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It was a cool day with light rain showers being received for the better part of the morning.
The stockade dependent orphans enjoyed their milk and the copra cake piles before heading to the far northern side of the stockade to browse under the leadership of Kenia and Ndii.

Ndii who had lost her one tusk is looking quite different to what she used to look like.
The orphans enjoyed browsing on the green moist grass deciding to remain where they were for the entire day, including the milk feeding and mudbath, taking their bottles where they were and not going to the mudwallow.

Emilyís herd arrived to drink water at the stockade trough at 11.20am, with Safi drinking directly with her mouth instead of using her trunk. They had a wonderful moment hanging around the stockade compound for twenty minutes before heading out to the browsing grounds. Lesanjuís herd was not with them today. 

Safi drinking with her mouth instead of her trunk

Emily's herd drinking

Kihari left and Ndii enjoying copra cake


It was a nice morning as the orphans bounded out of their stockade to greet the dawn. The milk and copra cake feeding was over by 7am after which Mudanda climbed onto a rock close to the stockade water trough. This was quite dangerous and Panda came running to get Mudanda to climb back down before she got hurt.

The orphans then left the stockade for the browsing field settling in single file for the mornings feeding activites.

An hour into the browsing session Emilyís herd was seen walking along the base of Msinga hill as they made their way towards the water pipe line. The ex orphan group was too far away to join the orphans who continued browsing before making their way to the middle waterhole.

At about 4pm, Lesanju, Lempaute, Taveta and Sinya joined the stockade dependent group for a short while before the juniors began to make their way home. Kenia and Ndii were not happy to have Lesanju and Lempaute take over the leadership of their herd and complained loudly all the way back. As the group got closer to the stockades Embu and Mashariki picked up the pace overtaking Lempuate in an effort to get to their milk bottles as quickly as they could. It was quite late when Lesanjuís herd headed back to the park. 

Mudanda climbing on the rock

Emily's herd moving along the base of Msinga hill

Lempaute taking the lead

Embu left and Mashariki picking up the pace


The orphan elephants exited the stockades in a joyful mood looking forward to a wonderful day spent browsing and playing.

Ishaq-B took Bada with him for a drink of water from the stockade water trough before joining the rest of the group for some copra cake.

Ndoria came to the water trough wanting to have the whole thing to herself as she pushed Embu and Rorogoi out of the way. The two were quick to leave as they did not want to have their tails bitten by Ndoria who has a tail biting reputation.

Ishaq-B showed her love of Bada as the two spent time in the browsing fields in each otherís company while Ndii stuck with Mudanda and Kenia with little Araba.

The orphans had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games when they arrived at the middle water hole in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent browsing close to the water hole. 

Isahq-B right with Bada

Ndoria having a drink

Bada having a drink at the stockade


It was a fairly cold morning when the orphans came out of their stockades for their morning milk feed after which they left the stockade compound under Lentili and Naipokiís leadership.

At the browsing grounds Ndii stayed close to her favorite baby Mudanda while Kenia settling down to browse with Araba for the day.

The orphans visited the middle water hole for the noon milk feeding where they had a drink of water following their bottle. Due to the cold weather all of the orphans chose to stay out of the mudbath.

In the afternoon Nelion led the group half way up Msinga Hill where they spent the remainder of the day browsing.

As the stockade dependent orphans made their way down the hill to head home for the night they were joined by Lesanju, Lempaute, Sinya and Taveta. Lesanju immediately took charge by taking the lead getting the group to the stockade in record time. She remained at the stockade compound until 7pm. 

Mudanda and Ndii browsing together

Tundani left and Mashariki

Kenia with Araba

Lempaute coming to join the babies


It was a nice morning with the orphans coming out of their respective stables running and assembling in a line to take their morning milk bottles. As soon as they had settled for copra cake feeding, Laikipia arrived alone at 7am. Bada stretched his small trunk up to him in greeting. Laikipia responded with a deep rumble and settled down to eat copra cake with him. Kenia and Ndii took the lead of their herd soon after finishing the feeding, leaving Laikipia behind drinking water from the stockade water trough.

The browsing day went on well today, with Ndii, Panda and Rorogoi having some close browsing ties for most of the day.

Later in the evening, Nelion remembered the great browsing there was to be had further up the hill and thus his mission began of leading the others towards climbing the hill.

The orphans were reluctant to follow though as they thought it was in fact time to return back to the stockades for the evening, so they abandoned Nelionís mission and made their way home. 

Bada and Laikipia

Ndii left, Panda and Rorogoi

Nelion front trying to lead the others up hill




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