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The morning was good as usual with the stockade dependant orphan elephants emptying a morning milk bottle then settling for supplement feeding before engaging in some wonderful socializing games at the stockade compound. They later took off to the browsing grounds under the leadership of Kihari and Naipoki.

Kenia soon separated her loved and adopted baby Araba from the rest of the herd as she noticed that Ndii had a vested interest in snatching Araba away from Kenia. The orphans later visited the middle water hole at noon and enjoyed a mud bath and soil dusting games. Ajali and Nguvu who normally do not go into the water today participated in bathing games.

An orphan female baby buffalo around one week old, was rescued in the morning. The orphan had gotten stuck in the mud and had been left behind by its herd. It was brought to the stockades where Jamuhuri greeted it warmly. The tiny orphan baby buffalo went to try and suckle from Jamuhuri who was happy to oblige.




Ngulia and Jamhuri


The morning was perfect with the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement foods before heading to the browsing grounds. Ishaq-B took charge of leading the group to the browsing grounds. Kenia kept close browsing ties with her adopted baby Araba.

Later in the day Naipoki attempted to lead the rest of the orphan elephants up Msinga Hill but was met with some resistance by the rest who were happy to browse at the bottom of the hill and chose to remain where they were.

Three hours later Laikipia came walking alone past the stockade dependant orphan elephants as he made his way towards the water pipe line area. Ndoria and Bada became ambitious and tried to follow him but were not able to catch up with him in order to do so and as such they returned to their group. A short while later Rombo came past following Laikipia. He did not interact with the juniors as he was focused on catching up with his older friend.

Naipoki attempting to lead browsing

Ndoria and Bada attempt to follow Laikipia

Kenia keeping Araba close


It was a nice morning with the dependant orphans playing happily at the stockade compound after the mornings feeding activities were over. Tundani, Bada and Nelion took the lead today with their destination being half way up the western side of Msinga Hill.

There were some light rain showers in the morning and the orphans drank their noon mil bottle at the base of Msinga hill before they returned to the mornings browsing spot for the afternoon.

A short while late Mzima and a wild elephant bull were browsing their way past along the base of the hill. When Kenia noticed them she came down the hill to greet them. By the time she got to their location they had already moved on. The two were seen browsing together for the whole of the afternoon and were later seen heading towards the far northern side of Msinga Hill.


Mzima's wild bull friend

Panda sitting during mud bath

Mbirikani enjoying the mud-bath


It was a calm morning with the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrating on their usual feeding routine at the stockade compound before following Kihari and Lentili to the browsing grounds. Here they settled in a single file browsing peacefully with Kenia keeping an eye on her adopted baby Araba’s movements.

The orphans visited the water hole at noon. They had a brief bath before resuming with their browsing activities.

Ndoria enjoyed leading the orphan herd back to the stockades in the evening. Soon after they finished their evening milk bottle a few members of Emily’s herd paid them a visit together with Lesanju’s herd. Thoma, Thor, Ndara and Seraa were present today, with Lesanju eying Thor, wanting to steal him, but was not given a chance to do so as Ndara was keeping a close watch on the little tike. Tassia and Taveta had a wonderful time enjoying a strength testing pushing game before following the others who were headed back to the park.

Nguvu browsing

Ndoria leading the orphans to the stockades

Tassia, Wesesa, Thoma and Thor


This morning the orphans engaged one another in some hide and seek games at the stockade compound before making their way to the browsing grounds. Their journey to the field was accelerated by the arrival of a wild bull who is friends with Siria; he came alone to drink at the stockade. Kenia, Ndii and Naipoki thought that Emily’s herd may be following him and were quick to head out. The bull was surprised at the orphan’s abrupt move but continued to quench his thirst before leaving for the browsing grounds. The wild bull didn’t link up with the orphans out in the browsing fields. 

Siria's wild bull friend visits the stockade

Panda saluting the wild bull





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