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The stockade compound was flooded by the senior Ex Orphans and several wild bulls early in the morning. When the juniors were let out they joined the Ex Orphans and settled for lucerne together. It was everybody for him and herself as the herd scrambled for lucerne. The seniors took large piles of Lucerne with their trunks leaving the juniors with the smallest share. Wiva tried to get some lucerne from her mum but amazingly enough Wendi denied her openly. Wiva comforted herself by clinging to her mumís milk before Laragai came with her small pile of lucerne and offered Wiva to share. Wiva felt happy and stopped nursing so as to share the lucerne with Laragai. After feeding on lucerne Laragai engaged Mwende in a pushing game while Kibo played with Narok. Kitirua settled close to Siangiki and Enkikwe while Teleki tested his strength against Lenana. Kithaka, Lemoyian and Ololoo spent awhile scratching on the nearby rocks. Later, Enkikwe, Bomani, Laragai and Olsekki all wanted to play with Wiva. Wiva, in a playful mood, turned and pushed Bomani and then Enkikwe before running away. Makena entwined her trunk with Narok in morning greetings while Teleki moved to challenge Challa and later Mwende. Ololoo attempted to mount on Orwa, which angered him. Orwa disengaged himself from Ololoo and turned to defend himself. A battle ensued that lasted for sometime before Makena intervened and separated the two boys. Noticeable among the herd was Rapsu, who had been missing for quite a long time, and Teleki spent some time learning new pushing tactics from him. Teleki later walked over to Kenze and enjoyed a pushing game.

The dependent orphans parted ways with the Ex Orphans and headed east, while the Ex Orphans headed west of the stockade. It was quiet in the bush as the orphans concentrated on browsing. At mud bath time, the juniors were joined by Mutaraís group and twenty wild bulls. Kanjoro had pushing game with Narok that ended quite quickly when Narok surrendered. Noticeable at mud bath was a one tusker (a wild bull with one tusk) who we also had seen for quite some time. Teleki played with Vuria as he stood at the edge of mud bath while Vuria was in the mud. Barsilinga, Kithaka, Narok and Shukuru participated in a soil dusting exercise soon after mud bathing. Later, Mutaraís group teamed up with the orphans and headed north of the mud bath while the wild bulls headed towards Imenti area. The temperature was moderate and the orphans browsed calmly throughout the remaining part of the day.

Laragai plays with Mwende

Narok plays with Kibo

Narok and Rapsu




The orphans enjoyed their lucerne this morning without being disturbed by the Ex Orphans or wild elephants again. Orwa started scratching on the rock and later they walked out to the bush.

We received some sad news from Kassala gate today when some people found an elephant carcass. We were shocked and immediately made our way to the scene where we found the dead elephant on the ground. We were very sad and cross-checked carefully to see if it was one of our Ex Orphans or a wild elephant. We confirmed that he was a wild bull of an age between 16 to 20 yrs and the cause of death was that he was shot by two poison arrows, one on his right ear and another in his back. With KWS rangers and our anti-poaching team we removed the tusks and handed them to the KWS rangers.

Back in the bush our orphans were peacefully playing together. Vuria, Laragai, Bomani and Orwa were rolling on the ground. Vuria and Bongo started their usual play fight, then Narok led the group to mudbath. At the mudbath we had eight wild bulls who played vigorously in the mud together with the orphans. Kithaka was climbing on Barsilinga while Bongo and Vuria also swam deep in the water. Later on, they walked to dust bath and started dusting themselves. Garzi scooped chunks of soil and splashed some on his back; Vuria also enjoyed tossing soil in the air. Bongo was enjoyed peeling the bark from a tree branch and crushing it.

In the stockade we had young Ex Orphans namely Kandecha, Kibo, Kalama, Chemi Chemi, Olare, Kitirua, Naisula, Melia, Tumaren and Murka. They came to drink water and left. We had also a small group of wild bulls who drank water and left too. All the rest of the orphans are fine and ok.

Garzi browsing

Shukuru browsing


Vuria and Kithaka browsing together


The orphans woke this morning and had their milk bottles before walking down to have some lucerne. Here they found Olare herd of Ex Orphans sleeping next to Shukuru's stockade; they went straight over to mingle with them and share the Lucerne. Ex Orphan Kitirua took her share and carried it to a distance away from others, and later started playing with Bomani. Orwa was playing with Vuria while Teleki was scrunching. Later the orphans left to the bush.

Out in the bush Orwa was trying to mount on Vuria when playing and later Bongo rest his heavy trunk on Vuria and Orwa's back. Lemoyian started playing with Garzi and the Barsilinga led the group to mudbath.

In the mudbath, it was very cold that no one played in the mudhole, they drunk water and stay for few minutes and walked back to the bush. Kithaka the naughty boy coiled his trunk and posed for a while for a photo and walked away to the bush.

