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It was a wonderful morning once again with Ngulia, Kore, Tawi and Jamuhuri having a peaceful moment of feeding on the special Lucerne grass pellets. The orphan elephants who were also enjoying the same meal on the outside of the fence did not charge them. The stockade dependant orphans then went to the browsing grounds under the leadership of Lentili and Ishaq-B where they had they spent the morning feeding.

About twenty minutes before making their way to the water hole, Lesanju, Tassia and Taveta came to join the orphans before following them to the mudwallow. Taveta took Embu for some close browsing interaction before they left for the mudbath.

Nelion had a lot of fun at the mudbath as he lay down in rolling games with Kihari getting jealous and expelling him from the bathing place to take it over herself.
Tundani and Rorogoi had a wonderful soil dusting game after the bath with their buttocks rubbing onto one another as they played.

Lesanju then tried to take Araba but was prevented by doing so by Kenia who came in and stood guard over her adopted baby making sure that none of the other playful orphan elephants would try to ride on her back.

Two wild elephant herds came to have a drink from the half drum barrels after which the browsed with the orphan herd for about half an hour before leaving joined by Tassia and Taveta who came to the stockades in the evening just a few minutes before the arrival of Lesanju and the orphan herd. 

Kore feeding on the lucerne pellets

Nelion enjoying his bath

Kenia keeping Arraba away from Lesanju


The morning begun well with the orphan elephants running for their morning milk bottle then settling for some supplement feeding before moving to the browsing grounds where they met with Lesanju, Taveta and Tassia. They had a wonderful browsing moment with Kenia keeping close to her adopted baby Araba.

They all then went to the middle water hole at noon, where they had a lot of fun in mud bathing games. Ndii who was having the most fun at the mudbath was left behind lying in water. On seeing that she was alone she ran out of the water charging around and breaking a branch off a tree to take with her as she rejoined her friends.

Suswa and Mashariki had a wonderful dusting game in a small and shallow natural hole, with Mashariki leaning and rubbing herself in a scratch against Suswa. Ndoria, Bada and Kihari sat on a fallen tree trunk where they enjoyed scratching their buttocks.

The orphans then browsed towards the Voi River circuit before returning to the safety of the stockades in the evening. Mudanda finished her milk quickly and then tried to grab Kihariís milk bottle. Thankfully the keepers were able to intervene before Mudanda succeeded in stealing Kihariís milk.

Jamuhuri tried to suckle Ngulia for milk which tickled Ngulia causing her to jump and run away from Jamuhuri who kept on chasing her to get milk. The Ex-Orphan male lesser kudu Chia came for a visit and was grazing very close to the stockade water hole at 2.50pm. Chia was looking beautiful and had amazing long horns. 

Ndoria scratching on a fallen tree trunk

Mbirikani exiting main water hole

Mashariki and Suswa dusting it up


It was a good beginning to the day with the orphan elephants happily playing with the red soil at the stockade compound before moving out under the leadership of Lesanju.

The orphans browsed peacefully for the morning before making their way to the middle water hole at noon. Here they all engaged in wallowing activities, with Ndoria being the star as she enjoyed a wonderful wall scratching game.

Arruba was glued to Keniaís side today, standing by watching and waiting for Kenia to finish her mudbath games. Ndii and Nelion sat on the walls of the mudwallow next to each other as they rubbed their buttocks from side to side. Nelion then went to get Naipoki who was busy enjoying dusting games.

After the mudbath Ndoria went to scratch against a tree trunk with Kenia and Arruba following her. Lesanju took her own separate scratching game against a big tree trunk before all the orphans settled down for the afternoons browsing session. 

Bada and Kenia enjoy a mud bath

Ndoria sitting on the mud wall

Ndii and Nelion buttock scratching games


The morning was perfect with the stockade dependant orphans emptying a morning milk bottle and settling for their normal supplements and games at the dust pile before heading out into the field under the careful leadership of Naipoki and Lentili.

On the way Mudanda who was busy browsing found herself left behind by the others who had moved further afield without her noticing. Mudanda then ran to join them and came charging in. Ndii was quick to turn back to welcome and warmly receive her back into the herd.

Ndoria, who had been feeling very jealous of little Arabaís interaction with Kenia recently, took advantage of Arabaís absence while out in the field to attach herself to Kenia who was happy to accommodate her.

Later in the day, Mashariki secured a nice scratching place against an acacia tree, taking advantage of her tall height to comfortably scratch the top of her back. Mudanda was in awe of what Mashariki was doing and successfully managed to do the same on a lower lying branch.

The orphans visited the water hole at noon and had a lot of fun in mud bathing games before continuing with their browsing activities for the remainder of the afternoon.  

Mashariki scratching on a tree

Ndoria attaching herself to Kenia

Mbirikani looking on


It was a wonderful morning with Kenia feeling great relief Lesanju didnít turn up at the stockades in the morning. Kenia was seen to be in a relaxed mood, allowing the other members of her herd to have fun and enjoy some ample playing time at the stockade compound before leaving for the browsing grounds.

Nelion bravely took Tundani head on for some strength testing games at the lower side of the stockade terrace while the rest of the orphans enjoyed a soil dusting session. When the tough got going Tundani ran away from Nelion, taking refuge behind a tree trunk. Nelion followed Tundani, pushing the tree, threatening to break through it. Tundani managed to sneak away but it was not long before Nelion found Tundani and launched a fresh attack. Tundani was able to get away when it was time for the orphan herd to head to the park.

A small wild elephant herd of two cows and a calf came to drink water from the stockade trough at 6.30pm. They hung around drinking and relaxing for twenty minutes before leaving for the park. 

Nelion and Tundani in a tussle

Nelion threatening to push the tree

Wild elephant herd drinking at the stockcade




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