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Just after 11am this morning as the public visitors were lining up the see the elephant feeding, little baby Maarifa emerged from the bushes with her Keepers to enjoy her short visit to the mud bath area. None of the visitors were expecting to see her, and as she walked down with her two Keepers either side of her all eyes were on her. Maarifa walked slowly along the rope cordon and was not bothered by any of the visitors, then she decided to climb up one of the piles of loose soil and lie there, enjoying the warmth of the soil that had been warmed by the hot sun. She rolled around to warm every part of her body, but accidentally ended up rolling down the whole pile of soil so she landed on her bottom beside the soil. When she was done covering herself with dust, she ran out with her Keepers back out to the forest  


Jotto, Maktao, Maisha and Emoli



The little baby rhino Maarifa is growing up fast and becoming strong. She is very playful and this was witnessed as soon as she came out of her stable this morning – she came running out so fast and ran towards the staff canteen door, then made a u-turn towards the milk mixing area. She ran over and started disrupting the Keepers there who were busy shining their boots. She tried to step on the floor in the milk mixing area but it was too slippery for her to move across. Her Keeper walked over to her to get her attention and finally she decided to follow him and walk off into the nearby bushes. 



Out in the bush together


It was a fun time for all the orphans when they went to the public visiting hour today. Baby rhino Maarifa was the first one to arrive as usual and she spent a short time rolling around in the dust in the mud bath area. She got up and then ran towards the visitors who were standing on the other side of the rope, who stood back as the Keepers swiftly guided her back into the feeding area. After her mud bath she didn’t want to leave the area, as it was so hot and she was having so much fun. She was still there as the first group of orphans started to arrive and also went to cool off in the mud bath.

Larro had her separate mud bath to the side to avoid her getting stuck in the main mud pool. She did not enjoy it all alone and had Maisha and Sattao there looking after her and joining her there for her bath.





Ambo is crazy for the Lucerne pellets; he loves them so much he will try all means and ways to play tricks on the Keepers and to find his way to the Lucerne pellet store and help himself. Today as the orphans made their way out to the forest in the morning, Ambo sneaked back to the store area three separate times. He goes behind Dololo’s stable and manages to stretch his trunk through the bars to the pellets. Whenever he shows up there it is never an easy job to drive him back to the herd either.

When baby Maarifa came down to the public visiting hour today, she was not interested with quietly walking along the line and saying hello to the visitors as she normally does, but instead today she came running down and straight to the heap of loose soil where she started rolling in the dust. She later then went close to the mud pool and lay down on her tummy next to the edge of the pool. The Keeper started splashing her with mud and after having enough of that she went back to the soil to have a dust bath. She rolled a couple of times before running back out to the forest at high speed.

At the stockades in the evening, Maktao stole all of Kiasa’s greens and pulled them over to his room through the partition. The Keeper kept trying to pull some back for Kiasa to feed on and Maktao kept pulling it back!

Ambo browsing




It wasn’t a very fun morning for Maarifa and Kiko this morning as they had to stay in the compound as a pride of lions had been spotted close by. Maarifa normally leaves for her day out in the forest as soon as the sun comes up, albeit not with the elephant orphans, but today she had to hang back. Kiko had to stay in the compound for most of the morning until he was fighting to go out around 3pm, and this was only allowed once we had confirmed the lions had gone.

Kiasa has been kept back at feeding times for quite some time so she does not cause a scene when the others are trying to have their milk as well, but today she managed to sneak ahead. As the orphans were coming home in the evening she managed to sneak off with Tamiyoi, who loves to be the first one to arrive home, and race her back to the stockades. She ran so fast that she managed to beat Tamiyoi back today!







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