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It’s the last day of the year and it was another sunny day. The babies were engaged in all different activities. Some, like Sattao, Kiasa, Musiara, Maisha and Maktao were playing push and pull games. Some of the big girls like Kuishi, Sagala and Tagwa were pulling and picking branches from the tops of some small trees. The biggest Nursery boys, Jotto and Ambo, were basking in the sun. Kiko was enjoying as usual from the tops of the trees nearby. The playful girls Malima and Tamiyoi were play-chasing him around as he tried to browse. He was enjoying all the different leaves, and at once stage bent low so he could sample some of the tasty ones from a smaller shrub as well. Tiny Maarifa was warming her little body in the sun as well, as her Keepers stood by her and watched for her safety as she took a little nap. The year of 2018 ended well for all the little orphans in the Nairobi Nursery.  

Tagwa at the 9am feed

Sattao with a mouthful of grass

Malima catching a wild scent


Since we have had a break from the rains over the past few days, the temperature has soared and it has become really hot. All their babies have enjoyed playing in the mud bath recently as a result. At public visiting time today the orphans drank their bottles in a hurry and rushed into the water hole, everyone that is except for Dololo who did not look interested in having a bath, and that is perhaps because he needs to get his strength up. Instead he lightly sprinkled water on his body using his trunk, directly onto his body. Enkesha, Musiara, Emoli and Maisha were the first to get into the muddy pool, submerging their bodies as they enjoyed the bath. Kiasa, as usual, always wants everyone to notice her and she began splashing the muddy water with her trunk and then sucking and spraying over her back, some of which reached the visitors behind, dotting them with muddy splashes! 

Enkesha running to the 9am feed

Oprhans at the 9am feed

Orphans explore the forest


At milk feeding times, Musiara is always more relaxed than the others and is always just sure that his share will be waiting for him at the other end. He always walks in slowly, whereas the others don’t delay or hesitate to run in for their share. Today we watched a race between Maisha, Emoli, Tamiyoi and Maktao as they all came in to go to bed. Tamiyoi is known for her speed as she always out runs everyone, especially to the stockades – she wants to try and grab some of Maxwell’s pellets on the way past as well! Today things were slightly different however, as Tamiyoi was ahead of the group for the morning feed, but as soon as they reached the open area before the stockades, everyone else gained pace and Emoli who was right at the back, ended up over taking them all. Tamiyoi and Maisha tried their best to catch him up but all in vain. They got to the feeding point with Emoli first, then Maktao, Tamiyoi and Maisha last to arrive.

When the second group of seven elephants were on their way down for the same milk feed, a male impala jumped out of a bush and scared the group. They split up and Tagwa, Sagala, Kuishi and Jotto arrived at the milk feeding point first with their ears still raised and still slightly scared. They finished their milk and were still in the same jittery mood when a warthog tried to join them at the mud bath area. Tagwa wasn’t in the mood and chased the poor chap away from the scene!

Musiara browsing with Mukkoka

A very eager Tamiyoi waiting for 11am feed

Maxwell on his pile of lucerne


Maarifa has been attending the public visit for the first few minutes every day recently. She is such a sweet and tiny girl. She certainly enjoys playing with her Keepers and running after them. She is the size of a little warthog and we think the warthogs enjoy hanging around her too. Today she was lying in the long grass in the forest and two young warthogs approached her and decided to take a nap next to her too! When she woke up and started walking around, they too woke up and started following her, walking back to the stockade compound area with her. The warthogs then slipped through into Maxwell’s pen to eat some of his lucerne pellets, while she stood on the outside waiting. Then Maarifa was called back by her Keepers into the forest, and she left her friends behind. When she attended the public visit today, it was fun to see her trying to climb on the piles of loose soil.

The elephants also had fun in the mud bath area today, with the piles of soil. Maktao, Maisha, Kiasa, Enkesha and Dololo especially were thrilled, as they did not want to mud bath. For them is was also about the dust bath, and Maktao was the lead as far as this game was concerned. Tamiyoi, Mukkoka and Musiara were more interested in feeding on the greens.

Maarifa running back to her Keeper

Malima scratching her eye

Tagwa with Mukkoka by her side


During the public visiting time today, Maisha and Emoli were the most active by far. After finishing her milk, Maisha was in a playful mood, and approached Enkesha for a game. Enkesha was not interested however and paid little attention to her. She went to try her luck with Musiara, but he just ran away, afraid that Maisha was going to bully him as she sometimes does. Emoli was standing to the side, watching his old friend make attempts to play with the others. She eventually walked over to engage him in a game, and he did not hesitate to oblige as he loves playing games when he is in a good mood too. The two had lots of fun, chasing each other around, wrestling and climbing on each other too. Meanwhile, Kiasa and Maktao had a lot of fun rolling around in the mud pool. They shared the same spot too, without fighting each other as they normally do.

Dololo is adapting to the Nursery routine very well and is happily coming back home with the rest of the herd in the evening. Today he came back with Musiara behind him, and they walked in splendidly with no worries, and into their respective rooms for the night.

Kiasa with a mouthful of grass

Mapia plucking grass

Kuishi running down to the 11am feed




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