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The orphan elephants concentrated on their usual milk and supplement feeding this morning before enjoying a brief playing session at the stockade compound after which they headed to the browsing fields. Kihari and Kenia brought up the rear of the group, making sure that all the orphan elephants were happy and safe and keeping an eye on Araba who was lagging behind, wanting attention from the two older girls.

It has become apparent that Panda has a soft spot for Tahri and the two managed to have some time browsing together today. Ndii was happy to let Panda enjoy some time with Tahri but made sure that it was not for too long.

The orphans visited the baobab tree waterhole at noon and were temporarily scared off by a flock of birds having a drink at the main waterhole. The birds made quite a noise as they flew, casting a shadow over the orphans. Once the birds had left the orphan herd had a lovely time playing in the mud bath. The afternoon was spent browsing around the waterhole.

Mudanda looking for tasty roots

Tawi and Kore



The orphan elephants stuck to their usual milk and supplement feeding before heading to the browsing grounds. Araba went and rubbed her bottom on a rock close to the stockade water trough, forcing Kenia to wait until she was through and had rejoined the rest of the group so that they could head to the park.

The weather was fairly cold today and as such the orphans did not want to visit the waterhole and had their milk delivered to them at the eastern side of the stockade browsing grounds. Mudanda and Rorogoi who were following Lentili to the water hole without the others, had to stop and respect the wishes of the rest of the group who did not want to visit the mud bath. Ajali remained neutral and spent some time browsing away from the two groups until Panda managed to get the entire herd to follow her to the water hole. Mbirikani got left behind and had to run to catch up. She then remained in the mud bath long after the others had left, joining them in the browsing fields about 10 minutes later.

Araba scratching her bottom

Mbirikani at mud bath

Lentili leading the others


It was a calm morning as the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrated on their usual feeding routine at the stockade before following Lentili to the browsing grounds. Soon after the juniors left the stockade compound, Emily’s herd arrived and had a quick drink before returning to the Park.

The orphan herd settled to browse in single file with Kenia focusing on her adopted baby Araba while Ndii spent the whole day browsing side by side with. Dabassa and Layoni encountered the stockade dependant orphan elephants at the browsing grounds. The two lifted their trunks skyward to salute the juniors, but did not join them.

The orphans visited the water hole at noon where they had a brief bath before resuming with their browsing activities. Ndoria enjoyed leading the group back to the stockade in the evening using the fact that she is a tail biter to her advantage, as none of the others wanted to overtake her out of fear of getting their tail bitten.

Edie Eden and Emma visit

Siria feeding on range cubes with the orphans

Bada bottle feed


The morning started with the stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoying their morning milk bottle after which they engaged in supplement feeding, before teaming up in groups for some socializing games. The game of chase around the compound soon became the favourite and continued until Layoni and Dabassa arrived, at which point Kenia, Ndii, Naipoki and Kihari led their group out to the park.

The orphan elephant herd visited the water hole in the afternoon, but as it was cold they were reluctant to have a mud bath. Ndii stretched out her trunk to touch Lentili, seemingly trying to take the lead and get the group into the water. Lentili had no interest in doing so and as such the orphans returned to the browsing fields where they remained until it was time to return to the stockades for the night.

Ndii at the edge of the watering hole

Ndii stretching out trunk to Lentili

Ajali walking to the mud bath


The orphans came running out of their stockades this morning full of energy and eager to begin the day. There was a little commotion caused when Nguvu accidentally collided with Suswa as they ran for their milk bottles. As no one was hurt the milk feeding continued without any incidences. There were some amazing games of hide and seek coupled with baboon chasing around the stockade compound after which the orphans headed to the park.

Panda and Kihari seemed to be in deep consultation today about finding a way to take Tahri away from Ndii. In the end, however, they decided to not antagonize Ndii by taking her baby away from her as she can sometimes get aggressive when unfairly provoked. Kenia stuck close to Araba to ensure that no one tried to take her baby away from her.

The orphans visited the baobab water hole in the afternoon, and spent the remainder of the day browsing on the western foot of Msinga Hill.

Mbirikani, Aruba and Ndii ready to start the day

Suswa greeting Tahri

Aruba decides to browse alone




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