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It was a nice beginning to the day as Lempaute and Layoni arrived first thing in the morning and went straight to the water trough for a drink of water before settling to feed on Lucerne. Once Keniaís herd exited their stockades they downed their morning milk bottle and joined the two Ex Orphans at the Lucerne piles.

Lempaute had a soft spot for Araba taking her for a browsing session while Kenia stood by helplessly as her baby joined Lempaute. Kenia, Ndii, Kihari and Naipoki then consolidated their herd and took them to the browsing grounds leaving the two Ex Orphans in the stockade compound. The two left for the park about 20 minutes after the babies and headed in the opposite direction to them.

The orphans visited the water hole at noon but not everyone wanted to wallow. Mbirikani was the first to get into the water where she enjoyed a wonderful rolling game which caught Arabaís attention and got her to join in as well. Ndii once again got jealous and jumped into the water to take Araba away from Mbirikani.

Today Nguvu was engaged in a friendly game with Mbirikani and was pushing her bottom. Rorogoi did not seem to approve of this game and came to drive Nguvu away. Suswa and Embu teamed up for a wonderful game of diving into the water, before joining the rest for the afternoons browsing session. 

Lempaute joining the stockade dependant orphan

Mbirikani on a mission following the others

Rorogoi rubbing herself


It was a warm and sunny morning as the orphans downed their morning milk bottle and then settled to feed on Lucerne grass and copra cake. After the supplement feeding the orphans enjoyed some dust bathing games as well as games of chasing baboons down Msinga Hill after which they settled to browse in the western side of Msinga until it was time to go to the waterhole for their noon milk bottle.

Ndii and Kenia had a wonderful time playing rolling games in the water, with Arruba, Suswa and Ndoria teaming up for a dustbath following their mudbath. Ndii got very jealous of Ishaq-Bís game of sliding down the mud bath walls and into the water and charged up to Ishaq-B pushing her from behind to take her spot. Ishaq-B did not feel like fighting and joined the others at the dustbath.

Later in the evening, Tundani and Nelion engaged each other in a tough pushing game which they were so engrossed in that they did not notice that the rest of the group had started the journey back to the stockades for the night forcing the two to run to catch up with them.

Ishaq b scratching her knee

Tundani testing Pasaka's strength

Nelion rgt playing with Ishaq b


The morning was good with the orphans running out of their respective stockades and downing their morning bottle of milk before heading up Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session. Suswa and Kenia were feeling lazy and did not want to climb the hill and protested about doing so. Unfortunately though, they had to follow the rest as there is more vegetation for them to feed on higher up the hill.

Today the orphans visited the stockade water hole as it was closest to where they had spent the morning browsing. After their milk bottle they enjoyed some scratching games with Nguvu and Embu sitting on the same rock for a buttock scratching session. Kihari had a unique scratching style of rubbing both sides of her tummy on a v-shaped tree. Panda went and sat on the newly built stockade terrace colouring it red as she was covered in red mud from the waterhole. Ndii seemed to be having fun swirling the water in the stockade water trough around and around with her trunk but not having anything to drink.

The afternoons browsing session was spent browsing halfway up the southern side of Msinga Hill. 

Kenia in the water


Ndii onto the charging mood


This morning Kenia and Ndii seemed unsure as to which direction to take following the visit last night from Lemaputeís herd. They had their milk and supplement feed after which they headed to the far northern browsing grounds. Pasaka was given the opportunity to lead today which made Ndoria very jealous. Nodria ran past Ndii and Kenia and tried to grab Pasakaís tail to bite it. This scared Pasaka who ran up Msinga Hill to seek refuge in a think bush at the top of the hill. Three keepers went looking for Pasaka and it took them two hours to find him. Following the incidence with Ndoria Pasaka was reluctant to come down the hill and join the rest of the group. The keepers went and got some milk bottles to use them to persuade Pasaka to rejoin the orphan herd and together with some help from Mashariki, Kihari and Naipoki they were able to get Pasaka down to rejoin the group. The rest of the days browsing activities took place without any further incidences.  

Pasaka browsing

Bada lft & Panda in a bathing competition



Another morning dawned and the orphan elephants began the day with their usual morning routine of a milk bottle followed by supplement feeding. They then engaged each other in some stockade games before heading to the browsing fields.

Under the leadership of Tundani and Mbirikani the orphans browsed on Msinga Hill before returning to the stockades at noon for their milk bottle and some water. Bada had a lovely time buttock scratching against a rock while Mudanda watched. Panda sat on a different rock for a brief scratching session before joining Ishaq-B and Mbirikani at the newly built stockade terraces.

Naipoki and Nguvu shared a rubbing stone with each one enjoying their session without interference from the other. Kenia was busy scratching which gave Mashariki the opportunity to take Araba for a soil dusting game. Kenia made sure to come and get Araba when it was time to return to the browsing fields for the afternoon.  

Mudanda frnt & others

Kenia busy bathing

Araba lft & Kenia




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