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Yesterday evening the Keepers were battling with Emoli and trying to get him to move to a grown up stockade. It was time for him to move really and they were also trying to make space for a new baby. Emoli didn’t want to be moved from his stable however. He gave the Keepers more hassle than his friend Maisha has ever done; she has always changed rooms easily and with understanding. In the middle of the night the new little calf we rescued from near Ithumba, along the Tiva River, became very unsettled and was trying to join Dololo next door and climb over the partition. Sattao’s peaceful night was cut short as it was thought he and the new little calf should swap rooms.
Later in the day and after all the drama of the night, the orphans had quite a fun afternoon as they decided to enjoy a lengthy mud bath. Sattao, who does not normally enjoy such mud baths, was actually the star swimmer today.
Musiara is such a soft and gentle little boy but perhaps because of his size and character he always keeps falling into fights with Kiasa, and Maktao as well sometimes. His arguments with Kiasa are understandable, because she is a naughty little girl, but we are not sure why his fights arise with Maktao. Like many occasions before, today Tamiyoi and Enkesha had to step in to save Musiara from a fight.

Tamiyoi at the 9am milk feed

Malkia rubbing her trunk and foot against a tree

Sattao browsing with his friends


Today when little Merru joined the other orphans out in the forest it was so lovely to see little cheeky Kiasa being so affectionate towards him, and welcoming him into the group with a trunk hug whilst also being quite protective. She kept pushing away little Maktao and Musiara who were also trying to greet little Merru. This little girl who is always quite rough was very gentle and patient with the new little elephant to join the herd, following him everywhere and escorting him to meet the others.
Malima has been showing off such a funny character trait recently, when it is time for bottle feeding. Just as she is coming for her bottle she goes down on her front knees until her head almost touches the ground. It is almost as if she is begging for the Keepers to bring her her milk faster, or perhaps an extra bottle! But she must know that the Keepers will not give her any extra, no matter what peculiar or funny moves she makes.

Merru out in the forest

Kiasa plucking at some shrubs

Malima enjoying her bottle of milk


At 8am this morning the elephant orphans were very joyful and happy. It all started when Jotto started a pushing game with Sana Sana, and their game escalated into them running around in the bushes, trumpeting and stamping their feet with excitement. This caught the attention of Tagwa, Malkia, Sagala, Ndiwa, Malima and Tamiyoi who joined them in charging around and bashing into bushes. In the end all the orphans joined in and everyone was charging around, including little Luggard who didn’t want to be left out and was also charging. Their excitement finally came to an end when it was time for their 9am milk feed, although it was still a challenge for the Keepers to get them to settle down as they continued running around! They needed to only let a few of the orphans go for their milk bottles at a time, so the Keepers waiting could easily feed them all, and the older girls like Tagwa, Sana Sana, Ndiwa, Sagala and Malkia were in such an excitable mood they kept trying to push past the Keepers and go for their bottles. When the Keepers didn’t let them pass they went charging back, and in the end Ndiwa, Sagala, Sana Sana plus Kiasa, Maisha and Emoli all managed to sneak pass and break through by going back around through the bushes, and escaping past the Keepers. They were very naughty and excitable this morning!


Malkia done with her milk bottle

Malima sucking her trunk

Sagala finds a quiet spot to browse


This morning as the orphans were walking out to the forest, we watched as Ndiwa managed to lead some of the little ones away like Kiasa, Emoli, Musiara and Maisha. We watched as this funny older girl leading these little ones off in a direction opposite to the others. Ndiwa is one of the milk lovers and it was interesting to watch her lead this little group to browse close to the bottle feeding area so that they might be some of the first ones to receive their milk. Ndiwa is a good leader but she is not a perfect matriarch like Tagwa who always makes sure she can see everyone. When Ndiwa took off with some of the little ones, Tagwa actually tried to steer the rest of the group to follow up behind and join them. She wanted to make sure all the little ones were safe. Tagwa’s little favourite baby at the moment seems to be Sattao and they are quite attached for the time being. In the morning Sattao goes mad looking around everywhere for Tagwa and as soon as he finds her he settles down and wears what the Keepers call a ‘happy face’ as they walk out together to browse. 

Ndiwa having her 9am bottle

Maktao Sattao and Sagala enjoy their milk

Sattao with Tagwa in the background


The weather has been pretty hot for the orphans these past few days. This means that every time they come across a stream or have their milk feed by the mud bath, they will be sure to have a swim to cool themselves. Some of the orphans do not go straight into the water, but wait for others to go in first. Musiara is one who never hesitates and once he has made the decision to go swimming he will jump straight into the water. Today when the first group arrived at the mud bath for their noon milk feed, Tamiyoi walked straight over to the mud pool after her milk bottles. She tested the water but found it to be too cold and walked away. She was followed by Maisha, Enkesha, Sattao and Emoli who all walked away after testing the water temperature as well. As this was going on Kiasa and Musiara were feeding on the branches and Kiasa started fighting Musiara for a branch that he was chewing on. Emoli ran over to separate the two, at which point Musiara marched straight into the mud pool and starting playing. He was later joined by the others, with only Tamiyoi and Sattao deciding not to go in. Little Dololo came out of his stockade today to spent time in the forest near the compound with Luggard and Merru. He did very well and enjoyed his day out. 

Tamiyoi browsing, her friends in the background

Merru enjoying the sunshine

Malima sniffing the air




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