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Murka, Naisula and Kithaka who still seem to have seceded from Olare’s group were at the stockade compound early in the morning. When the orphans had their morning milk, they left their stockades and joined the three junior Ex Orphans. Together they settled for lucerne and soon after feeding, Narok engaged Kitirua in a strength testing exercise while Orwa played with Murka. Murka and her group escorted the orphans to the browsing field. On the way, Boromoko came across a fallen tree that he used to scratch his neck on while Orwa enjoyed a game of rolling on the ground. The sun was really hot and the orphans tried as much as they could to feed under the trees with shade.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Murka and her group accompanied the juniors to the mud bath. Given the high temperature, all the orphans participated in wallowing in the mud. Teleki emerged as the star of the day as he remained in the water longer than the rest. Even Bongo the water boy had enough of wallowing and left Teleki still wallowing in the mud. Barsilinga engaged Garzi in a pushing game that ended in a draw, and later moved to challenge Laragai. Laragai never entertains any nonsense and pushed Barsilinga out of the way and walked to a nearby acacia tree that she used to scratch her belly on. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot and the orphans took a break from feeding to converge under a tree to cool off. When the temperature dropped to a favourable level, the orphans came out from hiding and resumed to browse.

Narok playing with Kitirua

Barsilinga playing with Garzi

Barsilinga playing with Laragai

Orphans under the shade of trees


Murka, Naisula and Kitirua, who have separated from Olare’s group it seems, were at the stockade compound early in the morning. It was a cloudy and cold morning has we received some showers early before dawn. The three junior Ex Orphans joined the orphans to feed on lucerne and since it had been a while since they had last tasted it, the three kept pushing the orphans away so as to have most of the lucerne. After feeding on lucerne, Murka, Kitirua and Naisula escorted the orphans to the browsing field. The orphans browsed calmly throughout the entire morning and at mud bath time Laragai and Lemoyian gave four warthogs a hard time by denying them the access to the water. The warthogs surrendered but came back when the orphans had returned back to the browsing field. Barsilinga and Narok spent some time in a strength testing exercise while Kithaka engaged Lemoyian in a pushing game. The afternoon was quiet as the orphans browsed calmly throughout the remaining part of the day without any major events. 

Murka eating with the dependent orphans

Naisula having a good scratch

Kitirua and Naisula

Laragai and Lemoyian chasing warthogs

Kithaka plays with Lemoyian


Olare and her group reported to the stockade compound in the dead of the night and opted to sleep just outside the stockade. Missing from the group were Naisula, Murka and Kitirua who still appear to be separating from Olare’s group. At six o'clock in the morning the orphans were let out and joined up with those in Olare’s group who were present. Shortly later, Mulika and Yatta’s groups arrived. Wiva spent some time playing with Bomani while Kalama had a misunderstanding with Vuria and they opted to settle their differences through a pushing game. Chemi Chemi played with Meibai as Ololoo settled to play with Orwa. Narok kept rotating her babysitting duty between Wiva and Gawa. Later Gawa and Wiva had a light pushing game.

In the browsing field, Boromoko came across a shrub that he liked so much and since he couldn't manage to pull it up using his trunk, he went down on his knees and used his mouth to cut it. At eleven o'clock in the morning, Barsilinga led the way to the browsing field.

At mud bath, the orphans enjoyed every moment since there weren’t any outsiders to cut short their fun. Garzi played with Lemoyian while still in the water as Boromoko splashed water using his trunk in an expression of happiness. Barsilinga played with Vuria as Bomani played with Olsekki. Soon after the orphans had enough fun at mud bath, Shukuru rumbled informing her friends that it was time to leave. In the evening, Yatta and Mulika’s group passed by the stockade compound as they headed east. Later on, Chaimu, Kilaguni and Ishanga in the company of Olare’s group reported to the stockade compound and
left back into the park shortly after dark.

Wiva and Narok

Gawa on the right plays with Wiva

Chemi Chemi plays with Meibai

Ololoo plays with Orwa

Boromoko feeding off the ground


The stockade compound was flooded by nearly eighty elephants early in the morning. The orphans left the stockade but had difficulties maneuvering through the exit gate since some of the wild elephants had crowded close around it and the rest were busy drinking water. Orwa, who loves challenging his seniors, engaged Murka in a strength testing exercise. Orwa lost the game to Murka then proceeded to play with Kitirua. Garzi attempted to play with Chemi Chemi but the game ended even before it even started properly as Chemi Chemi gave Garzi a knock out push. Kithaka kept himself busy by scratching on a nearby rock as Orwa abandoned playing with Kitirua and went to play with Meibei. Narok tried to play with Ololoo but she was overpowered and thereafter moved to babysit Wiva. Shortly later, Wiva saw her mum Wendi scratching and so went to imitate her. Orwa lost to Meibei and went to try his luck with Olare. The day was a hot one and at the browsing field, the orphans browsed looking forward to mud bath time when they would get into the mud to cool off.

At mud bath, the orphans were joined by twelve wild bulls that also came for a refreshing dip. Later on Murka, Naisula and Kitirua showed up and joined the juniors. After mud bath, Garzi had a standoff with Kitirua but moments later he surrendered and walked away. In the afternoon, Olsekki played with Siangiki as Bomani dueled with Lemoyian.

Kithaka busy scratching

So many elephants in the compound

Meibai plays with Orwa

Wendi and Wiva scratching on the rock

Olare playing with Orwa


Ex Orphans Tomboi, Naisula, Murka and Kitirua joined the juniors early in the morning for the lucerne. Murka, Naisula and Kitirua happen to belong to Olare’s group and Murka appears to have the intention of forming her own group. On the way to the browsing field, Garzi and Kithaka had a misunderstanding that they settled through a pushing game. Enkikwe came across a nice rock that he used to scratch his buttocks on while Teleki engaged Murka in a pushing game.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Murka and her group escorted the juniors to the mud bath where six bulls were already in attendance. After mud bath, Barsilinga ran into trouble with Laragai when he failed to give her way. The tough no-nonsense girl pushed Barsilinga out of the way. Kithaka, who was close by, raised concern over how Laragai had treated his friend Barsilinga. Laragai didn't like Kithaka’s complaints either and so silenced him by pushing him away. The rest of the orphans settled for soil dusting. Bongo the water boy was the last one to leave mud bath and briefly joined the bulls to drink water before heading to join his friends. Teleki took an advantage of Vuriawho was lying down and climbed on him. When Vuria was up on his feet he questioned Teleki why he climbed on him without his permission. What followed was a pushing game with Vuria intending to teach Teleki a lesson, but the game ended in a draw. Later Bongo tackled Teleki, a game that didn't last for long as Teleki opted to surrender. In the evening, thirty bulls reported for water at the stockade water trough.

Tomboi and Kitirua

Naisula enjoying lucerne

Enkikwe scratching his bottom

Garzi and Kithaka pushing each other

Teleki climbing on Vuria




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