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It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising on the horizon of the Tsavo East, forecasting some bright sun for the day. The orphans rushed their stockade feeding routine and moved out to head towards to the northern side of Msinga Hill. They browsed half way up the hill under the stewardship of Nelion and Tundani.
The orphans then came down the hill at noon to head to the middle water hole in groups of five. After a very calm and peaceful milk feeding session, Ndoria engaged little Araba in a chase, leaving Araba screaming for help and the keepers running behind to rescue her. Araba ran as first as her legs could take her, denying Ndoria the chance to catch up with her as she understood what was in store if she did. Ndoria shied away from the keepers but still ran to ambush Araba from another direction, but the keepers escorted her up to the water hole for her much needed safety.

At the water hole the mud bathing was great fun. Ndii forcefully pushed Tundani out of the water so she could take her private mud bath alone in that small water pool adjacent to the main water pool. Kenia then took her adopted baby Araba to browse away from the others, ensuring she was safe from the naughty Ndoria.
The rest of the browsing day went on perfectly well with all enjoying feeding on the fresh green shoots.

Suswa browsing

Suswa dusting after bathing

Ndii taking over after chasing Tundani away

Bada enjoying the water

Mudanda by the mud bath


The morning started well for Nelion and Bada, the only two remaining boys in the stockade dependent orphans apart from Tundani, who decided to test their strength with each other in a competition focused on showing off to the other sixteen orphan females soon after milk feeding. Tundani posed as a spectator among the other orphans but did not involve himself in that game as he is usually more reserved. Mbirikani went to a rock to scratch and lie on the ground in rolling games, ignoring the show down between the two boys Nelion and Bada.

Naipoki and Lentili then started out towards the browsing grounds, with Kenia and Panda bringing up the rear to make sure all the orphans were following the daily routine. The stockade dependent orphans then visited the water hole at noon but did not have a bath as it was very cold.

Nelion and Bada testing their strength

Mbirikani performing her funny games

Naipoki & Lentili heading to the browsing grounds

Kenia, left, and Panda following behind


It was a wonderful beginning of the day with the orphan elephants concentrating with their normal feeding routine in the stockade compound before heading out to the browsing grounds. Ndii, Panda and Lentili took to the front leading the orphans to the far northern side of the stockade for browsing. Soon a light rain shower began and the orphans moved further to the north than normal to avoid heavy rain falling on their heads. Milk and the keepers lunch was taken to those browsing grounds and the orphans decided not to visit the water hole today due to the prevailing cold weather conditions.

They browsed for the rest of the day and all continued perfectly well with Kenia browsing closely with little Araba. On the way to the stockade in the evening, Ndii secured some nice and sweet branches and was left behind by the others heading to the stockade. She later ran to catch up with them and the safety of the stockade compound for the night.

Tundani browsing by himself

Araba enjoying a nice scratch on the hill

Ndii catching up with the others


The morning was cloudy with some very light rain showers. The orphans were playing a ‘lying on the ground game’ to draw some warmth from the soil before heading to the browsing grounds. Kenia had taken her adopted little Araba today as she kept moving around locating her for some browsing company whenever Araba moved. The morning had only a few activities with the orphans concentrating more on browsing and less on games.
They visited the water hole at 12.30pm, after they had some milk on the northern side of the stockade at 11am. Here they only drank some water but did not take a big bath as it was fairly cold.

Back in the stockade, Jamhuri the orphan buffalo was seen advancing to suckle Kore’s ears – he loves to suckle on the ears of the other little orphans in the stockade group!

Orphans milk feeding

Orphans milk feeding

Kenia with Araba

Tawi and Jamhuri the buffalo

Jamhuri the baby buffalo


The elephants were in a browsing mood this morning. Ndii and Naipoki lead the others out to the browsing grounds after they had finished all their milk. The weather was fairly cold and they all enjoyed quietly browsing. Later they headed to the middle water hole for their milk and to drink water but they did not have a bath as it was cold. The orphans grouped themselves into their favorite browsing partners and together they enjoyed the rest of the day browsing. Panda was quick today to take Mudanda and Ndoria their own separate way to browse. Kenia was left with Bada and did not hesitate to take him aside for some browsing company. Arruba went with Suswa and Nelion while her friend Mashariki settled with Rorogoi in a nice browsing session.
Ndoria didn’t mind browsing alone whilst the rest of the herd split into their groups. This browsing continued until evening when they all headed back to the stockade to feed on grewia branches and lucerne grass.

Ndoria browsing alone

Arruba, Mashariki and Nelion browsing

Orphans enjoying lush green grass




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