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In the morning Tassia and Taveta had a small fight which was brought to an end by Kenia who intervened and separated the two. They then followed the others to the browsing field where they settled in for the morning. During the mud bath time, the orphans enjoyed wallowing, rolling and splashing the water before heading back out to feed. 

Tassia scratching her buttock

Mzima coming for a drink of water


The orphans grabbed a milk bottle before heading out for the day. They reached the mudbath in the afternoon where Panda, Ishaq-B and Mudanda were the masters of the wallowing games which were watched closely by Lesanju, Mzima and Kenia.  

Wasessa watching Mudanda dustbathing

Orphans enjoying a mudbath at noon

Kenia in the water


Icholta and Lolokwe arrived at the stockade just as the orphans were finishing their morning bottle of milk. The young ones in Lesanju and Keniaís groups got excited and joined them for some games. Icholta played a wrestling match with Lempaute while Lolokwe settled for Mzima and Taveta together. The two ex-orphans joined the youngsters for a morning session before parting ways. 

Icholta with the little ones

Icholta playing with Lempaute

Icholta showing off


On reaching the water hole at noon, Kihari and Ishaq-B dove in rolling around and submerging themselves completely in the water. Their games attracted Ndii and Kenia who were quick to join them. Ndii later introduced a game of scratching on the banks of the water hole. In the evening Emilyís group visited the stockades for a drink at the water trough. Mweya and Morani enjoyed lying and rolling on the ground together followed by Morani trying to mount her which brought the game to an abrupt halt. 

Kenia enjoying the water hole

Ndii enjoying the water hole as well

Kenia and Ndii enjoy playing at the water hole

Kenia slipping and sliding


It was a nice day with the orphans leaving the stockade early for the browsing fields where they separated into two groups with Kenia taking Ndii, Taveta, Naipoki, Kihari, Dabassa and Layoni browsing with her meeting up with the rest of the orphans on the way to the noon mud bath. Rombo had a quick wallow while Wasessa, Mudanda, Taveta and Kivuko stood on the edge of the water watching him. Mbirikani enjoyed leading the way home in the evening. 

Ndii left and Kihari browsing together

Rombo has a quick bath watched by the others




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