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The orphan elephantís memories of their lion encounter the day before was still fresh in their mind and they were quite alert as they followed Kenia, Ndii and Kihari towards the middle and big water hole browsing grounds. They chose this spot for their borwisng activities as it was far away from where the lions had been seen and as such they perceived it to be safer for them.

It was a wonderful end to the month with the ex-orphan Kudus visited the stockade compound soon after the orphans had entered their stockades for the night. It is now evident that, Mukuki the ex-orphan male Kudu, was the father of nearly all the babies of the female orphan Kudus in the group. Mukuki was there with three females, one being Aruba and her two mature babies, and a teenage male. They spent a short spell at the stockade before continuing with their browsing activities in a nearby thick bush.

Layoni left and Ndii

Naipoki browsing

Ex Orphan Kudu family

Tahri browsing


The morning was wonderful with the orphan elephants enjoying playing around the stockade compound after their milk and supplement feeding was over. They then followed Kenia and Lentili to the browsing grounds.

Soon after they had left the stockade, Tawi the orphan male eland, left Ngulia and Kore in the stockade, and took Oltukai out into the park. The two went all the way to the northern foot of Msinga Hill with the keepers following closely behind to make sure they were safe. The two grazed for more than one hour before the keepers led them back to the stockades as there was a pride of six lions and their cubs on the western side of the same hill. These lions came very close to the keepers and the orphan elephants that were browsing on that side of the hill, staring for them for some time. The orphans did not notice the arrival of the lions as the keepers made sure to move them away as soon as they saw the pride watching the orphan herd.

Nelion front, Ndii & Ishaq-B browsing

Ajali reaching up for browse

Mudanda on Msinga Hill

Araba enjoying green vegetation


It was a beautiful beginning to the day as the orphans raced to catch up with the first light of day out at the browsing fields. Ajali separated himself from the rest of the herd choosing to browse alone for the morning.

The orphans heard the stockade pick up ferrying their milk towards the milk feeding area and ran to catch up with it. Kihari, Bada, Embu, Rorogoi and Lentili were the first to arrive, with Ajali coming in close behind them thinking that something was wrong and ending up surprised to see a milk bottle in front of him. As Ajali does not get milk due to his age he quickly moved aside allowing the rest of the orphans to have their share.

At the noon mud bath, Ndii sat on the opposite side of the mud bath from Ndoria. Kenia and Araba stood by and cheered on them on. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to the water hole.

Ajali heading off to browse on his own

Ndoria left and Naipoki milk feeding

Nguvu leaving the milk feeding area

Tahri, Ishaq-B, Ndii, Kenia & Panda running


Layoni and Dabassa arrived at the stockades early this morning and joined the juniors who were busy feeding on supplements following their morning milk bottles. The orphans and Ex Orphans then engaged one another in strength testing games with Dabassa taking on Nelion while Layoni took on Panda. Kihari came to give Panda reinforcement and the two took on Layoni together.

Tahri seemed not to like all the ruckus caused by the pushing games and ran to Suswa for comfort. As things got more heated Panda and Kihari tried to get away from Layoni by climbing a stockade terrace. Kenia and Ndii then took charge, leading their herd from the stockade compound, leaving behind the two older boys who left a half hour later.  

Dabassa and Nelion strength testing

Kihari left and Panda climbing a terrace

Ajali left and Ishaq-B

Mudanda making the way downhill


The morning began with the stockade dependant orphan elephants running and emptying their morning milk bottles before settling to enjoy copra cake and range cubes where they were joined by Layoni and Dabassa who were welcomed into the herd by Kenia. The two boys went straight for Panda to get her to join them. Ndii was sweet enough to come to Pandaís aid and prevented the two Ex Orphans from taking her away by distracting them as she engaged Layoni in a strength testing game. Kenia, Kihari and Mudanda took the lead of the junior herd and led them away from the stockades leaving the two boys behind.

Later in the day, the orphans enjoyed playing on a huge pile of soil, the result of a landslide following rains the night before. Naipoki went and pushed the soil up with her forehead, something that the keepers didnít like as they were worried a second landslide would happen. The managed to steer Naipoki away to a safer area to continue her game. The afternoons browsing activities took place at the foot of Msinga Hill. 

Ndii engaging Layoni

Naipoki pushing soil with her head

Orphans playing in an erosion trench

Suswa browsing




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