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The orphans came out of their stables this morning and surrounded Embu touching her wounds and feeling her with their trunks as if enquiring where she had been the last two days. Embu looked assured that all was well and was in high spirits now that she was in the safety of the stockade and her orphan and human family as well. She is even walking okay without any sign of a limp, even leading the others out to browse for the day. All the stockade dependant orphans felt very happy that Embu was back, and this was equally revealed in the happy games at the water hole that afternoon. Embu plunged into the water like everyone else, with Kihari, Kenia, Ishaq-B, Tundani, Bada and Mbirikani celebrating in a bathing spree.

They then all came out of water with Mashariki welcoming them for a dusting game, before moving on with their final browsing session of this day.

Embu having a drink at the stockade

Mashariki soil bathing

Kihari mudbathing

Tundani enjoying the mudbath


After feeding and walking out to the bush, the orphans spread out across the browsing grounds with Kenia taking some close browsing ties with her adopted baby Araba, upon noticing that Mashariki was making out to go browse with Araba and she wanted to stop that before it was too late.

After a very active mud bathing session, the orphans joined a big wild elephant herd of nearly ten members. All the orphans had a very relaxed and perfect interaction with this herd, with some temporary friendships really coming to the fore whilst they were together. One wild cow had a soft spot for Embu and spent most of her time paying her lots of attention. Embu also felt very happy and embraced this wild elephant cow as her own matriarchal mother.

Three hours later around nearly 4pm, the keepers called out the names of the orphans to prepare them to head back to the stockade for the evening. The wild elephant cow that was socializing with Embu took her with them, moving to the back and softly pushing her to run with them.

Embu decided to go with that wild herd even after the keepers attempted to separate them with the stockade land cruiser.

Embu hidden amongst the wild herd

Ndoria playing with a wild calf

A wild cow with Embu


It was a beautiful and bright morning as the orphans came out of their stables in high spirits looking forward to a perfect browsing day. Suswa and Arruba nurtured their friendship by choosing to browse close together throughout the day. Nelion took the orphans to browse up Msinga Hill, after a wonderful noon mud bath where they enjoyed browsing on untouched grass that was slowly drying up. They spent the remainder of the day here.

Later in the evening around 4.30pm, Mzima was sighted walking alone on a mission that we presume was to locate the orphans in Kenia’s herd. However Mzima was not very lucky this time as the orphans were still on the hill and they only came down to the stockade in the evening when Mzima had already moved off far away.

Arruba at the front of the group

Mzima looking for the stockade dependent orphans

Mbirikani browsing with others


Whilst browsing this morning Ndii and Kenia showed affection to their favourite adopted babies. Kenia stuck with Araba as Ndii kept Mudanda company throughout the day. The orphans visited the middle water hole and had a very brief bath before moving on to browse again.

In the evening, Mashariki and Lentili were about to lead the others back to the stockade when Ndoria stood in front of their path; the two certainly gave way to her rather than risk overtaking her and possibly having their tails bitten. The two only made their way to the front again when Naipoki broke through that Ndoria barrier and cleared the way.


Kenia with Araba

Mashariki at mudbath with the others

Naipoki and Ndoria


It was a beautiful beginning of the day with the orphans happily playing around the stockade before moving out around 7am into the bush. Lempaute came alone into the stockade twenty five minutes later, missing the milk dependent orphans. Lempaute went to drink clean water from the stockade water trough and left the way the juniors went, but did not catch up with them, as she was seen proceeding towards the Voi River after missing them at the middle water pan. The orphans browsing day went on perfectly well with Taveta emerging from the bush alone to join Kenia’s herd at the water hole.

Ishaq-B had a wonderful game in the water and she was seen playing in all sorts of poses, including on her knees. Mudanda excelled in other games of rolling in the water. Panda got jealous of Mudanda’s game and decided to try and start a pushing game with her. Taveta had fallen in love with Mudanda’s game and went to stop Panda from playing with little Mudanda, and took Panda away to continue playing in the water. Taveta then spent the rest of the browsing day with the stockade dependant orphans. He only left them once they were back at the compound in the evening and the orphans were safely in the stockades for the night; then he left them and walked off into the bush.

Lempaute coming to the stockade

Taveta joins Kenia's group at the mudbath

Ishaq-B playing in the water

Panda playing with Mudanda




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