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This morning the stockade dependant orphans teamed up in groups of friends and played games around the stockade compound before heading out to browse. It is quickly becoming quite dry and the orphan’s moved slowly making sure to get as much vegetation as they could until it was time for the noon milk feed and mud bath.

Today Panda introduced a dust bathing game while out in the fields and tried to entice the others to join her, but they were reluctant to do so as they were fixated on their browsing activities. The orphan herd visited the baobab mud bath in the afternoon in groups of five, downing their milk bottle before having a drink of water after which they enjoyed.

Laikipia came to join the juniors at the mud bath and they came running out of the water upon seeing him approaching as at first they did not know it was him. When they realized it was their Ex Orphan friend they came to greet him with Ndii and Ishaq-B getting particularly close. Later the dependent orphans returned to the browsing fields while Laikipia made his way to the Mzima Spring-Mombasa water pipe line area.

Laikipia visits the orphans at mud bath

Ishaq-B and Ndii greeting Laikipia

Laikipia scratches against a tree after mud bath


The stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoyed their milk and supplement foods before engaging in some brief games at the stockade compound after which they headed to the browsing grounds.

Three hours after their departure, Emily and Lesanju’s herds arrived at the stockade and had a drink of clean water from the water trough. Kivuko was seen following little Neptune around as Lempaute rubbed her itchy bottom against the rocks at the stockade compound. It has been more than three weeks since Emily’s herd last visited the stockade and the keepers were happy to see them. A few minutes after they walked out to the Park, Laikipia arrived together with Taveta. Taveta was bouncing along, swinging his trunk from side to side. The two later followed the other Ex Orphans out to the park.

Kivuko with Neptune

Laikipia and Taveta arrive stockades

Lempaute scratches bottoms


The first to arrive at the stockades this morning was Lesanju and Lempaute and went straight to the water trough for a drink. A few minutes after their arrival they were followed by Tassia and Mweya with Laikipia, Thoma and baby Thor coming in soon after. Thor enjoyed a scratching session against a rock and the group returned to the browsing fields after quenching their thirst.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants exited their stockades after the seven visiting Ex Orphans had left. They downed their milk and then headed to the browsing field where they fed in single file, visiting the baobab waterhole in the afternoon where they had fun playing mud bathing games. Bada went to the center of the pool where he rolled around in the water. Kenia admired his game for a few minutes before joining him. Ndii sat on the walls of the hole and slid into the water. The afternoon was spent browsing until it was time to return to the stockades for the night. 

Inca having a good scratch

Baba centre of attention at mud-bath

Kenia admires Bada's games


The morning started with the stockade dependant orphans gulping down their morning milk bottle and settling for the supplement feeding. They later played some hide and seek games followed by soil dusting games around the stockade compound.

Soon after the juniors left for the browsing fields Emily’s herd arrived at the stockade. Among the group was Laikipia, Ndara, Tassia, Lempaute, Sinya, Dabassa, Layoni and Kivuko. The Ex Orphans enjoyed a drink of clean water from the stockade water trough after which they had a wonderful time relaxing around the stockade compound.

Wasessa engaged Dabassa in a wrestling match while Mzima took on Rombo. Sweet Sally leaned against a rock for a scratching session before giving way for Seraa to do the same after which they headed to the browsing fields.

Sweet Sally scratching on a rock

Kivuko playing with Emma

Mashariki and Ajali find a quiet browsing spot


The morning was good with the earliest callers of the stockade being Laikipia escorted by Lempaute, Sinya and Kivuko. Laikipia had been absent when Emily and Ndara’s herds visited the stockades a few weeks ago and the keepers were happy to see that he was well. The four had a drink from the stockade waterhole after which they headed back to the park.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants who had rumbled a greeting to the Ex Orphans while they finished their milk and supplement feeding soon followed their older friends catching up with them on the northern side of the stockade. The juniors surrounded Laikipia who felt very much like a hero as they all came up to touch and greet him. He then headed to the Voi River to browse followed by Lempaute, Sinya and Kivuko.

Nelion, Bada, Mudanda and Rorogoi

Arruba browsing

Kenia with Panda




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