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This morning Ngulia, who has developed a special hatred of baboons, took charge and chased all the baboons away so that the orphans could enjoy the supplemental feed in peace and quiet.
The orphans went out to the park under the leadership of Sinya, Ndii and Kenia. They had a wonderful day browsing day before returning to the safety of the stockade that evening. The single wild elephant cow and her calf who had visited the stockade for a drink twenty minutes before the orphans returned was still hanging around the stockade compound and the group was able to interact with her and her baby.
Tassia did not go into the stockade tonight choosing to remain with the wild cow and leave with her to join the rest of her herd for the night all of whom were browsing nearby.

Ndoria enjoying a dusting game

Ndii stretching her trunk to welcome Bada


It was a nice morning with the orphans concentrating on their browsing. They moved slowly around the browsing grounds grabbing as much food as they could. They stuck to their daily routine and headed to the water hole as usual at noon. Mzima lagged behind the rest of the group and upon joining them found that Kenia was showing off in the mudwallow as all the other orphans stood at the edge watching her. Mzima was not happy about this and charged into the water pushing Kenia out with his tusks before enjoying a wallow. Kenia went and joined Ndii was dust bathing.

Kihari who was busy enjoying a dustbath in a trench area was given a reminder by Rombo to be careful not to hurt herself by falling too deep into the trench. .

Mzima in dusting games with Ndoria

Kenia frnt & Mbirikani in water


The orphans came out of the stables in a jovial mood with the milk dependant orphans enjoying a morning milk bottle before joining their senior colleagues in Lesanju’s herd for some supplement feeding.
The orphan herd encountered a wild herd of elephants that had come to drink clean water from the stockade water trough early that morning.

Lesanju was making a great effort to keep her group away from the wild herd and led them out to the bush. Panda, Kenia and Kihari stayed behind watching a wild calf suckling its mother. The three caught up with the rest of the group a few minutes later and headed to the browsing grounds. The wild herd remained at the stockades for another 10 minutes before heading into the park.

After four hours of undisturbed browsing, a small wild elephant herd joined the orphans.
Lempaute moved to the front of the group to prevent Mudanda from running off with the wild group as she showed a lot of interest in them. The orphan group headed off to the mudwallow without Mzima and Rombo who stayed with the wild herd for half an hour before joining their colleagues for a mudbath at the big water pool as well as the noon milk feed with saw the babies running for the bottles.

Lesanju pulling her herd away from wild eles



The morning was cool with the orphans browsing in a single file as they slowly made their way to the big water hole, arriving in the early afternoon.
Naipoki tried a bath in the cold water but as it was very cold she merely walked in one side and out the other, barely getting wet. Ndoria followed her and enjoyed a wallow in the middle of the waterhole before Lempaute called him to come and have a dustbath. Mzima was jealous of the interaction the two were having and pushed Lempaute away and tired to mount Ndoria who was having none of it and moved away. While the rest of the orphans were busy dust bathing Kenia and Mbirikani decided to enter the water for a bathing session before the entire group headed back to the browsing fields where they fed for the remainder of the day.

Ishaq-B enjoying leading the milk dependant orphans back to the stockade that evening. Leading the group is always a great treat.

Naipoki moving into the water & exiting

Ishaq B leading the way


It was a wonderful beginning of the day with Edie and her two babies, Ichota, Laikipia, Thoma, Seraa, and Lolokwe coming to the stockade early in the morning to join the juniors in the supplement feeding. With them they had Mzima who was reunited with the orphan group, greeting them excitedly as he regaled them the stories of what he had been up to the past two days.
The two groups left the stockade together, with Lesanju, Sinya, Lempaute, Taveta, and Tassia following Mzima while the babies in Kenia and Panda’s herds lagged behind.
The older ones seemed to want to test the waters in the wilderness and spend the night out but Lesanju, Sinya and Lempaute changed their mind and ran back to join the babies at the noon mudbath.
Soon after they left the waterhole Emily’s herd arrived together with Wasessa. Missing from the group were Mweya, Irima and Morani. The group had a quick mudbath followed by a soil dusting session.
Wasessa appeared to be in heaven as she enjoyed soil dusting games with Emma and Eden and was given the opportunity to help look after the two babies. Mzima and Wasessa continued to stay with the ex orphans and they appear to be very happy and comfortable among them.

Laikipia lft & a wld boy

Taveta & others browsing on the Msinga hill




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