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It was a busy and active morning as a group of Ex Orphans and wild elephants arrived at the stockade compound very early in the morning in search of water and tasty lucerne grass. The Ex Orphans accompanied the dependent orphans to the lucerne field and started feasting together. Kauro started scratched on the rocks. Wendi with her baby Wiva were among the Ex Orphan group and they all interacted together before walking out to the bush.
It is so dry in the bush and the orphans were struggling to find something to eat. They separated from the Ex Orphans and wild elephants and everyone was busy searching for vegetation to fill their stomach. Shukuru was very busy breaking big branches to strip some bark from them. The group later headed to the mud bath.

At mud bath a group of 8 wild bulls arrived and after watching them for awhile the keepers noticed one with an arrow injury. They immediately called the anti-poaching team to come and confirm, but when they arrived the bull started walking back into the bush and disappeared. He was so very scared and he was running away from us. They searched for him until very late into the evening but without success, and will continue the search tomorrow.

Our orphans played in the mud hole for sometime as they interacted with some wild bulls and got out to dust bath before walking back to the bush. Kithaka started playing and climbng on Olsekki during the dust bath time. The group later walked back to the bush for more browsing.
They were all very busy searching for food. Oltayoni and Kamok were hiding under the shade of a tree. The group later met with Ex Orphans Murka, Kitirua and Naisula and started browsing together. In the evening, the orphans walked back home but Orwa remained with Murkaís group and came back to the stockade later. Orwa, Bongo, Vuria, Teleki, Laragai, Narok and Bomani are increasingly showing signs of joining their friends in the wild some time soon. We had also a group of wild elephants who visited the stockade late in the evening. We are expecting rain in the area hopefully sometime next week.

Wild elephant with an arrow wound joins orphans

Orphans soil dusting

Kithaka climbs on Olsekki


Eight wild bulls were drinking water from the stockade water trough when the orphans were let out in the morning. While feeding on lucerne, the orphans were joined by Makireti, Kilabasi, Kasigau, Chaimu, Kilaguni, Tumaren, Naisula, Kitirua, Taita, Murka and four junior wild bulls. Soon after the orphans were through with lucerne, Shukuru led the team to drink water before heading out to the bush to start what appeared to be a hot day a head. Narok came across a tree stump that was of right size to scratch her belly on, while Siangiki concentrated on uprooting roots of a shrub to feed on.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans and sixteen wild bulls. The entire herd participated in wallowing together and half an hour later parted ways. In the afternoon, Narok and Shukuru relaxed under the same tree as they dusted themselves while Kauro and Orwa relaxed under another tree few metres away. In the evening, Lemoyian and Kithaka spent some time in a strength testing exercise that ended quickly when Vuria intervened by pushing the two boys away.

Narok having a good scratch

Mud bath time

Galana with sweet little Gawa

Narok with Shukuru


Soon after leaving the stockade, the orphans were joined by Olare and her group. Ten wild elephants were busy taking water at the water trough as the orphans settled for lucerne. Soon after the orphans fed on lucerne, Olare and her group escorted the juniors to the bush. The weather was chilly and the orphans browsed calmly throughout the morning without any major observation. Olareís group reappeared again at mud bath this time with seven members only. Kitirua, Murka and Naisula, the three missing in the group, appeared to have taken a break to be with another group somewhere else. Boromoko and Sokotei joined Chemi Chemi in drinking water before their friends joined them later. Garzi tried to challenge Kalama but he was overpowered and this prompted him to surrender. Lemoyian had a brief chat with Tumaren as they settled to share food from the same shrub. Later in the afternoon, the clouds cleared giving way to sun shine. Bomani and Teleki snuck away from the keepers and only shortly before five o'clock in the evening were they located as they headed towards Imenti area. In the evening, close to thirty wild elephants reported for water at the stockade water trough and left soon after drinking their fill.  

Olare coming in

Chemi Chemi arriving for lucerne

Olare's group drinking water

Melia scratching

Lemoyian chatting with Tumaren


Half an hour after the orphans left the stockade, Olare and her group checked in. The group had been away for long and where happy to be back. They shared lucerne with the juniors. Orwa was happy to have friends that he could play with and teamed up with Murka, Chemi Chemi, Naisula, Kitirua and Kibo as they walked to the water trough for water. Shortly later, the orphans left for browsing, leaving Olare and her group still at the stockade compound. At the browsing field, Sirimon came across a suitable tree stump that was of the right size to scratch his neck. He was later pushed away by Barsilinga who wanted to use the tree stump to scratch his chin. After mud bath, the orphans settled to browse at Kone area. Naseku settled to browse with Siangiki while Kithaka teamed up with Barsilinga. 


Ex Orphan Chemi Chemi

Ex Orphan Kibo

Sirimon scratching his neck

Naseku and Siangiki


During bottle feeding times, whether it is out in the bush or at the mud bath visiting time, it is funny to watch the leader of the group, Mbegu, go from one orphan to the next and putting her trunk in their mouth and sucking any milk up off the floor that they might have spilt as well. She has always done this and even in her stockade in the afternoon, she makes sure to suck up all the milk off the ground if she spilt any from her bottle. She makes sure nothing goes to waste!

Close to 2pm today we received a report from one of our vet units of an orphan that needed rescuing from the Amboseli. A rescue team was sent out and they met up with the rangers who had found the orphan down a water hole during their daily patrol. The calf was found within the Kitirua Community Conservancy in Langolo area. It seemed the calf had been there awhile but had no major injuries, just some bruises to the forelegs. The calf was very young and in quite poor condition having been without motherís milk but she was rescued and taken back to the Nairobi Nursery.

Mbegu being bottle fed

Mbegu enjoying her milk

Orphans all our browsing

Walking in a line with Luggard at the back




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