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Olare's group that consisted of Murka, Tumaren, Melia, Kandecha, Chemi chemi, Kalama, Naisula, Kibo, Kitirua were lying outside the stockade in the morning after arriving in the middle of the night. They awoke when they heard water flowing down to the water trough after it was turned on. The orphans joined Olare's group when they were let out of the stockade, and later two wild bulls joined as well.

Shortly later, the groups parted ways. At mud bath time Rapsu, who is usually seen alone, reported to the mud bath in the company of Half Trunk and another four wild elephants. Kithaka, Lemoyian, Barsilinga, Vuria and Teleki joined the wild bulls in drinking water. Afterwards the wild bulls bathed on the west side of the mud bath whilst the juniors and Rapsu bathed on the eastern side. Half Trunk remained at the water trough where he was joined by Kanjoro. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at upper Kalovoto area and due to the current dry weather, the orphans didn't waste any time in playing any games but ate as much as they could before returning to the stockade for the night.  

Olare greets Orwa

Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Kithaka and Rapsu

Lemoyian browsing


After leaving the stockade early in the morning Kainuk was in a happy mood and she performed her own game of lying on the ground and standing up whilst swinging her trunk. Just outside the stockade, Orwa and Mutara performed a warm up exercise that came in the form of a strength testing game. The older and more experienced Mutara won the game as Orwa surrendered. It is getting drier but Kanjoro spotted some nice grass under a fallen, dead tree. To reach where the grass was he went down on his knees and managed to get at it using his trunk. Garzi spent some time scratching his ears against a treebefore he resumed browsing. Shortly before mud bath time, the juniors were joined by Lualeni, Ololoo, Loijuk, Olare, Kandecha, Kibo, Tumaren, Melia, Murka, Naisula, Chemi chemi, Kalama and Kitirua. The purpose of the visit was to find out how Suguta was recovering. Melia and Tumaren entwined their trunks with Suguta in greeting.

Yatta and Mulika's herd reported at the mud bath half an hour before the juniors. Soon after taking water the ex-orphans relaxed under the acacia tree as they waited for the juniors. Half Trunk and five wild elephants reported at mud bath and joined the former orphans too. Soon when the juniors arrived, Chyulu met her Lemoyian. Lenana also showed an interest in Lemoyian as she stood close to Chyulu and Lemoyian. Later it was soil dusting time before the juniors parted ways with their seniors and headed for browsing. The afternoon was quiet as the orphans fed as much as possible before the end of the day. 

Kanjoro munching on some lush grass


Wild elephants at the mud bath

Sities soil dusting


The orphans were very quiet this morning as the weather was cold. Vuria started a game of pushing with Bongo while Orwa enjoyed a good scratch. They later came upon Suguta’s herd comprised of Olare, Kibo, Kandecha, Tumareen, Chemi chemi, Kalama, Kitirua, Naisula, Murka and Kilabasi. Kalama and Vuria both greeted each other as did Kilabasi and Teleki. Naisula greeted Lemoyian by laying her trunk on his back, a sign of affection. The whole group was happy to meet each other and socialize and later they all walked to the mudbath together.

Shukuru, Laragai, Garzi, Vuria, Bongo, Kandecha, Kilabasi, Mutara and Barsilinga played for a long time and very vigorously in the mud wallow. They tossed and scooped chunks of soil in the air and onto their bodies. Back in the bush the orphans were very active and running around, but Suguta stayed enjoying her dust bath. In the evening the orphans walked back to the stockades. A big group of ex-orphans including Wendi, Yatta with her baby Yetu, Mulika and her baby Mwende also came through the stockades. 

Orwa scratching and relaxing

Orphans at the mud bath


Three wild bulls were at the stockade compound early in the morning. Sities and her friend Garzi walked down to the water trough where they joined the bulls in drinking. Orwa walked to Kanjoro's stockade where the two exchanged morning greetings by entwining their trunks. Whilst out browsing Suguta was pierced by a thorn, but she carefully lifted up her leg and with the use of her trunk, pulled the thorn out. Bomani browsed close to Mutara and Bongo browsed close to Lemoyian. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the juniors were joined by the partially independent group.

At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and the orphans were joined by the big ex-orphan group consisting of Napasha, Loijuk, Buchuma, Meibai, Sunyei, Wendi, Yatta, Yetu, Naserian, Orok, Galana and Chyulu. Due to the chilly weather, none in the group participated in wallowing. After drinking, the ex-orphans escorted the juniors back to the browsing field. Kanjoro joined Galana in soil dusting, Teleki played with Kitirua whilst Bongo scratched his hind leg and chest on a fallen tree. The ex-orphans spent an hour with the juniors before disappearing into the bush once more. 

Bomani feeding with the others

Bongo enjoying a good scratch


The ex orphans arrived at the stockade compound early before dawn and lay down to sleep. It was a wonderful sight with all these huge heaps on the ground totally comfortable and relaxed knowing full well they are totally safe here. In the morning, the partially independent group arrived too and checked on their friend Suguta who is still spending her nights in the stockade, but recovering well. The partially independent group consisted of Kalama, Naisula, Kibo, Kitirua, Tumaren, Kandecha, Olare, Chemi chemi, Melia and Murka. Both the ex orphans and the partially independent orphan group
joined the juniors today. Chyulu browsed close to her favourite Lemoyian while Teleki browsed with Wendi.

An hour later, the ex orphans parted ways with the juniors. After Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian took their milk, Lemoyian headed towards the water hole where he encountered two warthogs. Lemoyian with his ears raised charged and single handedly managed to chase the warthogs away. Barsilinga who has never shown an interest in wallowing, stood under an acacia tree that he likes so much. He was joined by Lemoyian and later Kainuk. Big boy Rapsu checked in at mudbath and headed straight for wallowing.

Rapsu's action attracted Garzi, Bongo, Shukuru, Teleki, Kanjoro and Laragai. Laragai went to the opposite side where she had her privacy and wallowed without any disturbance. Mutara waited until everyone left the mudbath. She considers herself as a grown up and she didn't want to share a bath with kids and a grown up boy who in this case happened to be Rapsu. Kainuk and Orwa had a light pushing game that ended when they saw Rapsu approaching. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the upper Kalovoto area where they scattered each trying to get enough food before sunset.  

Vuria sniffs at Wendi at the stockade

Barsilinga plays with Kainuk




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