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Napasha, Kinna, Galana, Tomboi, Sunyei, Meibai, Nasalot, Makena, Naserian, Chyulu, Lenana, Yatta, Ithumbah, Sidai, Mulika, Mwende and Yetu reported at the stockade in the morning. It was lovely to meet up with this group of ex orphans. Nasalot stood at the main entrance and welcomed the juniors one by one as they left the stockade. Narok was the first one to respond to the warm greetings. Mutara left with a branch in her mouth and avoided Nasalot knowing that if she passed she might well loose her branch to Nasalotís persuasive way. The orphans shared water with the ex orphans and shortly after left for browsing. Sities browsed back to back with Teleki while Kainuk teamed up with Garzi in browsing. At one time Garzi rumbled when Kainuk pushed him out of the way and in no time Sities came running in response of the rumble. She inserted her trunk in Garzi's mouth telling him not to worry about the pushing and gave Kainuk stern body language.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, the temperatures were high despite having heavy rain clouds obscuring the sky. The orphans headed straight for wallowing soon after taking their milk. Only Orwa today refrained from the water, but instead joined three wild bulls at the water trough and fraternized with them for some time. It was not long before the others joined Orwa in sharing water with the bulls. Shukuru started the afternoon by soil dusting while Teleki just stood nearby watching. Narok who was feeding close to Kanjoro tried to snatch grass from Kanjoro's mouth but he resisted. The day ended with some rain clouds obscuring the sky but sadly no rain fell.  

Kainuk at the mud bath

3 wild bulls at the mud bath

Kanjoro joining the wild bulls for water

Shukuru soil dusting


Ex orphan Lualeni arrived today with some new ex orphans in tow, Zurura, Kenze, Sidai, Loijuk, Makena, Taita, Kilaguni, Chaimu and Tomboi arrived early in the morning at the stockade compound. They joined the juniors in feeding on some lucerne. Ololoo, who has been Lualeni's favourite for many years, was missing in action. Only Ololoo can tell us whether it is Lualeni that has abandoned him or if its Ololoo that has abandoned Lualeni and what the cause for their separation could be. Ololoo is around, so nothing sinister has happened, but it is remarkable how we are seeing this parting of ways. Is it permanent or temporary; for us it is only time that will tell.

Later on Kilaguni and Chaimu went their own way leaving the rest at the stockade compound. Garzi and Bomani, who of late have become firm play mates, engaged each other in a pushing game that went on for quite some time until it ended in a draw. Kainuk had her own game of rolling on the ground. Tomboi escorted the juniors to the browsing field. the orphans settled to browse at the eastern side of the Ithumba hill, a bushy area with a slightly better pastures.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Mutara and Kanjoro were reluctant to go to the mud bath for some reason. The others hurriedly raced for their midday milk, but these two lagged behind, only reporting at mud twenty minutes later. Laragai was the first one to get into the mud followed by Bongo before the rest followed later.

Today only Mutara and Orwa didn't step into the mud bath water. Noise from a passing lorry scared Laragai who was soil dusting near the road. Teleki and Turkwel opted to scratch against the nearby trees before Shukuru led the group back to the browsing field. The afternoon was cloudy as the orphans browsed as they headed towards Kanziku area. The area is dry and the orphans concentrated on breaking and feeding the top soft parts of the shrubs. The evening was sunny and the orphans passed at mud bath where they found three wild bulls having a wallow. As soon as the wild elephants saw the orphans and got wind of the Keepers, they fled away so these bulls were obviously new to the area, unfamiliar with the Keepers and their charges. This evening Shukuru led the way back to the stockade. Lualeni, Tomboi, Meibai, Makena, Ithumbah, Sidai, Rapsu, Zurura and Loijuk showed up at the the stockade shortly before five o'clock in the evening. Big boys Zurura and Tomboi spent some time pushing one another and later left to an undisclosed location.  

Zurura visiting the stockades

Kainuk playing in the dirt

Wild elephants leaving the mud bath at speed

Lualeni scratching herself


Five junior wild bulls under the leadership of Kijana a wild bull who has spent so much time with our orphans that we have given him a name, were taking water at the stockade water trough when the dependent orphans left the stockade. As soon as the juniors settled for lucerne, Kijana joined his little friends with another wild friend, but the three elephants disappeared into the bush when they saw the Keepers. Vuria, Teleki and Garzi surrounded Kijana and shared lucerne with him as the other orphans tried to avoid him for fear of being pushed. Laragai that was feeding a few metres away, saw the three boys having a good time with Kijana and decided to come and join them. When she joined them, Laragai pushed Garzi away and to show dissatisfaction of Laragai's action, Teleki and Vuria took Garzi and left to drink water. Laragai was uncomfortable having been left with the two wild bulls and so she soon left to join her colleagues.

