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The orphans left the stockade after feeding on the supplements and playing happily, and went off to browse. Today they had an unusual escort in the herd of friendly impala that have taken to seeking safety overnight in the stockades. The impala followed the orphans to the browsing grounds where Kivuko browsed peacefully close by them without charging or chasing them off. The orphans continued browsing slowly, arriving at the middle water hole at noon. Wasessa tried to convince Sinya to go into the water, as the weather was very hot, but Sinya refused so Wasessa joined her other friends in the mudbath. Mbirikani had a wonderful time lying down and rolling in the water. Bada and Ndoria had their bath at the edge of the waterhole away from their playful friends. Kenia and Ndii had been left behind and only arrived at the waterhole as the others were getting out. Kihari and Naipoki had a wrestling match in the water before joining the others browsing. The orphans continued browsing close to the waterhole for the rest of the day. In the evening Layoni and Tassia had a tough strength testing game before joining their friends to continue back to the stockades.  

Kivuko browsing next to the impalas

Wasessa begging Sinya to join the bathing

Mbirikani rolling in the mud bath

Kihari and Naipoki having a tussle

Kenia and Ndii arrive late


It was a nice start of the day, with all the orphans enjoying their early morning sun shine as they fed onto their supplements foods in the stockade. Then came in some amazing socializing games. Naipoki was fetching some huge chunks of soil throwing it onto her back, while Kihari was raising her trunk skyward in a lying down position giving a side eye onto Ndoria and Bada who were close-by her.

Then came the exodus to the browsing grounds where all settled in a single file with Lempaute sticking with Ndoria and Wasessa with Bada for the better half of the day.
Then there was big action in the water hole with mud bathing games as well as a show down when Panda decided to own both Ndoria and Bada at the same time. She held both of them on their back, with her trunk and the head, with Wasessa coming in rapidly to recapture his baby Bada from her wall games and to whisk her away with her.

Taveta took huge water strikes with his trunk, with a considerable amount of it spilling out of the water pool. This was to the advantage of the lonely Mudanda who went to take her bath outside of the main mudbath away from the boistrous playing and running activities of the others. Although lonely in missing her loved one Wasessa, she enjoyed it out there making her day great fun, and she was not short of attention from the others.

Rombo remained in the water and stretched his trunk to welcome Kenia and Layoni for a return match in the water but his offer was never granted at all.
It was a big surprise as Sinya was enjoying it in the water too today, a sight we seldom see. Ndoria doesn’t know that Sinya only takes a mud bath in special occasion like today. Ndoria is indeed a celebrity.
The orphans then browsed close to that water hole for the rest of the day before Mbirikani led them back to the stockade that evening.

Naipoki sil dusting

Lesanju in the browsing fields

Taveta striking the water

Rombo having a glorious time


It was a nice day with Kihari leading the juniors in milk taking early in the morning. Soon an unexpected visitor Laikipia appeared alone and went to quench his thirst in the stockade water trough.

Little Bada was delighted to see Laikipia and was frozen just staring at him in awe of his size and magnificance, before moving to join colleagues in copra cake feeding.

They later left Laikipia at the stockade salvaging all the copra cake on the ground as they left for the browsing grounds with all the juniors and seniors moving together for the day. Wasessa was very happy to be hosting her long missed baby Bada and that the groups were not split today.

The sun grew warmer, and the orphans were forced to go into the middle water hole earlier than the usual 11am time.
Kivuko entertained the other orphans by sliding from one corner of the water hole to the other. Ndoria was very excited to see those techniques and later Kenia led them out of the water for the start of the last browsing session of the day.
Lempaute was seen on many occasions building her ties with Ndoria. She is taking this baby under her wing.

Laikipia heading off

Mzima enjoying the mudbath

Kivuko in the water

Kenia coiling her trunk


The two herds in both Lesanju and Panda's groups left the stockade early in the morning onto the different browsing direction after all the milk, supplements and playing activity in the stockade compound. Lempaute and Sinya were playful today with Kenia and Ndii keeping a watchful eye on all the activity.

Emily’s herd then arrived into the stockade paradise at noon, as well to enjoy gulping clean water from the stockade water trough and feeding onto the copra cake that they were now dreaming of these days.

Sweet Sally had a soft spot for little Emma and was embracing and posing as if she was her real mother. Sweet Sally is pregnant so maybe she is only practicing! Emma went to test her teats for milk in suckling, but got nothing. Sweet Sally felt very happy closing her eyes and leaving little Emma to explore her.

Emma later went to Emily to suckle on noticing that Sweet Sally teats had no milk at all. They then hung around the stockade for an hour before marching off for browsing onto the plains below the stockade.

Many worms were noticed in the orphans stool throughout the day today after the de-worming exercise yesterday. All were looking well however with all browsing normally.


Ex-orphans enjoying copra cake

Sweet Sally right, following Emma closely

Emma suckling Emily


It was a sunny and a warm day in the morning today. Panda sneaked her way hiding amongst the seniors in Lesanju herd leaving the leadership of the juniors under Kihari and Naipoki.

The juniors had a wonderful browsing moment with Ndoria starting socializing with all others and feeling more relaxed than the previous few days of her orientation. They came back to the stockade at noon for milk, water all taking a bath at the stockade water pool.

The seniors went on with their normal browsing routine, visiting the middle water hole at noon. After a calm moment of drinking clean water from the barrels, there was then a tough bathing competition. Rombo sat onto his buttocks on the water hole embankment rubbing his ass vigorously. Ndii, Kenia Lempaute and Sinya teamed up to challenge him on the same “BIG” buttock scratching game. Kivuko saw all that was happening and countered them in moving towards Rombo’s side to compete with them. The two were left to declare their clean win in the match when the older ladies got exhausted and voluntarily walked out of water.
Rombo and Layoni later went to admire Mzima’s games when he went sitting onto the walls like a village chief conducting an important development baraza.

Tassia and Dabassa were seen in a close consultation on their future on this recent emerging tough bathing competition. They sorted to take just a little bathe, to avoid that big shame of defeat in that bathing competition.

The rest of the browsing day went on close to that water pool, with Sinya enjoying leading them all back to the stockade in the evening.

Ndoria in the water with the others

Rombo sitting on the mudbath wall

Ndii enjoying wall games with Rombo

Sinya after the mudbath




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