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During the public visiting hour today, Musiara stole the show. As the last group of elephants came running in for their milk bottles, this little boy lagged behind, slowly following his friends who rushed in. Musiara chose to avoid the water that separated the feeding area and the rocks, and instead chose a dry path to follow, forcing the visitors to pave way for the little boy. He slowly drank his bottle, resting his trunk on his keeper’s hand. Emoli and Maktao were rolling on a fresh heap of loose soil, taking it in turns to roll and dust their bodies. Sattao joined their game and as it gained momentum, Kiasa decided to join the three boys. This also changed the style of game from a rolling one to a pushing and pulling one. Emoli pulled Sattao’s trunk as Kiasa pushed Emoli from behind. Emoli did not know but Kiasa had other plans, and the naughty girl bit Emoli’s tail so hard that he yelled for help. Malima came running over with her ears raised to save the crying Emoli, and Tamiyoi came over to help separate the fighting babies as well. They all walked off in different directions, bringing their fighting game to an end. 

Musiara is a funny little elephant

Maktao and Emoli

Tamiyoi playing in the mud


As the sun rose slowly warming the ground after a long night it also slowly warmed the elephant babies as they made their way through the forest slowly browsing. Kuishi took the opportunity to warm herself, lying on some open ground next to where the keepers were seated enjoying their breakfast. At one stage she threw a whole chunk of soil over herself so vigorously that some went into the keepers tea cups, so they moved so the little girl could enjoy her dusting game, and their breakfast would not get ruined either. Musiara then joined Kuishi who had spread her legs out with her tummy in the air so she could fully enjoy the morning sun. The little boy copied her and lay down on the warm ground with his trunk curled and his eyes closed. Little boy Luggard decided to join them too, and by that stage Musiara was resting his tiny trunk on Kuishi’s head. Maktao and Kiasa joined the sleeping group, taking up position next to Musiara. Their peaceful slumber in the sun was brought to an abrupt end however when baboons came running through making a lot of noise, waking the sleeping babies up with a start. They got up to run to the keepers and the other orphans for safety, and then the whole group moved off to browse again.  

Kuishi with Musiara

Kuishi browsing

Ndiwa, Kiasa and Sagala


Kiasa is most certainly the naughtiest orphan in the Nursery at the moment. Today she pushed Sattao to the ground during the 9am milk feed, but her naughty antics did not stop there. During the public visiting time between 11am-12noon, she wanted to make sure her presence was felt and this time she did it by bullying Musiara, wanting his share of milk and demanding it from the keepers feeding him. The keepers tried to block her from getting Musiara’s milk bottle, but instead she turned her attention to Maisha. As Maisha arrived for her share Kiasa quickly ran over and pulled the bottle out of the keeper’s hands, spilling some on the ground before he could pick it up. After being warned by the keepers, the cheeky girl turned to Emoli and decided to try and take a branch from his mouth. In protest Emoli turned in circles trying to protect the nice branch he had found and that he was enjoying chewing on. As Kiasa persisted, Emoli resisted, and decided to try and fight her which initiated a ‘push and pull’ game. Tamiyoi intervened to try and get the situation under control, but the two babies wanted to continue with their fight. Eventually everything was resolved when Malima came over and bit Kiasa’s tail! The naughty girl bowed out of the fight and decided to at last behave herself, heading to the mud hole for a mud bath.  

Kiasa is a naughty little girl!

Kiasa is a funny little thing



The two ‘big boys’ in the Nursery at the moment, Jotto and Ambo, were playing a pushing game after the 9am milk feed. Ambo was determined to win the game, and pushed Jotto hard against a nearby tree. In revenge, Jotto grabbed Ambo’s leg with his trunk, almost causing his opponent to fall over. Malima decided to join the game by biting Jotto’s tail! Jotto yelled his complaint and turned to face his female opponent for revenge. Tamiyoi now intervened to assist Jotto, her long-time friend, before Kuishi interrupted the entire game by lying on the ground in the middle of the sparring babies to dust herself. Malima decided to exit the game and dust herself as well, as Jotto and Tamiyoi lay next to Kuishi to join in too. Sattao and Maktao came running over to enjoy the dusting session, as Kiasa scratched her belly against a tree that was nearby. 

Sattao browsing with Ambo

Malima in a playful mood



It was a warm afternoon and all the orphans were in a good mood. Some were browsing and others were dusting themselves in the loose, dry soil. What started off as a game only between the little boys, soon attracted some of the young girls as well and even some of the older ones. It was Musiara who set the ball rolling, grabbing Maktao’s tail. In protest Maktao turned and a pushing game started. As the game gained momentum, Musiara’s friend and age-mate Sattao joined in to help his friend. Emoli intervened and tried to separate them all, but he received a bad response as Musiara pushed him hard and bit his tail as well! The little limping boy Luggard stepped in and took hold of one of Maktao’s ears with his trunk, before Kiasa came rushing over to help her neighbour little Maktao. Enkesha then joined the pushing game too, with Jotto, Ambo and Malima mock-charging from a distance. The game continued for some time, before they were all drawn to Tagwa who had made the decision to start moving into the nearby thicket to browse. This meant the game drew to a close, as each of the babies bowed out to follow their new matriarch into the bushes as well.  

Maktao, Musiara and Kuishi

Emoli with Maktao

Emoli feeding on grass




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