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The day went on well with the orphans browsing on the far northern side of the park, moving slowly and arriving at the big water hole later that afternoon. They had a lot of fun in the mud bath, with Ndii producing the best performance in the mud bathing games. Kenia decided to offer Ndii a friendly challenge in the mud bathing games too. They then left the water pool for a brief soil dusting session, before resuming with their usual browsing of the day.

Later on, a report came in of a wild elephant calf that had been trapped in the same natural water hole along the water pipe line. This time around the calf was slightly older, posing a slight threat of a potential attack when the calf was rescued. Despite this risk, the rescue went well and the calf went to rejoin her family that had been driven a little way away to pave way for a successful rescue of their calf.


Lentili and Bada seemed to have a score to settle soon after drinking their morning milk bottle.
Wasessa approached to stop the fight and Bada tenderly touched Wasessa’s mouth with his trunk to show his appreciation of her coming over.
Sinya, Kenia and Ndii took control of leading all the others towards the browsing grounds. Tassia, who went with a wild cow a few weeks ago, is not yet back and was not seen in recent days.
Emily’s herd that usually migrates during this dry period were also not seen for the better part of this month as well.
Ngulia, the orphan zebra, is flourishing in the stockade with her age now approaching a teenage wild zebra. 

Ishaq B and Panda browsing

Layoni enjoying a good scratch


This morning started very well with the milk dependant orphans emptying a bottle of their morning along with their supplements, before engaging in a game of hide and seek within the stockade compound. After all the fun and antics, Lesanju and Kenia led the way out to the browsing grounds. Today the orphans browsed more onto the eastern side of the stockades, before walking to the water hole in the afternoon.

Once at the water they all jumped into the thick, soupy mud and had a fun time bathing altogether. Kivuko and Dabasa had the best game, lying on one another’s stomach, which attracted the attention of a lot of the other orphans. They were having so much fun the two elephants did not notice an approaching wild herd of elephants, even though their friends rushed out of the water in order to make room for the running and thirsty herd.
The two soon found themselves in the midst of the wild herd’s wallowing session. Since they were stuck in the middle, the orphans mixed freely with the wild herd before following them out of the water and for some browsing nearby. After an hour they turned back, and arrived at the stockade for the evening, as the other were led back by under the leadership of Lentili and Nelion.  

Dabassa and Kivuko in the water

Dabassa and Kivuko really enjoying their game!

Wild herd with Dabassa and Kivuko


In today’s browsing session Nelion strategically went down on his knees to target the greener branches lower down on the ground. Tundani watched curiously as Nelion was successful in harvesting these greener pastures, stuffing them into his mouth.

The orphans later moved off to the water hole for milk and water. There was some fully fledged bathing action as Wesessa moved into the central wallowing area followed closely by Kihari and Mudanda. She made it look like there was nothing greater than a bathing session! Mzima went on a dusting spree, lifting his legs skyward as if he were a long time dusting star. Kivuko bathed on the edge of the water however, to avoid embarrassment in the bathing competition. Lastly Rombo took to a wonderful scratching session on a nearby acacia tree, as Kenia admired the game from the sidelines. 

Nelion kneeling to feed as Tundani watched

Wasessa monitoring Kihari and Mudanda

Mzima enjoying a dusting

Kivuko bathing on the edge

Rombo scratching as Kenia admires


It was a slightly more adventurous morning today as Panda bravely climbed the flat rock close to the stockade’s water trough, in aim of targeting the greenest branches higher up on the trees. Nelion, Lentili, Tundani and Mudanda watched her with great curiosity.
Eventually Mudanda attempted to follow her, but was blocked by Lesanju who got worried that the little one could possibly fall into the water trough and injure herself.

The orphans then moved out towards the browsing grounds under the careful leadership of Sinya and Kenia. The browsing day went on perfectly well with the orphans visiting the big water hole and only taking a very brief bath as it was extremely cold, before returning to the stockades for the evening. 

Panda targets the higher branches

Mudanda watching Panda reach the branches

Kenia and Taveta browsing




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