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The morning started out well with the dependent orphans heading towards the southern side of the stockade for browsing. They later turned up at the stockade for milk and water whilst also getting the chance to interact with the visiting school children.
Panda was very entertaining for the school children today getting close to the fence and letting them all touch her.
Ndii felt very jealous of the attention Panda was getting and gave a funny pose on the stockade water trough, successfully obtaining the kids attention and delight.
As early as 8am today Lesanjuís herd was seen close to the middle water hole in an attempt to find Keniaís herd.

Mzima was with them today but they were not very lucky in finding his other friends as Kenia concentrated her herdís browsing on the southern side and didnít visit the water hole. Kenia had taken little Araba for some browsing company with Ndii taking Mudanda.

Mzima with Lesanju's herd today

Mudanda walking and browsing

Ndii talking to Mudanda

Ndii, far left, posing for the school children


Just like yesterday Kenia took the lead of her dependent orphans heading towards the browsing grounds. Nelion and Rorogoi started walking up hill upon arriving at the base of Msinga Hill, browsing half way up for the better half of this day.

The orphans enjoyed browsing on some lush green grass with Embu taking the first group downhill heading to the middle water hole.
After drinking milk, the weather was very cloudy and a bit cold so the orphans didnít want to play in the water hole very much.
The new orphan baby buffalo that was brought in a few days ago was still very weak and not feeding well. During the course of the day she seemed to get worse and sadly died in the evening despite medical attention and round the clock care.

Panda enjoying some browse

Embu leading from Msinga to the waterhole

Children touching Panda

School children watching the orphans


Kenia took the lead today heading out with all the orphans for a day or browsing as Lesanjuís herd hadnít arrived yet. The dependent orphans enjoyed browsing on the foot of Msinga Hill before moving on to the middle water hole where they had a lot of fun in the mud.

Lesanju, Sinya, Lempaute, Kivuko and Layoni later came to the stockade at 1.05pm and soon after a small herd of wild elephants of two cows and two calves arrived, Lesanju didnít show any interest in greeting them and stayed put under a tree.
After the wild herd had drank some water and left, Layoni and Kivuko went straight to the trough checking to see whether the wild herd had emptied the whole trough, but were relieved to see it was almost half full.

Small wild elephant herd in the compound

Layoni and Kivuko checking if any water left

Nelion out browsing


After four hours of undisturbed browsing, a wild herd of elephants passed the orphan elephants with Kenia joining them before taking one of the wild cows and bringing her to meet the orphan herd. The wild elephant cow had a brief moment with them before moving off to follow her herd that had already travelled some distance away.
Later in the afternoon, Lesanju, Lempaute, Sinya, Mzima and Kivuko visited the stockade. They drank clean water from the stockade water trough and bathed in the stockade water hole. They then hung around the stockade compound scratching on trees for more than an hour before moving to the main park for browsing.

Orphans line up for the copra cake feeding

Kenia brings wild elephant cow to the juniors

Ngulia's little eclectic herd

Kivuko taking a small bath in the compound

Mzima drinking in the stockade compound


In a show of supremacy Nelion approached and pushed Tundani away from a rock where Tundani was busy enjoying a scratch. Tundani peacefully walked away from the rock paying no attention to the mean Nelion.

Soon after they had left the stockade Lesanju got her timing wrong and came in at 7.20am, twenty minutes after Keniaís herd had left the stockade. So Lesanjuís herd drank water in the stockade water trough and settled in to feed on an acacia tree in the stockade before leaving an hour later.
Lesanju and Lempaute followed Keniaís herd catching up with them in the middle water pool. In a playful noon mud bath, Mashariki lay on Lesanju, as Rorogoi got up onto Pandaís back.

Nelion approaching to push Tundani away

Lempaute and Lesanju arrive but miss Kenia's herd

Mashariki lying on Lesanju

Rorogoi, left, trying to lie on Panda

Nelion, left, tackling Bada




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