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Both the stockade dependant orphan elephants and Lesanju's herd are all happy and are enjoying all the supplement food that the keepers give them. Most of the time the the two herds browse separately and today was no exception.

The drought situation had hit the entire Tsavo Area and as a result we found another collapsed and abandoned orphan calf who we rescued from the Aruba area today. The calf named Malkia was airlifted to the Nairobi Nursery where it can get the care and attention that a young milk dependent orphan needs.

The rest of the days browsing activities went well with Kenia guarding her adopted baby Araba as Ndii made some attempts to snatch her away from Kenia for some browsing company.

Lesanju browsing

Kivuko on Msinga Hill

A rescued orphan


It was a wonderful morning for the stockade dependant orphans who were greeted by Lesanjuís entire herd when they exited their night quarters. They stayed together briefly before Kenia led her herd away, leading them to Msinga Hill for the mornings browsing activities.

Lesanjuís herd did not follow or meet up with the babies the rest of the day. The orphans had a lovely time playing in the mud wallow after their noon milk feed.

Kenia on Msinga Hill

Arruba left and Mudanda


The orphans had a nice beginning of the day with their usual milk and supplement feeding routine before leaving the stockade in a hurry under the leadership of Kihari and Suswa. Soon after they had left, Lesanju, Mzima, Sinya, Layoni, Dabassa and Tassia arrived at the stockade. They had a drink from the stockade water trough before enjoying some Lucerne grass that the keepers laid out for them. They fed for four consecutive hours before leaving for the park.

At 11am when the orphans were ready to head to the water hole, Kivuko and Taveta, who had been absent from Lesanjuís herd this morning, were seen browsing on the slopes of the Msinga Hill.
Kenia and Naipoki made sure to keep an eye on Araba so that the two Ex Orphans would not try and take her. Naipoki faced one way as Kenia faced the other, keeping Araba between them while always watching what the two Ex Orphans were doing.

It was a wonderful day for the Voi keepers who received a report from Meno Ranch that one of the Ex Orphans in Emily's herd had given birth! The Ex Orphan, called Thoma, had given birth to a little boy who we named Thor. We are so happy to receive this joyful news this month.

Kivuko on Msinga hill

Baby Thor following mother Thoma

Sweet little baby Thor

New born baby Thor

Baby Thor following his mother


A wonderful morning was had by the stockade dependant orphans who began the day with a milk and supplement feed before enjoying some games in the stockade compound. Suswa welcomed her long time friend Arruba to take care of the baboon menaces. The two orphans kept charging them, preventing them from entering the stockade compound by continuously chasing them away.

Kihari and Mashariki enjoyed leading the orphans to the browsing grounds where they settled down to feed for the morning before visiting the middle water hole at noon where they had a lot of fun in mud bathing games, after which they browsed their way to the western foot of Msinga Hill where they remained until it was time to go back home.

Taveta and Kivuko joined the stockade dependant orphans about twenty minutes before they returned to the stockades. Kenia was not happy to see them and screamed in protest, knowing that she would have to accommodate their presence. The two Ex Orphans returned to the stockade with the juniors and remained with them until 8pm when they returned to the park.

Kivuko comes to join the babies

Taveta joins the babies


Kenia protesting loudly


The stockade dependant orphans enjoyed the early morning sunshine as they assembled for their supplement feeding. Araba enjoyed browsing with Kenia on the Lucerne bales while Mudanda, Bada and Ishaq-B opted for a rock scratching game.

Kihari led the orphan herd to the browsing grounds where they had a brief interaction with some impalas that were already feeding there.

Panda today disregarded the usual order when itís time to head for the noon milk bottles, and ran ahead wanting to be one of the first to be fed. After the milk feed the orphans had a lot of fun in mud bathing games with Arruba and Suswa teaming up for a wonderful dusting game after mud bathing.

Mbirikani engaged Panda and Nelion in a massive bathing competition before the three joined the others for the afternoon browsing activities.

Kenia making her way to the waterhole

Mbirikani after mudbath

Araba, Panda and Mashariki having a drink




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