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The ex orphans arrived at the stockade compound early before dawn and lay down to sleep. It was a wonderful sight with all these huge heaps on the ground totally comfortable and relaxed knowing full well they are totally safe here. In the morning, the partially independent group arrived too and checked on their friend Suguta who is still spending her nights in the stockade, but recovering well. The partially independent group consisted of Kalama, Naisula, Kibo, Kitirua, Tumaren, Kandecha, Olare, Chemi chemi, Melia and Murka. Both the ex orphans and the partially independent orphan group
joined the juniors today. Chyulu browsed close to her favourite Lemoyian while Teleki browsed with Wendi.

An hour later, the ex orphans parted ways with the juniors. After Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian took their milk, Lemoyian headed towards the water hole where he encountered two warthogs. Lemoyian with his ears raised charged and single handedly managed to chase the warthogs away. Barsilinga who has never shown an interest in wallowing, stood under an acacia tree that he likes so much. He was joined by Lemoyian and later Kainuk. Big boy Rapsu checked in at mudbath and headed straight for wallowing.

Rapsu's action attracted Garzi, Bongo, Shukuru, Teleki, Kanjoro and Laragai. Laragai went to the opposite side where she had her privacy and wallowed without any disturbance. Mutara waited until everyone left the mudbath. She considers herself as a grown up and she didn't want to share a bath with kids and a grown up boy who in this case happened to be Rapsu. Kainuk and Orwa had a light pushing game that ended when they saw Rapsu approaching. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the upper Kalovoto area where they scattered each trying to get enough food before sunset.  

Vuria sniffs at Wendi at the stockade

Barsilinga plays with Kainuk


It was a lovely morning as the orphans were joined by Murka, Naisula, Kitirua, Napasha, Challa and two junior wild bulls soon after leaving the stockade.

Turkwel had a nice time playing with Murka as Sities and her friend Garzi stood under the only remaining acacia tree at the stockade compound. Shortly after the orphans left for browsing, ten wild elephants passed near the stockade compound on the way to Kalovoto. Only four out of the ten wild elephants came to drink water at the stockade water trough.

In the browsing field, Orwa engaged Kainuk in a pushing game and as usual Orwa bowed out of the game. Orwa walked over to Naisula and tried to get some new pushing tactics from her by engaging Naisula in a strength testing exercise. Bongo and his playmate Vuria met in a shrub that had attracted them due to its nice leaves. It's only then the two boys realized that they had not greeted each other since morning. Their greetings always consist of pushing and shoving. The two boys went into a tussle that lasted for some time. At the end, their game ended into a draw with neither getting the better of the other.

At mudbath, Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga had a private session under an acacia tree to review how life has been to them ever since they relocated to
Ithumba. Later, they parted ways with Kithaka heading to join their other friends while Barsilinga headed to another tree to lean against. Orwa stood close to Mutara where he communicated to her through touch. The weather was chilly and only Bongo, Narok, Laragai and Kanjoro participated in wallowing.

Later, Teleki picked a piece of stick that he used to scratch his chest. In the afternoon, Lemoyian spent most of the time feeding close Barsilinga.
Towards evening, Orwa, Sities, Barsilinga, Bongo and Kainuk took a break from feeding and spent a good long time soil bathing.

Murka and Turkwel play in the morning

Bongo and Vuria exchange morning greetings

Mutara browsing in the bush


Vuria and Garzi left the stockade with branches in their mouths which they finally dropped once they arrived at the browsing field. Kainuk paired with
Orwa while Narok, Bongo and Garzi fed together. Sities scratched her belly on a rock she came across while feeding.

At mud bath time, a junior wild bull came to the water trough. Barsilinga and Narok were brave enough to join the bull in drinking water. For Barsilinga who was orphaned as an infant these encounters are significant, as he has not been
exposed before coming to Ithumba to big and wild elephants. Instinct has kicked in as he appears to be totally unperturbed and enjoying every minute of these encounters.

Only Laragai and Bongo participated in mudbathing. Our water baby Bongo can never resist. Bongo and Laragai headed for soil dusting after their mudbath as Barsilinga walked to relax under a tree that with good shade having left the wild visitor.

Back in the browsing field, the sun was hot and Suguta, Lemoyian and Teleki decided to relax under a tree waiting for the temperatures to drop before continuing to feed. The rest of afternoon was quiet but in the evening, Olare, Naisula, Kitirua,
Ishanga, Tumaren, Melia, Kandecha, Kibo, Chemi chemi, Murka and Kalama came for water at the stockade to check on their best friend Suguta. Tumaren and Kandecha's wounds were washed and
clay applied.

Yatta's and Mulika's groups reported later just as the light was fading and they were in the company of two wild elephants.

