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It was a nice morning with the stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoying their milk and supplements at the stockade compound. They browsed in single file visiting the middle water hole at noon where they drank milk and water but didnít wallow as it was cloudy and cold. They later travelled to the foot of the western side of Msinga Hill for the afternoon browsing session.

Kenia kept ambushing and chasing Ajali which made him take refuge in a private browsing area. Suswa felt sorry for Ajali and went to give him some browsing company for the rest of the afternoon.

Soon some rain sprinkles started at 4.15pm, a little before the orphans were to head home for the night. Suswa got a fright from Rorogoi who came charging past her and Ajali and she ran to rejoin the group. Their running precipitated the orphan herds return to the stockades for the night. Kenia and Araba stopped for a scratching session against a tree trunk before catching up with the rest of the group.

Ngulia, Jamuhuri, Tawi and Kore are enjoying grazing out of the stockade compound on to the lower grounds of Msinga hill, always under the watchful eye of a keeper. Tawi has been practicing his solo bull character and has been wrestling with the other three.

Araba enjoys scratching on a tree

Suswa and Ajali browse in the rain

Rorogoi charges at Suswa and Ajali scaring them


The morning was perfect with the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement foods before heading to the browsing grounds. Ishaq-B took charge of the group leading them to the feeding area. Kenia kept close browsing ties with her adopted baby Araba.

Later in the day Mbirikani and Kihari attempted to lead the rest of the orphan elephants up Msinga Hill but were met with some resistance by all the others who were very content to remain where they were.

Two hours later Kivuko came walking past the stockade dependant orphan elephants, as she made her way towards the Mzima-Mombasa water pipe line area.
Ndoria and Embu became ambitious and tried to follow her but due to her wide paces were not able to catch up to her and they rejoined their group. A short while Layoni came walking past intent on catching up with Kivuko.

In the afternoon Nelion engaged Tundani in a tough pushing game. Tundani tried every tactic he could to get out of the game and eventually managed to extract himself. The afternoon was spent browsing peacefully until it was time to return to the stockades.


Naipoki browsing at Msinga Hill

Mashariki browses alone

Nelion and Tundani strength games


The morning was cool with the stockade dependant orphans running out their stockades for their milk bottle before chasing away the baboons that came down Msinga Hill in an effort to steal their copra cake. They then headed to the browsing grounds under the stewardship of Kihari and Naipoki.

After four hours of peaceful browsing, Kenia saw Ndii wanting to take Araba away from her.
Instead of fighting Ndii, Kenia just moved away to a private browsing area with her baby Araba. The two rejoined the rest as they made their way to the water hole half an hour later. Ndii caught up with them and Kenia made sure to get between Ndii and Araba thus preventing Ndii from interacting with the younger orphan.

Kenia moving Araba to a private browsing session

Kenia staying between Ndii and Araba

Nelion browsing


Another morning with the stockade dependant orphans finishing their milk and supplement feeding before heading to the browsing grounds. Mudanda who was in the front attempted to lead the other orphans up Msinga Hill but was forced to come and re-join them as they were all reluctant to follow her uphill. Mudanda took great precaution while descending as the rocks were quite slippery.

The orphans scattered around the browsing grounds with Kenia sticking with her loved adopted baby Araba. Nguvu and Ajali joined up for a wonderful and peaceful browsing moment while Suswa was seen feeding with her long time friend Arruba.

The orphans visited the middle water hole at noon and drank milk and water but didnít wallow as it was rather cold. The orphans then browsed their way up to the big water hole, before turning and slowly making their way back to the stockades in the evening.

Pasaka in the stockade

Mudanda being careful on the slippery rock


The morning was cloudy and cold as the stockade dependant orphan elephants came out of the stockades and downed a morning milk bottle. Mudanda then ambushed Ajali who was busy feeding on the lucerne grass pellets, giving him a very tough push which caught Ajali unaware, forcing him to scream for help. The keeperís intervened to stop Mudanda from further disrupting Ajali and leaving him to browse in peace.

The orphans visited the middle water hole in the afternoon, with Tundani becoming the most graceful today as he exited the water in a kneeling position making it easier for him to get over the steep walls of the mud wallow.

Mbirikani and Panda had a wonderful scratching moment against a big tree trunk with each of them securing plenty of scratching space. Kenia had a wonderful scratch of her belly against a fallen tree trunk. Araba closely watched them all before having a scratch himself after which he rejoined the group that was browsing nearby for the rest of the day.

Ndoria wall scratching games

Tundani exiting mud bath

Kenia scratches whilst Araba watches




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