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Kenia and Panda’s herd left the stockade early in the morning catching up with the first light of the day in the field. Lesanju’s herd which had gone with Emily last evening, hadn’t turned up at the stockade this morning. The orphans browsed their way to the western side of the stockade with Nelion and Elkerama taking them half way onto the hill in browsing. After three hours of very peaceful and calm browsing, Emily’s herd in company of the Lesanju’s herd were sported browsing past the juniors on the foot of the hill. They integrated with the ex-orphans well, browsing comfortably with them.

Morani tried to show is love for Edie and was met with some resistance in a fight by a wild bull with a chopped trunk as he is also in love with Edie. This fight scared off Layoni who fled off from the fighting scene, with Edie watching them all with great curiosity.

Ndii was browsing closely with Mudanda today, which Mudanda enjoyed since Wasessa has been with Lesanju and out in the wild much of the month she savours Ndii’s company.

The juniors then visited the middle water hole where Bada went to show off his expertise in the bathing game to the six new arrivals. The orphans then went back to the stockade under the careful leadership of Lentili and Suswa.  

Nelion, right, browsing with Elkerama

Morani, right, fighting with a wild boy

Layoni running away from the fighting bulls

Bada showing off to the newcomers


The orphans in both Kenia and Panda’s herd left the stockade without the arrival of Lesanju’s herd this morning.

Later on the day the orphans explored more onto the northern side of the stockade, browsing on some tall, lush green grass, with the mission to look for the where abouts of Lesanju’s herd. Mudanda and Bada went to scratch on a tree trunk and were later joined by Panda.

The orphans went for milk and water at the big water hole and still wondered where Lesanju’s herd could be. At 6pm when the orphans had settled in the stockade feasting on the grewia branches, in came Lesanju’s herd in the company of Emily’s herd.

Seraa’s wild elephant bull friend was not present today, and she took the lead of Lesanju’s herd with Siria bringing up the rear for security reasons. They had a wonderful time drinking in the stockade with Suswa, Embu, Elkerama, Mudanda, Kenia and Ndii saluting them with a rumble as they marched off their stables. 

Mudanda browsing

Bada, left and Mudanda scratching on a tree

Emily and Lesanju's herd in a browsing mission

Seraa, front and Siria bheind for security


The morning started well with the milk dependent orphans coming out of their stables for their morning milk bottle before settling to eat the copra cake. Lesanju’s herd had left the stockade an hour earlier and were out in the field moving on with their daily browsing routine.

After the juniors in Kenia and Panda’s herd had left the stockade for browsing, under the leadership of Lentili and Ndii, Morani the ex-orphan came in with the sole mission of looking for the juniors and joining them. Morani had just missed them and didn’t spend any time in the stockade but went out on his searching mission to the browsing grounds. He wasn’t lucky to link up with the juniors as they had continued to browse on the far northern side of the stockade turning slowly and arriving at the middle water pool at noon. After milk, Kihari and Naipoki led the others to plunge into the water for bathing. Bada and Mbirikani engaged one another in a tough bathing competition with Bada getting exhausted and marching out, giving Mbirikani a clean win. Kenia also participated in the bathing competition, kneeling on her front legs in a unique game.
The rest of the browsing went on close to that water hole.

Later, Lesanju’s herd arrived in the stockade around 6.20pm. 

Bada, front, Araba and Ndii behind eating copra

Morani looking for the juniors

Kihari enjoying nice bathing games

Mbirikani, left and Bada, right in the water

Kenia in her own bathing game


It was a nice morning today but Araba was still trying as much as possible to avoid Ndoria, with her jealousy towards Aruba apparently still in top gear. As soon as both Lesanju and Kenia herds had left the stockade at 6.30am, Emily’s herd arrived at the stockade so they just missed each other.
Mweya went standing patiently behind Eden who was suckling from her mother Edie and took her as soon after finishing feeding. After Mweya had taken Eden from Edie, Laikipia moved in to see if Edie was interested in him. Edie turned and fought Laikipia back but Laikipia turned his anger into a happy strength-pushing game.

The ex-orphans left the stockade travelling past the middle and the big water holes, looking for the stockade dependant orphans, before moving towards the Voi River. Lesanju’s herd, who we believed to have joined Emily’s herd later in the day, did not turn up to the stockade in the evening.

Araba trying to avoid Ndoria

Mweya arriving in the stockade

Mweya standing behind Edie

Laikipia coming to show interest with Edie


The morning was good with the juniors in Kenia and Panda’s herd coming out as early as 6am, joining their senior friends in Lesanju’s herd who were waiting for them outside their night stockades. Wasessa had a soft spot for her babies Bada and Mudanda, while Lesanju and Lempaute embraced Araba. Ndoria became very jealous of Araba and throughout the day kept on creeping up on her for a fight. Mudanda and Bada were very exited trying to attach themselves with their adopted mother Wasessa throughout the day.
Arruba, Rorogoi, Mashariki, Embu, Suswa and Elkerama teamed up in browsing with Ishaq B as browsing friends.

The afternoon came fast, with the milk dependant orphans moving to the water hole first for their milk bottle with the seniors in Lesanju’s herd following them to the big water hole for a good mudbath.

Ndoria, who seems to have developed a permanent hatred for Araba, probably from jealously, chased her after the evening milk bottle in the stockade. Araba ran into one of the taming stables to take refuge from Ndoria with Bada giving her some company in there. Their grewia branches were put inside there with them and the two enjoyed their night safety away from the rest of the orphan herd in peace.

Lesanju and Kenia's herd all browsing together

Ishaq B playing

Rorogoi and Arruba sniffing




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