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This morning the juniors were joined by Makireti, Kilabasi, Kasigau, Olare, Naisula, Ishanga, Kitirua and Murka. Kitirua headed straight to play with her favourite friend Orwa and the two had a prolonged pushing game that ended when Orwa eventually surrendered to his bigger play mate. Olare sniffed at Narok then proceeded to feed on grass close to the stockade fence. Murka invited Bomani to play a strength testing exercise but Bomani was scared and turned his back, an indication that he wasn't ready to play with the bigger orphans. As the juniors were leaving both Mulika’s and Yatta’s groups showed up at the stockade to have a drink and then took a different direction to the juniors. An hour later, Makireti and Olare’s groups also parted ways with the juniors. Whilst the rest of the junior herd were busy foraging Teleki, Turkwel, Bomani and Laragai took a break from feeding and had a long soil bath before resuming to browse.
At mud bath time, only Shukuru, Kanjoro, Bongo, Narok, Mutara and Laragai participated in wallowing. Garzi and Bomani were relaxing under a tree when all of a sudden they started pushing one another very hard. Sities was standing close by and quickly came to help Garzi by pushing Bomani away. Garzi was happy for the support as he hasn’t had much practice with all these boisterous pushing games and he turned to scratch his ear against Sities for comfort. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the eastern side of the Ithumba Hill and Garzi and Vuria spend the rest of the day feeding together, avoiding the naughty Bomani.

orphans at mud bath

bongo mud bathing


Galana, Kilabasi, Kasigau and Makireti were waiting at the stockade before sunrise. As soon as the gates opened, Galana and her group went to check whether the juniors had left any lucerne. Orwa engaged Kilabasi in a pushing game when Olare, Murka, Kitirua, Naisula and Ishanga joined the juniors at the stockade compound. Orwa was happy about their arrival because he knew that he would learn a lot of new pushing tactics from Naisula, Kitirua and Kasigau. Galana, the only adult elephant in the group, felt uncomfortable staying in the company of the juniors and she started rumbling that it was time to go and headed off into the bush. Orwa played with Naisula and Kitirua played with Kasigau until Kitirua got into a charging mood and started kicking a nearby ant hill with her hind legs. Later, the partially independent group withdrew from the juniors and went off in a different direction.
Yatta, Kinna, Naserian, Sidai, Taita, Challa, Lenana, Chyulu, Kenze, Yetu, Galana, Meibai, Rapsu, Tomboi and Ithumbah joined the juniors at mudbath time. Then Ishanga, Naisula, Kilabasi, Makireti, Kasigau, Kitirua and Murka, led by Olare emerged from the western side of the mud wallow. Tomboi and Challa engaged one another in a pushing game as Yatta rumbled to alert the entire group that it was time to go back to the browsing field. The juniors settled at Kanziku area where they concentrated on browsing without any games and Shukuru led the young group back to the stockade.




Naisula, Ishanga and Kitirua joined the juniors in the morning and Kitirua and Orwa engaged one another in a strength testing exercise for some time until Orwa finally surrendered. After finally giving up Orwa visited a nearby rock and he comforted himself with a good satisfying scratch. Bomani teamed up with Sities for browsing and the two moved away from the rest and only rejoined the group when Mutara rumbled to signal that it was time to move to another area. Later in the morning, Bongo, Narok, Laragai and Kanjoro came across some stagnated water and decided it was a good opportunity to have an early mudbath.
Kanjoro, Garzi, Vuria and Teleki headed straight for wallowing after their mid morning milk whilst Orwa and Laragai stood under the acacia tree and Orwa stretched his trunk to break some hanging branches. Vuria was soon joined by Bongo in the mudbath and the two had an enjoyable game of pushing one another whilst rolling in the water until it was time to head back to the browsing fields.
In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the upper Kalovoto area. Bongo browsed with Kainuk while Sities browsed close to Mutara. On the way back to the stockade, Narok tried to hold Teleki’s hind leg when Teleki tried to overtake her. Teleki disengaged himself quickly from Narok then ran forward to avoid his leg being grabbed again. In the evening, Yatta, Kinna, Ithumbah, Taita, Yetu, Lenana, Galana, Meibai, Challa, Sidai, Sunyei, Chyulu and Naserian showed up at the stockade but left after taking water.


ex orphans visit


It was a lovely and active morning as Yatta's group came to the stockade just after the orphans had finished their breakfast. Kinna, Lenana, Sunyei, Chyulu and Galana were leading the group and were mainly coming to say hi to their friends and to the keepers. They didn’t drink much water and spent a lot of time interacting with the orphans with Orwa having lots of fun playing with Meibai. In the bush, the big ex-orphans left the juniors who were enjoying the fresh pasture.

At the mudbath Makireti, Kasigau, Kilabasi, Ishanga, Kitirua and Murka from Suguta's group came to interact with the orphans. Orwa had fun playing with Kilabasi and then with Murka, deciding to try his luck to beat them after continually failing to win over Kasigau. It was a bit cold so only Bongo, Kanjoro, Kilabasi, Bomani, Vuria, Kasigau and Laragai played in the mudbath and then had a dust bath. They were very busy the whole of afternoon browsing until Bongo led them back home in the evening.


lenana & sidai protesting


Contrary to our expectation, the morning was dry. Before dark, it had indicated that it would rain, but the rain has remained elusive despite all the surrounding areas enjoying some huge storms. Orwa left the stockade with a branch in his mouth and dropped it immediately when he was out of the stockade. Yatta and Suguta groups were at the stockade compound after arriving shortly before dawn. Lenana tried to entice the juniors by lying down but the young ones were not interested in Lenana's game. Kalama picked the branch that Orwa had dropped and tried to feed whatever had been left in it. Kitirua played with Bomani and later engaged Orwa in a strength testing exercise. The exercise ended when Orwa surrendered. Shukuru, Narok and Garzi spent a good long time scratching on the rocks at the stockade compound before heading for browsing

At mud bath time, Bongo, Shukuru, Laragai and Vuria participated in wallowing but it was Shukuru that wallowed for longest. Laragai and Vuria teamed up to chase four warthogs that they saw approaching. The warthogs ran away as Vuria trumpeted as he ran towards them. He finally returned satisfied that the four warthogs had disappeared. Mutara led the way back to browsing field. The afternoon was quiet and the elephants enjoyed feeding and being together and by evening all storm clouds had gone leaving clear blue with little chance of rain. 

Lenana lying down to entice orphans to play

Kalama with Orwa's stick and Bomani

Kitirua playing with Bomani

Shukuru scratching on the stockade rocks

Laragai chasing warthogs.




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