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As the milk dependent group was having their milk in the morning Kanjoro was busy knocking at the gate with a twig hoping someone would open it for him. When it was opened Kanjoro hurriedly left the stockade. Orwa was the last to leave holding a branch in his mouth. When the juniors were eating lucerne a sub-group from Suguta's group arrived and joined them. It appears that Suguta’s group now has four sub groups. One, led by Suguta, consists of Suguta, Melia, Tumaren, Kibo, Kandecha, Chemi Chemi and Kalama; the second group, led by Makireti, has Kilabasi, Kasigau and Ishanga; the third group has only two members, Kilaguni and Chaimu; the fourth group, led by Olare, consists of Olare, Naisula, Kitirua and Murka, all girls. The Olare and Makireti’s groups joined the juniors for lucerne. Ishanga, the no nonsense girl, pushed Sities away when she tried to take her lucerne. Laragai, who does opposite of what is expected, went down on her knees and crawled under the fence to get to where the lucerne is kept. When the keepers spotted her and shouted she turned and went back out the same way she had gone in. Kasigau had a brief strength testing with Kanjoro which soon ended when Kanjoro surrendered. The partially independent group left soon after they all arrived at the browsing field. Lualeni, Ololoo and Rapsu arrived at the mud bath moments before the juniors. Lualeni created a scene when she went past where the milk bottles had been arranged and grabbed one of them. When she saw the keepers running and shouting at her she dropped the bottle and ran away. The three ex-orphans headed off to wallow where they were joined by the juniors. Later Lualeni led the way back to the browsing field. Teleki browsed close to Rapsu and Shukuru continuously flapped her ears. The rest stood under a tree waiting for the temperature to go down. In the evening Lualeni led the juniors in for an evening wallow before parting ways with them.  

Lualeni wallowing

Lualeni and Bongo

Shukuru browsing

Teleki and Rapsu


Suguta’s group of Suguta, Melia, Tumaren, Olare, Kandecha, Kitirua, Kibo, Murka, Chemi Chemi, Naisula, Kamboyo and Kalama reported to the stockade early before 6am. They waited for the juniors to come out and shared lucerne with them. Kalama threatened Sities when she tried to take some lucerne Kalama had her eye on. In fear of being reprimanded Sities left it alone. An hour later Suguta and her group departed and at 10am Kilaguni, Chaimu and Ishanga came to drink at the stockade. It appears that Kilaguni Ishanga and Chaimu want to form their own group.
Tomboi arrived at the mud bath before the juniors and decided to wait for them. After finishing his second bottle of milk Bomani ran away with the empty bottle. The keepers begged him to bring it back but he just dropped it. Only Tomboi went into the water to wallow and the juniors just watched him from the edge of the mud bath. Sities went to the water trough, put her front legs into the water, and started splashing. Shukuru went to soil dust while Orwa went to scratch against the acacia trees. Tomboi soil bathed after wallowing and picked up a stick that he used to scratch himself with. In the afternoon, the temperatures were moderate and the orphans browsed calmly.

Kilaguni, Ishanga and Chaimu

Shukuru soil bathing

Tomboi scratching with a stick


It was a bright morning and the ex-orphans appeared very early in the morning to drink at the stockade water trough. Wendy, Yatta and Mulika with their babies, Naisula, Kibo, Kitirua, Melia, Suguta and Tumaren were among them. They drank water and the orphans came out of their stables and joined them. Orwa started playing with Naisula while Kora was playing with Rapsu. Later Rapsu played with a wild bull and Orwa interacted with Naserian. The orphans walked into the bush while the ex-orphans were left behind drinking water until they then headed off in a different direction.
In the bush Vuria, Garzi and Bomani browsed together. They passed by a mudbath near the Kone road junction and had an early wallow. Bongo, Vuria, Laragai, Garzi, Teleki and Narok played energetically in the mud bath. When the group returned to the bush they were joined by Tomboi who had some fun with Orwa as they walk towards the main mud hole to have their mid-morning milk. After their milk Laragai, Bongo, Vuria, Garzi and Kanjoro played and had fun in the mud, later running off to spray themselves with dust by tossing it in the air. It was very hot in the bush in the afternoon and Vuria, Garzi and Bomani browsing happily together. Shukuru led the back home in the evening.

Ex orphans at the stockade

Kora plays with Rapsu

Vuria having a wallow


Very early in the morning there was a large group of ex-orphans and two wild bulls waiting for more water as the water had been emptied by the elephants the previous evening. After the orphans had finished their breakfast they joined the ex-orphans and shared the water in the trough. Mulika and Yatta were there with their babies along with some of Suguta’s group including Kibo, Naisula, Kitirua, Kalama, Chemi Chemi, Suguta, Tumaren, Olare, Murka and Kandecha. Naisula started a fighting game with Orwa while Bomani and Garzi scratched on the rocks. Then Garzi was playing and lying on the ground and Vuria tried to mount him. Later they all set off to the bush together to browse along with the ex-orphans. After a while Vuria led the orphans to the mudbath where they had their milk but did not bathe as it was cold. Bongo and Laragai splashed some water on their bodies then rolled in the dust to dry off. Bongo and Vuria scooped and tossed dust in the air with and later started comparing their strength by playing and pushing each other.  

Orwa playing with Chaimu

Bongo and Vuria soil dusting

Vuria and Bongo strength testing.


Narok and Teleki had a great time scratching against fallen trees first thing in the morning. The juniors were joined by Lualeni and Ololoo. Ololoo teamed up with Orwa and Vuria going off to feed far away from the others. An hour after the juniors had left the stockades Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi arrived to drink water and later, at about 2.30pm, Olare, Naisula, Murka, Kitirua, Kamboyo and Tomboi came to drink. Olare had been missing for almost two months and now she is back making the entire Suguta group complete. It has been very interesting to see the comings and goings of the orphans as they join up with the wild herds and leave for good chunks of time while the park is so green and all he waterholes full, but interesting too that they absolutely know their way around such a vast area and are able navigate their way back home when ready.
At mud bath time the weather was chilly and none of the orphans braved the mud bath. Sities and Shukuru sucked their trunks for a very long time. Later, Kanjoro led the herd into a soil dusting exercise after which Teleki moved to a nearby tree where he spent some time scratching his bottom.
The orphans had a quiet afternoon and in the evening as usual they passed by the mud bath for an evening cool off.

Teleki scratching

Lualeni browsing

Teleki soil dusting

Sities sucking her trunk




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