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This morning the stockade dependant orphan elephants were once again joined by the four Ex Orphans from Lempaute’s herd for supplement feeding following their morning milk bottle. Dabassa and Layoni introduced the juniors to a game of playing on the red earth piles, and after Kihari and Kenia led the way to the browsing grounds. The two Ex Orphan boys followed the stockade dependant orphans towards the field but were left on the southern foot of Msinga Hill as the juniors proceeded to the northern side. Lempaute and Kivuko remained around stockade compound for two more hours enjoying the Lucerne grass.

Bada, Nelion and Mbirikani led the juniors halfway up the hill for the mornings browsing activities. Ndii grabbed a stick from Ishaq-B’s mouth wanting to feed on it but as it was dry she quickly dropped it to the ground.

At noon the orphans visited the baobab water hole for their milk and a mudbath after which the afternoon was spent browsing around the area. Mashariki, Mudanda and Arruba enjoyed leading the orphan group back to the stockade in the evening. Lempaute was at the stockade when the juniors arrived and followed them into their night quarters grabbing some grewia branches which she took outside so that she could feast on them.  

Nelion and Tundani early morning games

Lentili wallowing

Dabassa and Kihari dust bath games


The morning started with the stockade dependant orphan elephants joining the four Ex Orphans for the supplement feeding after emptying their morning milk bottle. There was some brief rock scratching games around the compound with Nguvu thoroughly enjoying a scratch against a rock boulder.

Light rain fell as the orphans made their way to the browsing fields and they all enjoyed browsing on the wet grass they found there. Once at the foot of Msinga Hill, Lentili and Embu seemed to be in consultation as to the best place to spend the morning feeding. Once reaching an agreement the two led the group to the top of Msinga Hill where they feasted on the green grass and branches that they found there.

Kenia, Suswa and Panda seemed to be in a lazy mood today as they moved slowly up the hill, falling behind the rest of the group. Panda tried to take a short cut to her friends passing through a trench while Kenia and Suswa took the longer way around, avoiding the slippery area that Panda had passed through.
The orphans did not come down for their noon milk bottle, choosing to continue with their browsing activities until it was time to return to the safety of the stockades for the night. Once back they enjoyed their evening milk bottle, supplements and grewia branches.

Naipoki and Lentili engaging

Kivuko at the stockade

Kenia mudbath games


The morning was cloudy and some light rain fell, registering four millimeters of water. The orphans played happily around the stockade compound before heading to the browsing grounds. On arriving at the foot of Msinga Hill, Kenia and Ndii found themselves at a cross roads when Ndii wanted to lead the orphan herd towards the northern side of the hill, whereas Kenia was heading towards the southern side. Lentili and Naipoki resolved the by taking control and leading the entire group to the western side of the hill.

Layoni and Dabassa arrived at the stockade at 10am followed closely by Kivuko and Lempaute who arrived five minutes later. After supplement feeding for more than an hour, Lempaute explored the stockade compound, making her way to the taming stockades where she greeted Sola, Kavu and Tahri. The three orphans rumbled in response after which Lempaute made her way to the lower stockade where she met the new orphan baby buffalo (Tukai), before leading the rest of her group to the browsing grounds. 

Arruba drinking water

Panda walking slowly on the steep hill slopes

Embu and Lentili lead orphans to browsing


It was a beautiful beginning to the day with Lempaute and Kivuko coming to join the stockade dependant orphan elephants at the stockades in the morning. Soon after their arrival Kenia, Ndii, Kihari and Naipoki led the juniors away to begin the day’s browsing activities. The orphans spent the day browsing peacefully stopping only to visit the baobab waterhole for their noon milk bottle and then the middle waterhole which they visited before returning to the safety of the stockades in the evening.

At 6pm, Dabassa and Layoni came to the stockade with a teenage wild elephant bull friend who enjoyed a drink at the stockade water trough, after which they relaxed around the stockade compound for a while before following the wild bull into the oncoming darkness.

Ajali charging

Orphans enjoying bathtime

Wild bull with Dabassa


The morning started well with the stockade dependant orphan elephants joining the four Ex Orphans from Lempaute’s herd for some supplement feeding following their morning milk bottle. There were then some socializing games of rock scratching and soil dusting before Kenia's herd left for the browsing grounds leaving the Ex Orphans behind.

The orphans browsed in single file before making their way to the baobab water hole where they drank from the water trough. Ndii plunged into the water trough and ran from one side to the other, kicking up the water with her feet. The other orphans surrounded her watching her games. When they saw that she was in no hurry to get out, some of them spread out for scratching games against the big baobab tree and soil dusting area, leaving Kenia, Araba, Rorogoi and Ishaq-B watching Ndii who sprayed them all with, now muddy, water. The four then left her to join the rest of the orphan elephants followed by Ndii and once the group was reassembled they headed off fort eh afternoon’s browsing activities.

Suswa at the water trough

Mudanda leads the orphans for browsing

Wild elephants at the Baoba waterhole




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