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On their night adventures, Laragai and her group came across Tumaren, Melia, Olare, Kitirua, Naisula, Kalama, Chemi Chemi, Chaimu, a wild orphan and Kilaguni. Shortly before dawn, the group walked back to the stockade compound where they decided to take a little nap before being joined by the juniors. Boromoko and Sirimon checked in later in the company of a wild bull. The wild bull settled for water as Sirimon stretched his trunk to the bulls mouth, enquiring which way they would go after drinking water. Sirimon and Boromoko, who have become good friends lately, are learning how to be big boys. Their friendship has been reinforced since they were the last to join Laragaiís independent group, and it appears that there is something they don't like about the group. Time will tell what it is that is bothering them! The bull left soon after drinking enough water and advised Sirimon that he was still young to go out with him, but from time to time he will be popping back to give him one or two lessons.

When the juniors were out Galla, who is growing fast, settled for a chat with Boromoko as he tried to find out what were his feelings were, given that he always spends the night out. The gentle Boromoko gave his answers as he took Galla into a series of pushing tactics that he would be using to attack his fellow boys. It appeared that Galla was enjoying the lessons and games and when the time comes, we think he would certainly love to join Boromoko in the wild. Later Galla tried to put into practice what he had learned from Boromoko on Tusuja, and attempted to climb on him. Tusuja didn't like it and turned to face Galla to see what his problem was. Galla stood his ground which seemed to inform Tusuja that he should watch this space and he was trying hard to be the most dominant male! The quiet Dupotto who keeps to herself and who never likes to be pushed settled for a soil dusting exercise, while the independent Sapalan settled in the valley enjoying a great variety of vegetation. On the way to the mud bath, the keepers realized that Sapalan was missing from the group. A search was quickly mounted and to the keeperís surprise, he was still browsing in the valley, very unconcerned about what was going on around him. Sapalan weaned himself off milk the second day after arriving in Ithumba. So to him, nothing is special and he is giving signs that he can be on his own and he can survive without any problem. Later, it was realized that a short distance away four bulls were communicating with Sapalan, assuring him that all is well and if he wanted to he could join them too. It's only a matter of time before we think Sapalan will bid goodbye to the stockade life. Karisa used to behave the same way as Sapalan, but the only difference is that Karisa is still drinking. At the moment he has calmed down a lot, unlike before when he wanted to run off into the bush all the time. It was not long ago when Karisa ran off with Dupotto and Kelelari for close to three months! Karisa turned up in a group of Ex Orphans and rejoined the milk dependent group several metres from where he took off for his foray in the wild.

Sirimon chatting with a wild bull

Galla having a chat with Boromoko

Dupotto soil dusting

Orphans enjoying a mud bath


Laragai, who had let her group out the previous evening, reported early in the morning at the stockade compound. She was accompanied by Kithaka, Lemoyian, Garzi, Barsilinga, Sokotei, Enkikwe, Siangiki and Olsekki. The group welcomed their friends for yet another day out in the bush. Shortly later, Kibo, Chemi Chemi, Kalama, Murka, Kandecha, Kitirua and Naisula showed up and joined the orphans. Led by Laragai, the group headed towards the Kalovoto area where they settled to browse. Sapalan settled to browse with Namalok while Wanjala settled to browse with Kauro. Pare, one of the racing team members, settled to feed with Siangiki. At mud bath time, the orphans were briefly joined by Ex Orphans Galana, baby Gawa, Zurura, Madiba and Chyulu. The orphans preferred to have a mud bath in a small water hole a distance away from the main one. Namalok enjoyed splashing water behind his ears as Madiba stood on guard. Ukame loved playing with baby Gawa and if it were not for the intervention by keepers, she might even have left with Galana and Gawa since the game was so enjoyable, and she didnít think to walk back to her friends. Sapalan teamed up with Chyulu and Madiba and just as we thought that Sapalan would be snatched by the duo, to our surprise Madiba and Chyulu escorted Sapalan back to join his younger friends.

In the afternoon, Kauro took a break from feeding to participate in a soil dusting exercise and on the way back to the stockade, the orphans passed by the mud bath to cool off again in the hot weather.

Kibo with a big pile of lucerne

Sapalan and Namelok

Pare and Siangiki

Madiba, Namelok and Zurura


Wendi, Wiva, Lualeni, Madiba, Loijuk, Sidai, Ololoo, Challa, Meibai, Naisula, Murka and Kitirua joined the juniors for lucerne in the morning. First Lualeni welcomed the juniors out, before rushing in the stockade to check whether there were any leftovers. Shortly later, Naisula, Murka and Kitirua escorted the juniors to the browsing field. Galla had a lone game of rolling on the ground as Olsekki played a pushing game with Sokotei. Olsekki lost the game to Sokotei and decided to approach Murka for a training session. Murka accepted to teach Olsekki some pushing techniques that Olsekki later used on Enkikwe. The playful Lemoyian tried his pushing skills on Kithaka but ended up losing to the naughty Kithaka. Shortly after mud bath time, Sirimon engaged Enkikwe in a strength testing exercise that saw Enkikwe surrender by walking away from Sirimon. Olsekki, who was watching from a distance, stepped forward and challenged Sirimon. Their game ended in a draw.  

Madiba feeding on lucerne in the Stockade

Orphans at the water trough

Sokotei and Enkikwe play fight


The weather this morning was cloudy and chilly following light showers received over night. This is an indication that the rainy season is on its way! After feeding on lucerne, Laragai, who at one time had left to be in the wild with her friends, but then later opted to return to the stockade, led the way to the browsing field. The no-nonsense girl who is feared by the boys because of her harshness, only has respect for Shukuru and Garzi. Laragai considers herself a grown-up and likes her privacy. She feeds a short distance away from her friends most of the time. She came across some rain water that had collected on a rock which she enjoyed drinking from before browsing again. Ukame briefly dusted herself with soil as the tuskless Lemoyian spent time trying to reach leaves high in the trees. Murka, Naisula and Kitirua joined the orphans out in the bush. Barsilinga briefly engaged Naisula in a play fight but Barsilinga bowed out when the going got tough for him. Six bulls attended mud bath and were calm enough to allow the orphans to share water with them. 

Laragai drinking rain water

Kitirua browsing with the orphans

Naseku and Galla sucking on their trunks

Karisa messing around


Kibo, Naisula, Kitirua and Murka, who are part of Olareís group, joined the juniors for lucerne in the morning. After having enough lucerne, Shukuru walked to the water trough and shortly later welcomed Dad and his six friends who had reported for water. Shukuru then walked away giving space for Dad and his friends to drink water. After they had enough they walked off back into the bush, giving the orphans the opportunity to come and drink water before heading to the browsing field. Siangiki and Kamok briefly entwined their trunks in morning greetings while Garzi settled to scratch his belly on a termite hill. Lemoyian engaged Boromoko in a pushing game and later, as a show of dominance, attempted to ride on him. Later the playful Lemoyian engaged Tusuja in a strength testing game that ended when Lemoyian attempted to ride on him. Shortly before mud bath time , Kithaka engaged Sirimon in a similar pushing game while Wanjala settled to dust himself with soil.

Only Boromoko wanted to wallow in the mud bath as the rest of his friends concentrated on drinking water. Later, Boromoko played with Olsekki and their game ended in a draw. In the evening, the orphans passed by mud bath where they were joined by seven wild bulls to cool off. Late in the evening, thirty wild elephants reported for water at the stockade water troughs.

Shukuru drinking with Dad and his friends

Orphans all drinking water

Siangiki playing with Kamok

Garzi scratching on a termite hill




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