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They were only very brief games after the supplement feeding as they had to catch up with the early morning browsing hours as vegetation has been slowly becoming less with the dry season.

Despite the lack of fresh browse the orphans are looking very well especially as they receive copra cake, Lucerne pellets, milk, and Lucerne grass.

Nelion and Tundani took the lead taking the others browsing on Msinga hill.
On arriving at the water hole at noon, the orphans found only mud and a small quantity of water as the wild herds had come one after another in close intervals and had nearly emptied the main water hole. Luckily enough they hadnít noticed the clean water in the barrels so the orphans quenched their thirst before moving for a bath.

There was a baboon close to the water hole which stood close by watching Mbirikani tossing plenty of water skyward with her trunk. The baboon went ahead escorting Rorogoi and then Araba out of the water. Ishaq b saw some mischief in the baboonís intention and went ahead taking little Araba away for safety as Kenia was too busy bathing to notice.

The rest of the browsing day went on close to that water hole with Mashariki enjoying leading them back to the stockade that evening.


Mbirikani buttock scratching wall games

Mashariki leading the orphans

Tundani in some amazing games on the wall


Taveta and Tassia didnít turn up at the stockade or in the field for the whole day.
On arriving at the water hole at noon after milk feeding, the orphans encountered a wild elephant herd that had taken and later abandoned Embu a few weeks ago.

Embu recognised them and moved close for a warm trunk touch with them. Two wild elephant calves also recognised Embu and left their herd moving with Embu on a mission to go wild with them once again.

Embu seemed not to have learnt a lesson as she moved in front positioning herself in a perfect place ready to go with the wild elephant herd. Ndii, Arruba, Suswa, Naipoki, Ishaq B and Rorogoi engaged in a huge campaign to steal a wild calf from its herd, but got a stern warning from its teenage wild elephant sister.
Panda and Aruba cornered another wild elephant calf in the same snatching mission.
Ndoria was confident enough in moving very close to a big wild elephant matriarch that had huge tusks. Kenia united her herd by first taking Araba and Mudanda, with Ndii and Naipoki recovering Embu from going wild with that herd.

Embu rgt following the same wild ele herd

Wild ele herd that took Embu into the wild

Embu front being rescued from going


The orphans proceeded to the western side of the stockade, browsing under the leadership of Lentili and Ishaq b.
Here they encountered two big wild male impalas with big horns. They settled down browsing close to them without charging or chasing them away.
Kenia took Bada for some close browsing together sometimes moving away from the others which made Araba very sad.
Arabaís misfortunes became worse at the water hole at noon when Kenia once again took Mudanda who was bathing in a private small water pool away from the group abandoning Araba for the second time running.
Kenia only had good intentions of spreading her love among all the orphan elephants equally as she is the mini matriarch but Araba didnít know that and felt sad. The rest of the browsing day went on close to the big water hole with Araba forcing her way closer to Kenia.

Mudanda and Kenia

Araba lft stay away as Kenia rgt takes Mudanda

Kenia with Araba & Mudanda


The morning was brilliant with Kenia leading her herd onto the northern side of the Msinga hill after milk and supplement feeding. They all spread out on the hill enjoying feeding on grass and bush. Kenia went browsing with her adopted baby Araba, as the leadership of the herd was left under Lentili and Panda.

The orphans browsed their way towards the middle water pool where they had a lot of fun in mud bathing games.

Soon a wild herd of elephants arrived with the orphans bravely moving out of the water hole, heading for a second drinking session so they could get enough water before the wild herd moved in to drink there.
Bada was left in the water to play host and welcome the wild herd. The wild herd took a quick bath, leaving the water hole area with Embu attempting to go with them, forcing the keepers to call her back.

Kenia leading

Panda frnt taking Araba & Ishaq b

Wild ele herd coming to drink water & interacting


Soon Taveta and Tassia arrived joining the stockade dependant orphans in feeding in the morning.
The stockade dependant orphans feeding pace was faster thinking that Tassia and Taveta had come to finish up all their supplement food.

After the feeding was nearly coming to an end, Kenia bravely moved her herd away towards the browsing grounds leaving the two behind.
Taveta and Tassia then went browsing up the hill with the two securing a browsing paradise that had plenty of green bush where they spent the whole of the day.

Tassia came into the stockade alone to drink water at 2am at night while Taveta who was left back on the hill came to the stockade to drink at 8am, when the orphans were already out at the field browsing.

Tassia lft & Taveta browsing the two of them

Tassia lft & Taveta secure a browsing paradise

Kenia rgt, in close contact with her adopted baby




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