Orwa plays with Kainuk at the compound

Laragai enjoys a mud bath


Napasha, Chyulu, Tomboi, Buchuma and Madiba were at the stockade compound in the morning. When the gates opened for the juniors, Chyulu went straight
into the stockade to say hi to Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga.

Napasha stood at the main gate facing the stockade. Narok was the first one to leave the stockade but to her surprise, Napasha was standing at the gate. Narok did a quick calculation and knew that if she tried to pass, she could well be pushed by this magnificent big ex orphan bull. She approached Napasha with her trunk raised and Napasha responded by raising his own. Narok kept Napasha busy as she tried to put her trunk in Napasha's mouth. The other juniors that were behind Narok got a chance to pass quickly and they headed to the water trough.

After drinking water, ex orphan Chyulu led the juniors to the browsing field and then spent time feeding close by and keeping Shukuru company. By 7am the juniors and Suguta were joined by Suguta’s herd Chemi chemi, Kalama, Kandecha, Naisula, Olare, Tumaren, Melia, Kibo, Ishanga, Murka, Kitirua, Kilaguni, Chaimu, Lualeni and Ololoo.

Later, Lualeni led the partially independent group to the stockade water trough where Kandecha' and Tumaren's wounds were washed a second time and green clay applied. The keepers tried to take Tumaren and Kandecha to join the juniors once again
but they refused. Instinctively they know their wounds are not serious and do not require the attention that Suguta has so willingly complied with.

On the way to the mudbath, the juniors were joined by the ex orphans Buchuma, Tomboi, Rapsu and Loijuk. Naisula engaged Teleki in a pushing game while Kalama and Garzi had a strength testing exercise. The sun was hot and Garzi, Narok, Loijuk, Ololoo, Rapsu, Tomboi, Lualeni, Suguta, Buchuma and Kandecha had a great time wallowing. Kilaguni considers himself a grown up and always keeps company these day with the big boys Tomboi and Rapsu.

After mudbath, Kithaka joined Naisula and Kalama hiding under a tree due to high temperatures. Tomboi headed for red soil dusting as Loijuk and Rapsu headed in an opposite direction for the
same exercise. Olare took Lemoyian and Barsilinga to a fallen tree where they started scratching their bellies in turns. The juniors were escorted
back to the stockade by their seniors. After two hours of feeding together at Kanziku area, Lualeni led the seniors away. The keepers tried to convince
the partially independent group to stay with the juniors but they didn't listen and followed Lualeni instead.

In the evening on the way back to the stockade, the juniors met with Yatta's group. Chyulu joined the juniors and escorted Kithaka, Lemoyian and Barsilinga back to the stockade. She along with Sidai and Lenana is paying special attention to the lucky little newcomers who are basking in it.

Narok greets Napasha in the morning

Rapsu enjoying a mudbath with the juniors


After leaving the stockade, Shukuru and Orwa went up to a hilly rocky area near the stockade where they settled to feed on green shrubs growing on the hill. Suguta who is still admitted into the stockade and walks with the juniors every day as she is still recovering from arrow wounds, steered the orphans towards Kanziku area where the orphans settled to browse. Shukuru teamed up with Teleki and Mutara for browsing while Lemoyian browsed close to his friend Barsilinga, Shukuru stopped for her normal soil dusting session before resuming to browse.

At mudbath time, Narok and Orwa had a light strength testing exercise while Kithaka used a tree stump to scratch his itchy feet and Laragai played a lone game of rolling on the ground. As the orphans were preparing to leave, Mulika's, Yatta's and Lualeni's groups started trickling in. Teleki and Bongo had a strength testing game whilst Chyulu and Lenana went straight to check on Lemoyian. Orwa was totally unbothered by the presence of the ex-orphans as he relaxed under a tree with good shade. Even Half trunk passed close to Orwa but Orwa only raised his trunk to say hi to him and continued to enjoy the cool shade.

Wendi sniffed at Kithaka and pushed him
aside as she headed to the water trough. Bongo discontinued his game with Teleki to join a wild bull at the water trough before walking away to join his friends. Teleki went to relieve Vuria who was having a pushing game with Ololoo. Upon seeing Teleki, Vuria quit the game to give Teleki the chance to test his strength with Ololoo. Lenana and Chyulu took Lemoyian back to the mudbath, but Lemoyian wasn't interested in wallowing and so they took him back to join his friends. In the afternoon, the orphans returned to the Kanziku area as the ex-orphans in the company of ten wild bulls headed towards Kone.

In the evening, Olare's group consisting of Murka, Naisula and Kitirua visited the stockade water trough and left shortly after drinking enough water.

Suguta looking well

Shukuru enjoying a soil dusting session

Ololoo plays with Teleki




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