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It was a wonderful morning with the orphan elephants coming out of the stockade in with a lot of energy. Soon after the orphans had drank their morning bottle, Lesanju, Tassia and Taveta joined them for some Lucern grass pellets. The three ex orphans then joined Kenia’s herd of stockade dependent orphans in the browsing fields.

Kenia was not happy to have Lesanju around and made sure not to leave her adopted baby Araba alone, spending as much time as she could browsing next to the youngster.

Later in the day, Kenia regained her usual happiness when Lesanju left the stockade dependant orphans to join a wild herd of elephants that walked past the group.

Lesanju fell in love with a small wild elephant calf and following her and the herd towards the Voi river circuit.

Taveta and Tassia also followed them slowly from behind keeping a considerable distance between them as they were busy browsing as they walked.

Tassia at the stockade


Lesanju follows a wild herd

Taveta on the right with the babies


Lesanju was the earliest caller to the stockade this morning, arriving on her own, joining the small ones for supplement feeding.

Mashariki was quick to respond to Lesanju’s arrival by taking little Araba away from her so as to assist Kenia in keeping their herd together and away from the ex orphans who they feel are trying to steal the babies of the group.

Kenya purposely left Lucerne grass pellets for Lesanju to tempt her to stay at the stockades and not follow the orphan herd out to the browsing fields. Lesanju tried to catch up with them when she was done enjoying the treats but was unable to do so as they had made their way quite high up not the hill and did not come down until noon.

They visited the waterhole where they had their milk feed. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Lesanju enjoys supplements

Mashariki with Araba

Orphans feeding


It was a windy and cloudy morning with sporadic rain showers as the orphans left their stockades to welcome a new day. Kenia was in a rush to get her herd out into the field and away from the stockades in an effort to avoid seeing Lesanju as she did not want to risk her finding the group at the stockades if she decided to visit them.

The browsing went well with Kenia browsing right beside her adopted baby Araba. Ndoria felt very jealous of Araba’s closeness with Kenia and tried to find a way to get close to the two so that she could bite Araba’s tail and relive some of the anger and jealousy she was feeling. She was unable to do what she wanted to do, eventually giving up and rejoining the orphans who were busy feeding nearby.

Salla the orphan Oryx who had his leg fractured was struggling to come to terms with his injury and these strange feeling of having his leg in plaster. He unfortunately put weight on his injured leg before the plaster had completely dried which meant that the fracture had not healed in the correct position leaving Salla with a permanent disability.

Tundani rushing to catch up

Ndoria dust bathing after mudbath

Salla's leg in plaster


Kenia breathed a sigh of relief when she exited her stockade and saw that Lesanju’s herd and not come to the stockade this morning a relieve air when Lesanju herd dint turn up for the stockade this morning.

The stockade dependant orphans had their milk and supplement feeding before proceeding to the browsing fields. Embu was undecided about where she wanted settle to browse and spent a long time traversing several different routs during the course of the day never quite happy where she was.

Bada engaged Tundani in a strength testing match which came to a premature end when the rest of the orphans stared to make their way to the noon waterhole. The two orphans together with Ndoria who was acting as referee had no choice but to follow the rest of the group.

Once at the water hole the orphans had their milk and some water. Rorogoi and Kihari were the only ones to attempt to wallow but did not get far as the cold weather made them change their mind.

Bada and Tundani strength testing


Ndoria front browsing with the others


It was a good morning with nine ex orphans Lesanju, Lempaute, Sinya, Layoni, Dabassa, Mzima, Kivuko, Taveta and Tasia visiting the stockade early in the morning where they joined the stockade dependant orphans for some supplement feeding.
All of these ex orphans have come to depend on the stockade for supplements during the dry season and we are always happy to provide what we can for them and their wild born babies.

After a wonderful supplement feeding session, Lempaute took little Araba to browse with her while Kivuko settled to feed with Mudanda. This turn of events made Kenia sad as she thought Lesanju’s herd had reintegrated into the wild for good and were not returning as they had been absent for a period of two months. She had gotten used to not having to compete with the ex orphan group for the attention of the babies and leadership as Lesanju and Lempaute led the entire group out to the browsing fields.

The other orphans were happy to have interacted with Lesanjus herd. Panda enjoy playing wresting games with Dabassa while Ishaq-B chose to rest her head against some huge rocks.

After spending a few hours with the babies Lesanju’s herd made their way towards the Voi river. This made Kenia very happy as she was able to take back leadership of her herd.

There was an accident at the stockades today when Ngulia and the baby Oryx Salla were playing their chasing games Ngulia accidentally pushed Salla down the Malaika house terrace causing a complete fractured Salla’s left hind leg. The vet was called and he plastered the leg and administered pain killers and a long acting antibiotic.

Lesanju among the stockade dependent group

Orphans with Lesanju's group

Lempaute with Araba

Panda in strength testing games with Dabassa




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