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It was a great day with Tundani Nelion and Lentili sticking together giving the senior female in Lesanju’s herd the difficult task of trying to separate the babies and choose which ones they wanted in their herd.
Kenia and Ndii succeeded in separating Nelion from Tundani and Lentili giving him a lot of love and affection. Bada became very jealous of this and engaged her in pushing games. Kenia took it as game as Bada is still quite young. Bada on the other hand meant took it very seriously.
The orphans headed to the middle water hole for their noon milk bottle with the small ones moving ahead, followed a few minutes later by Kenia’s herd.
Bada who seemed to carry this morning’s grudge followed Kenia from behind and gave her a big buttock push something that is rare for the small ones as they respect their seniors. Kenia ignored him as she was busy drinking her milk bottle.
At the mudbath the new arrivals teamed up for some beautiful water games. Rombo was busy sitting on Taveta‘s stomach, impairing her bathing abilities. However, once he saw that Tundani was shining in the bathing games he came and disrupted the water games that Tundani, Nelion and Lentili were playing which allowed Dabassa to mimic mount Tundani.
The rest of the browsing day went spent close to the water pool with Nelion enjoying a lead of them back to the safety of the stockades that evening.

Bada jealous of Kenia's interaction with new ones

Rombo laying on Taveta in the wallow

Tundani enjoying the water hole

Lentili enjoying a wall game

Dabassa mimic mounting Tundani


Another beautiful day dawned as the new arrivals and Panda’s herd made up of Mbirikani, Naipoki, Kihari, Ishaq-B, Mudanda, Bada, and Ndoria exited their stockades early in the morning for their milk bottle before the arrival of their senior colleagues in Kenia and Lesanju’s herds.
Sinya, Wasessa and Lempaute ran to greet the new arrivals with Wasessa rounding up her three usual babies Ndoria, Bada and Mudanda for supplement feeding.
The arrival of the older orphans brought an end to Kihari, Naipoki and Ishaq-B’s closeness with the new arrivals as the older group wanted to interact with them. Lesanju stayed quite close to the newbies and led her now larger family out to the park to browse. Sinya and Lempaute were trying to take control of the new additions but where having difficulty separating them as they were moving and browsing as one.
Naipoki, Kihari and Ishaq-B kept stopping to reach out and touch Tundani, Nelion and Lentili in greeting. Kenia also decided to make herself known showing affection to the three.
Rombo chose to mimic mount Tundani and was copied in doing so by Taveta leaving the keepers wondering what it was about Tundani that attracted the two older boys to him.
The rest was spent browsing at the end of which Ndii also came to greet the new comers and shower them with affection before the entire group headed back to the stockades for the night.

Mbirikani at the stockade in the early morning

Rombo looking to ride Tundani

Taveta mounting Tundani

Ndii with Nelion and Lentili


The day started well with Ndii, Kenia, Mbirikani and Sinya chasing baboons away from the stockade before joining up with the others who were already headed to the browsing grounds.
The better half of the day was spent quietly browsing with the youngsters in Panda’s herd to the middle water hole at noon to take their milk bottle before interacting with their older counterparts in Lesanju herd for a very brief bathing session.
The orphans browsed until evening when Rombo and Layoni stopped browsing to sort out an old score in a head butting encounter which attracted the attention of the females who were looked for a way to end the fight. Wasessa communicated with the other older females for a solution at which point Kihari and Ishaq-B took the chance to steal Ndoria away for some love and affection. Upon seeing this Wasessa gave up on trying to end the boys fighting and went to reclaim Ndoria.
Taveta then took charge and confronted Layoni head on to bring and end to the quarrel and bring peace to the group.

Lesanju browsing

Rombo and Layoni settling a score

Taveta bringing the quarrel to an end


It was another beautiful day with the orphans as the orphans came out of their respective stockades and engaged each other in games before heading to the browsing grounds. Once out in the field they scattered around, each one grabbing as much of the fresh grass and bush that had resulted from the recent rains that they could.
At the middle water hole Kenia and Panda had a bit of a tussle over who would look after Ndoria. Lempaute and Bada enjoyed a mudbath followed by soil dusting games while Wasessa was happy to remain with her “baby” Mudanda.
The afternoon was spent browsing back in the fields. Mbirikani and Kihari had a competition over who would lead the group back to the stockades in the evening with the two of them taking turns as one overtook the other for the lead position.

Kenia and Rombo in the water after their tussle

Lempaute with Bada in the mud bath

Wasessa dusting with Mudanda


The morning was cloudy and cold as the orphans left the stockade to head out in search of browse. They went round Msinga hill exploring the area for rich vegetation. Their noon milk feed was taken close to where they were browsing.
The orphans moved slowly stopping to browse along the way eventually arriving at the big water pool at 2:30. The water pool was drying up and the mud was very thick. Kivuko and Panda challenged each other to bathing games smearing themselves with the thick mud so much so that they could barely see out of their mud encrusted eyes. After the mudbath they moved to some nearby acacia trees to scrape some of the excess mud away before joining Kenia for a dust bathing session.
In the evening the orphans returned to the stockades under Mbirikani’s careful leadership.

The orphans heading out to browse

Panda and Kivuko bathing in thick mud




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