, before Panda rose up and scratched her head on Lesanju’s buttocks. Bada saw the fun that Lesanju and Panda were having and started his own game by scratching his head against Wasessa.
The orphans browsed peacefully for the rest of the day before they headed back to the stockade for feeding and bed. Ndii sneaked into the stockade with the small ones in the evening and enjoyed her milk so much that she demanded a second serving when Kenia’s herd arrived for their milk bottles.

Bada copying Rombo and blowing dust skyward

Kihari left coming to join Tassia and Ishaq-B

Lesanju lying on Panda


It was another beautiful morning and the orphans in Panda’s herd arrived full of energy to enjoy their morning milk bottles before joining the orphans in Kenia’s and Lesanju’s herd to feed on copra cake.
After 10 minutes of feeding, Lesanju noticed the arrival of Emily’s herd and took off quickly from the stockade. The other orphans hurried to follow her unsure about what had caused her to leave in such a big hurry.
After arriving at the stockades, Emily’s herd first assembled at the water trough to get a drink of clean water, with even Emma managing to have a drink. Thoma stuck close to Emma, causing Eva to feel jealous and she squeezed in to get close to her little sister. Laikipia, who has become independent of the females in the ex-orphan herd was not with them at the stockade, but was seen browsing alone in the eastern area of the park.
Later, Emily’s herd moved out into the main park, passing by the middle water pool for a bath but didn’t link up with Lesanju and her herd at any point during the day.

Panda enjoying copra cake


Emily's herd drinking at the stockade


It was a beautiful morning and the orphans made the most of it by enjoying themselves with some games before heading out to browse. Out in the field, Bada and Ndoria followed Wassesa while they were browsing and Lempaute watched closely over Mudanda. Tassia and Mzima later separated themselves from the rest of the orphans and explored far into the Northern side of Msinga hill, but rejoined the group at the waterhole in the afternoon. Upon arriving at the waterhole they found the other orphans having a lovely bathing party with the sound of happy trumpeting filling the air. Kenia and Ndii were having an especially lovely time as they tossed huge chunks of red soil into the air and painted the whole area a beautiful red colour. Dabassa and Mbirikani took the opportunity to compete with each other in a mud bathing competition for a while before joining the rest of the group for a final browsing session around the pool.  

Bada enjoying copra cake

Tassia browsing on Masinga Hill

Mbirikani leaving the mudbath


The orphans left the stockade after feeding on the supplements and playing happily, and went off to browse. Today they had an unusual escort in the herd of friendly impala that have taken to seeking safety overnight in the stockades. The impala followed the orphans to the browsing grounds where Kivuko browsed peacefully close by them without charging or chasing them off. The orphans continued browsing slowly, arriving at the middle water hole at noon. Wasessa tried to convince Sinya to go into the water, as the weather was very hot, but Sinya refused so Wasessa joined her other friends in the mudbath. Mbirikani had a wonderful time lying down and rolling in the water. Bada and Ndoria had their bath at the edge of the waterhole away from their playful friends. Kenia and Ndii had been left behind and only arrived at the waterhole as the others were getting out. Kihari and Naipoki had a wrestling match in the water before joining the others browsing. The orphans continued browsing close to the waterhole for the rest of the day. In the evening Layoni and Tassia had a tough strength testing game before joining their friends to continue back to the stockades.  

Kivuko browsing next to the impalas

Wasessa begging Sinya to join the bathing

Mbirikani rolling in the mud bath

Kihari and Naipoki having a tussle

Kenia and Ndii arrive late




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