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Soon after getting their milk in the morning, Narok led the way out straight to the browsing ground. Kithaka found a suitable tree that he used to scratch his neck on. Barsilinga developed an itchy ear and decided to use his trunk to scratch the itchy part. Bongo teamed up with Narok in browsing as the rest scattered all over the field. At around ten o’clock in the morning, Olare group’s consisting of Olare, Melia, Tumaren, Kandecha, Naisula, Kitirua, Chemi Chemi, Kalama, Murka and Kibo reported at the stockade. The group had not been seen for almost three months now, showing just how confident our ex orphans are and how far they range. The group members were happy to see everyone at the stockade area after being away for so long and they stayed for almost one hour. Shortly before eleven o’clock in the morning, Olare group’s was joined by Yatta and Mulika’s groups. Later the two groups that are like water and allparted ways, with Olare’s group headed east and Yatta and Mulika’s groups headed north.

At mud bath time, the sun was very hot and Teleki, Garzi, Bongo, Kanjoro, Mutara, Suguta, Narok and Turkwel had a spectacular time wallowing. Orwa went to relax under his usual tree as Shukuru kept herself busy by scratching against the nearby trees. Vuria stood at the edge of the mud bath waiting for his playmate Bongo to come out. When Vuria saw Bongo was taking too long to come out of the water, he decided to go for him. Bongo resisted by fighting back as Vuria tried as much as he can to drive Bongo out of the water. Finally Bongo finished wallowing so as to concentrate on tackling Vuria. The strength testing exercise went on for a long time, until Bongo decided that he had wasted enough time and he needed to return to the bush to browse. In the afternoon the orphans settled on the eastern side of Ithumba Hill and in the evening passed by Kone dam where they all had an evening cool off before returning back to the stockade for another night.

Olare's group at the stockade

Kandecha and Melia

Ishanga and Tumaren


Chemi Chemi


The ex-orphans and several wild elephants reported at the stockade compound at around mid night and lay down to sleep. The herd woke shortly before six o’clock in the morning to drink water. The orphans joined the ex-orphans soon after they were let out. Kitirua spend some time playing with Lenana. Wiva tried to nurse from Kinna as Wendi stood nearby. Wendi wasn't happy about it and she tried to stretch her trunk to get Wiva but Kinna refused to let the baby go to its mother. Later the baby walked to join her mum after failing to get any milk from Kinna. Orwa engaged Kibo in a strength exercise that ended when Kandecha walked behind Orwa and attempted to mount him. After his game was cut short, Orwa left to play with Kainuk. Suguta spent some time having fun with her partially independent group. The group surrounded Suguta as they asked her for how long she would continue to stay in the stockade. Suguta promised them she would join them again soon. After getting a satisfactory answer, Olare led the partially independent group away. Sities joined Sidai in guarding Wiva as Chyulu remained close to Lemoyian. When it came time to leave, Chyulu escorted Lemoyian for two hundred metres then returned to join her friends. There was slight drama when the ex-orphans protested a wild bull who tried to kick Wiva. Wiva bellowed prompting all the ex-orphans to run towards her in a show of solidarity. The wild bull walked away unbothered about what he had done. Towards nine o’clock the sun was getting hot and Kainuk and Mutara relaxed under a tree. At mud bath time Laragai and Teleki held their trunks in their mouths soon after drinking their milk. Barsilinga and Garzi had a misunderstanding, the kind that they always settle by pushing one another. Vuria took an advantage of Teleki who was rolling in the mud by mounting him. Lemoyian and Kainuk relaxed under an acacia tree as they watched their friends wallowing in mud. Shortly after the orphans returned back to the browsing field, two wild bulls came for water. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at upper Kalovoto area. Though the sun was hot, the orphans browsed calmly without any major distractions. 

Wiva trying to nurse on Kinna

Sities, Wiva, Wendi and Sidai

Vuria playing with Teleki

Orphans soil dusting

Kainuk running


Seven wild bulls were relaxing just outside the stockade when the juniors were let out. Garzi left with a piece of branch in his mouth which he continued to chew as he patiently waited for lucerne. Barsilinga kept himself busy by scratching on the nearby rocks while Kanjoro had a brief pushing game. Turkwel and Orwa formed a V while standing close to one another as they waited for lucerne. After the juniors settled for the lucerne, Makireti, Kilabasi and Kasigau checked in and joined the juniors in feeding. As the juniors finished eating, Lualeni and her newly formed group reported and immediately settled down to eat leftovers. The juniors passed by the water trough to arm themselves with enough water that would last them the entire morning.

