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The relationship between the matriarch Mbegu and her little adopted baby Sattao is still very strong. The little boy is never far from his adopted mother and they feed so closely to one another. Mbegu and Sattao browsed deep into the forest and because of this the little boy accidentally came to the public visit in the older second group! Their closeness did not impress Ambo who used to be very close to Mbegu as well, and he tried to fight Sattao out of jealousy, but the motherly figure came to the rescue.
Luggard was making his way back to the stockades when a herd of impala came running past. This scared the little limping boy and he raised his ears and trunk high and rushed to his keeper for protection.
Kiasa retired to bed earlier than usual today, and as the foster parents made their way around the stockades to see their babies, Kiasa was already snoring loudly. Her neighbor and age-mate Maktao tried to wake her up by touching her head with his trunk between their partition, but all in vain.

Mbegu and Sattao spend time a lot of together

Luggard before the Impala surprised him

Kiasa sucking her trunk


The rainy season continues and we received a heavy downpour today. What started as a small shower around 8am soon turned into very heavy rain for about half an hour. Little babies like Kiasa, Maktao, Musiara and Sattao were brought back to the stockades to protect them from the bad weather. In the wild at such an age they would always have the protection of their mother above them, still being able to fit under her belly. Luggard joined them as well. As the keepers sheltered under umbrellas, some of the orphans gathered by the trees as others trumpeted and ran around in delight. Murit decided to brave the downpour in a different way by taking shelter under one of the keepers umbrella’s as well. Malkia, Ndotto, Lasayen, Esampu and Tagwa rolled around on the ground, digging at the soil with their little tusks and mud on their bodies. Kiko did not seem to be interested in the rain and took shelter in his room, peeping through his windows to catch a glimpse of what was going on outside. Maxwell decided to sleep through this rain storm under the roof in his bedroom, snoring loudly. 

Kiko headed back to his room

Shukuru Godoma Ngilai decide to brave the rain

Luggard decides to also head back to his room


Due to the ongoing rains, all the bushes in the National Park are growing and becoming thicker and greener with fresh, green leaves. The orphans are very happy and have a huge variety to feed on now. Big girls like Shukuru and Ndiwa are taking advantage of the thicker bushes to dodge the keepers when they feel like it as well. During the public visiting time today the two big girls and Ndotto decided not to show up. They had moved much deeper into the forest and because of all the vegetation the keepers had a hard time finding them as well! Malima was in a very playful mood and was funning from one side of the mud bath to the other, until she was calmed down by the mini matriarch Godoma. Maktao and Kiasa were enjoying a small pushing game before Tamiyoi came over and interrupted them, much to the dismay of the visitors who were enjoying watching their funny game! Emoli tried his luck at approaching the wheelbarrow bearing the bottles of milk but he was moved away by the keepers.


Ndiwa hiding in the bushes

Godoma on her way to the 11am mud-bath

Kiko havinga playful moment with Edwin


The orphans came out of their rooms this morning and immediately formed a long line – which is unusual as normally they come out and scatter everywhere across the compound. Today Shukuru, Ndotto, Ndiwa, Ngilai, Sagala and Sana Sana directly formed a lined and marched out at a quick pace, suggesting they were in a hurry to move deep into the forest as usual. The others, once they reached the forest, all crowded around the same thicket and enjoyed feeding from it. Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Kiasa were busy fighting each other over the small bits of tree bark that Mbegu was dropping from above. None of them wanted to surrender! Maktao and Kiasa are tiny figures, but stood their ground against Musiara and Sattao! Mbegu was wise however as she kept both pairs on either side of her, to try and prevent them from fighting.
Luggard’s swollen ankle on his bad leg is doing better and the swelling is decreasing day by day, though he is not yet fully better and able to accompany the orphans on their long walks into the forest. He stays with them until their 9am milk feed and then most of them continue into the forest while he stays to relax with his keepers. He is doing okay so far.

Mbegu peeling bark off the trees

Kiasa browsing

Luggard with his Keeper


When the orphans were walking out into the forest and many were happily walking through the bushes to begin their day of browsing, it was funny to watch Sattao, Maktao and Kiasa scared of getting their bodies all wet by the water that still clung to the bushes and leaves of the small trees. They stood tightly together in the open areas and watched the others move further into the woods. When Sattao saw his adopted mother disappear into the bushes he tried to follow her but he didn’t want to walk through the same wet path. He retreated, yelling in protest and calling for his adopted mother to come back for him. It seemed to work as Mbegu quickly turned back to see what was happening and why the young boy was yelling. She then chose to browse along those nearby bushes where Sattao and his group were holding themselves, as she must have realized what the matter was.

It has been four days now that we have seen Shukuru leading Ndotto ‘s group of Ndiwa, Sagala, Mundusi, Ngilai, Mteto and Sana Sana far deep into the bush. She is so much more energetic, happy and browsing to her heart’s content, compared to just a few months ago. Sometimes she is seen disciplining rough boys like Mundusi and Ngilai whenever they happen to be misbehaving in her presence.

Mbegu turning around to beckon Sattao

Keeper with wheelbarrow of milk

Shukuru leading the orphans for browsing




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