They were all busy browsing in the bush whilst Bongo and Vuria were scooping and tossing soil particles in the air and some on their backs, Orwa on the other side was playing with Bomani, Teleki and Garzi. Later the group walked back to the stockades for the evening.

Back in the stockade, 13 wild bulls came in for a drink and with them was the bull we treated the other day for an injury caused by a poison arrow; the wound is healing and he is looking pretty strong.

Bomani plays with Kitirua

Orwa mounts on Vuria

Bongo and Vuria soil dusting


Tomboi and two wild elephants were at the stockade compound having a drink of water when the orphans were let out of their stockades. Siangiki, Enkikwe and Olsekki walked down to the water but hesitant to join Tomboi and the wild bull for a drink but after a few minutes Enkikwe was brave enough to go and join the two at the water trough while Olsekki and Siangiki rejoined their friends who were feeding on lucerne. A short while the wild bulls left and Tomboi with Enkikwe joined the rest of the orphans for some Lucerne after which Tomboi returned to the water trough followed by Siangiki, Olsekki and Enkikwe. Narok enjoyed a pushing game with Orwa after which Orwa mounted Narok while Teleki engaged Vuria in a strength testing game and Bomani took on Lemoyian.

At the browsing field Siangiki spent most of her time browsing with Laragai. Vuria met with Bongo and remembered that they hadn't tested their strength today and as such the two quickly locked their trunks in a pushing game. At mud bath time Enkikwe and Olsekki ran to the mudbath together with their second milk bottle dropping them only after they had downed the bottles contents after which they entered the water.

A short while after the orphans had drank the milk feed the juniors were joined by the partially independent groups (Olare, Chaimu and Makiretiís groups). Chemi Chemi engaged Orwa in a pushing game which Orwa after which he went to try his luck with Kitirua, a match that he also lost. In defeat he went and joined the rest of the orphans who were enjoying a soil dusting exercise.

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the Kanziku area. Teleki teamed up with Laragai for the afternoon browsing session. In the evening Barsilinga and Bongo stopped feeding to enjoy a soil dusting exercise before the orphan herd returned to the stockades for the night.

Tomboi with Enkikwe and Siangiki

Tomboi with the dependent orphans

Vuria and Barsilinga

Olsekki walking off with his bottles

Orwa plays with Chemi Chemi


Two wild bulls and the partially independent group were taking water at the stockade water trough when the juniors were let out. As soon as the juniors came out, Orwa engaged Kalama in a pushing game while Barsilinga and Garzi put their heads together to decide which way to go. Vuria engaged Kitirua in a pushing game thinking that it was just as easy as playing with his playmate Bongo. The game turned out to be tough for Vuria though and he was left with no other option than to surrender to avoid being humiliated in front of his friends, especially Bongo. Lemoyian decided to stick to Turkwel and watch her to learn what particular vegetation she enjoyed feeding on.

At nine o'clock in the morning we thought that Yatta and Mulikaís groups appeared to have got wind of new babies coming, as they camped at the stockade compound for nearly one hour. When they didnít arrive Yatta led the group away. Shortly later, the lorry carrying Enkikwe, Olsekki and Siangiki arrived. Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga were the first ones to meet with the new babies. Lemoyian with his ears raised led Kithaka and Barsilinga to meet them. Olsekki felt uncomfortable it seemed to be attracting the attention of the older orphans and he bellowed loudly. Laragai entwined her trunk with Siangiki as Vuria placed his trunk on Olsekki in attempting to bully him by climbing on him. The keepers shouted at Vuria to stop his naughty tricks and Vuria moved away from Olsekki. Soon, Mutara, Narok, Suguta and Sities arrived and all surrounded Olsekki. Shortly later, the orphans headed into to the bush with their new friends exploring Tsavo for the first time. Olare, who had attached herself to Yatta's group, came back and took control of the new babies. Itís interesting how Olare knew that some babies would come to Ithumba and for her to have a proper knowledge of how to handle them. Olare assisted by Laragai browsed close to the new arrivals showing them what to eat. It was so interesting to watch how quickly Olsekki, Siangiki and Enkikwe settled down. They intermingled with the older orphans normally as if they had been in Ithumba for a long time.

In the evening, Lemoyian and Vuria spent some time in soil dusting. Later at five o'clock in the evening, Olare escorted the new babies back to the stockade. Olare was barred from getting in with them something that angered her leading to a protest. She protested outside the stockade by moving up and down, lying down and standing up until her group arrived in the company of the Ex Orphans with wild elephants too. Wendi and Nasalot walked up to the gate but the gate was closed and there was no way to access the new babies. The herd left shortly after dark probably hoping to meet with the new arrivals the next day.

Olsekki in his new surroundings

Olsekki surrounded by older girls




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