In the browsing field, Bongo took a break from feeding to soil dust himself, before resuming browsing again. At around ten o’clock in the morning, Kilaguni, Chaimu and Ishanga who had gone underground for few days, showed up at the stockade and left immediately after taking enough water. On the way to the mud bath, the juniors were joined by Olare’s herd that consisted of Olare, Murka, Kibo, Kitirua, Melia, Tumaren, Chemi chemi, Kalama and Naisula. At mud bath, the group was joined by six wild bulls. The mud bath was brief and immediately after getting enough of wallowing, the groups parted ways. The sun was still hot and Suguta with Laragai opted to feed under the same tree. Kanjoro and Bongo were feeding a distance away from the others as they made plans of how they could dodge the keepers. It appears that the two boys didn't agree over the plan to use and later returned to join their friends.  

Kanjoro pushing Teleki

Turkwel and Orwa relaxing

Makireti coming for lucerne

Chemi chemi near the mud bath

Orphans, ex-orphans and wild elephants


It was a very cool and quiet morning today when we woke up and found a big group of wild elephants with our ex-orphans outside the stockade waiting for water. We immediately opened the valve and water started flowing down to the two troughs simultaneously. Among the group we had the immediate ex-orphans Kibo, Kandecha, Olare, Chemi chemi, Kilaguni, Chaimu, Makireti, Kasigau, Kilabasi, Ishanga, Kitirua and Naisula with Wendi's group. They drank water and left.

The orphans on the other side politely ate their lucerne and near to them were Olare’s group, who joined them later for water. We left with the orphans to the bush for browsing but we were followed by a group of ex-orphans with Lualeni and Ololoo among them. Ololoo was browsing next to Bongo and was enjoying a ‘rubbing shoulders’ game. Kanjoro later join them and the whole group started walking towards the mudbath.

By midday and mud bath time it had become very hot and the babies all ran into the mudhole and started thrashing around enjoying themselves. No one came out without mud covering their entire body. Later they all ran towards the trough to drink water, and then ambled away to concentrate on feeding. Later we had big 5 big bulls come to the mudbath to drink water, after which they left. Back in the stockade, we also had a big group of ex-orphans and wild elephants come late in the evening, with Wendi among them. 

Chemi Chemi having a drink of water


Ololoo and Lualeni


The partially independent group was at the stockade compound early in the morning. Orwa was happy to have the group around since it meant strength testing exercises were inevitable. Orwa started his games with Kibo but soon after he was defeated. He decided to go and relax, thinking of which technique to apply so as to overpower Kibo another time. Meanwhile, Kibo, after flooring Orwa, met with Suguta that he tried to fight. Suguta showed Orwa that he was only a boy and he was supposed to show respect; he pushed Orwa away. Kibo walked further away and met with Vuria where he tried to take the lucerne that Vuria was eating. Vuria wasn't happy about it and so carried his lucerne and ran away. Kibo didn't know what to do next but after turning, he met with Sities and decided to vent his anger on her. Sities tried to defend herself but she was overpowered. Kibo even went to the extent of attempting to mount Sities too.

Kasigau had a light pushing game with Kitirua and a short while later, the ex-orphans showed up. The first thing that came to Orwa's mind was to get one of the ex-orphans for further training. Orwa settled on Meibai who taught him some new pushing tactics. After finishing his lessons with Orwa, Meibai met with Suguta and had a brief strength testing exercise before moving on to drink water. Orwa met with Melia and opted to put into practice what he had learned from her earlier. Melia didn't give Orwa a chance to play with her for long though. She pushed Orwa away so as to attend to more important things, such as feeding.

At the time of leaving for browsing, the herd split into four groups. The orphans led by Mutara headed to Kone; the ex orphans led by Yatta headed west towards mud bath, while the partially independent group split into two. One group of ten was led by Olare whilst Chaimu led the orphans originally rescued from Tsavo West. These included Makireti, Kasigau, Kilabasi, Kilaguni and Ishanga. Only time will tell if this is another alliance in the making since Makireti leads a group of three while Chaimu leads another group of three. In the field Lemoyian, Bomani and Vuria teamed up together in browsing while Sities browsed with her Garzi as the rest of the herd scattered across the field. Prior to the arrival of the orphans at mud bath, baboons were ruling the area. As soon as Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga arrived at mud bath, they spotted the baboons and walked towards them with their ears raised. The baboons saw the orphans approaching and slowly started to leave to avoid a confrontation. Orwa, turkwel, Barsilinga and Lemoyian boycotted the wallowing exercise. Orwa stood under a nearby acacia tree waiting for his friends to finish whatever they were doing so as to go back to the browsing field. After mud bath, Shukuru and Sities participated in soil dusting and on their way to the browsing field, Sities found a suitable tree that she used to scratch her buttocks.

In the afternoon, the sun was still hot and Teleki decided to relax under a tree that had a good shade while Bomani and Barsilinga shared shade under a different tree. In the evening, Olare’s group in the company of four wild bulls reported at the stockade for water. Later the herd of the Tsavo West orphans, Makireti and Chaimu groups, showed up at the stockade and joined up with Olare’s.  

Orwa plays with Kibo

Kasigau plays with Kitirua






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