Shortly after the orphans left for browsing, Mulikaís group arrived, consisting of Mulika, with her wild born baby Mwende, Kinna, Nasalot, Galana, Naserian, Galana, Meibai, Wendi, Makena, Loijuk, Lualeni, Ololoo, Rapsu, Orok and Lenana checked in at the stockade compound. It appears that Lualeni has dissolved her group. For the past few days she has been seen in Mulika and Yatta's groups but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few months. Later at the browsing field, Sities took a break from feeding and performed a soil dusting exercise. She resumed to browse later when she had enough of her soil dusting. Mutara concentrated on the shrubs with green leaves while bongo fed on whichever good shrub and grass that happened to be on his way.

At mud bath time, only Bongo the water boy and Teleki participated in wallowing. The rest went up to the water trough where they spent allot of time in drinking water. Bongo joined them and as if he had not taken enough bath, he started splashing water behind her ears. Sities wasn't happy about what Bongo was doing and so she pointed him with her trunk to stop him from wasting water. Sities forgot that she is the worst together with Mutara when it comes to wasting water. they sometimes even get into the water trough and start kicking the water using their dirty feet. Bongo didn't take her seriously and did two more splashes then went to scratch against the nearby acacia trees where Teleki was still doing the same exercise. In the afternoon, the sun was hot and Sities, Narok and Kanjoro converged under a tree while continuously flapping their ears. On the way back to the stockade, Shukuru led the first group, Narok led the second group while bongo led the last group. Inside the stockade, Orwa pushed Teleki when he stepped on the coconut Orwa was feeding on.

Kijana and wild friend

Vuria and wild elephants enjoying the lucerne

Teleki scratching on a tree stump


Lualeni, Taita, Ololoo and Makena joined the juniors in the morning. Bomani welcomed Makena and Taita by stretching his trunk towards them. Bomani and Garzi were respectful to Taita, stepping aside to let him pass. Ololoo had a brief strength testing exercise with Orwa before Taita intervened and pushed the two boys away. Shukuru, Bomani and Turkwel had scratched on rocks before leaving to browse. An hour later, Ololoo, Lualeni and Taita departed, leaving Makena to lead the juniors to the mud bath where Kanjoro, Shukuru, Laragai, Bongo, Teleki, Vuria and Narok had along wallow. The rest opted for soil dusting. After soil dusting, Orwa went to scratch against a nearby tree but Makena then wanted to scratch on use the same tree so Orwa had no option but to give way to her. After Makena, Teleki stepped in and also scratched for some time. The afternoon was hot and all the orphans converged under a tree to hide from the scorching sun. In the evening, the orphans went past the mud bath for an evening wallow.  

Makena joined the orphans in the morning

Orwa playing with Ololoo


In morning most of the orphans started the day with scratching exercises. Kanjoro, Bongo, Vuria, Orwa and Shukuru lined up to scratch against the same tree.
At the browsing field the orphans were joined by Makena, who was limping slightly due to a sprain. Nothing serious but it was clear she was in some discomfort. Orwa, Teleki and Vuria surrounded her and sniffed and touched her seemingly concerned and very conscious that something had happened to her. After a while, Vuria and Teleki moved back to continue with browsing but Orwa was left with Makena and they communicated through touching, later having a gentle friendly pushing game. Shortly afterwards Lualeni and Tomboi joined the juniors and spent the morning with them and then escorted them to the mud bath. With Lualeni around the Keepers have to be on their toes watching out for baby snatching! Lualeni loves to take the babies into the semi independent groups, but this is not ideal when they are still milk dependent.
At 11am the weather was chilly and the orphans just drank and soil dusted. As the orphans were soil dusting, Mulika, Yatta and Lualeniís groups, in the company of six wild elephants, showed up at the mud bath. Vuria and Bongo entwined their trunks for a few minutes and then the dependent orphans withdrew from the ex orphans and headed off to the slopes of the Ithumba hill where they settled to browse.

Bongo scratching

Teleki and Garzi welcoming Makena

Orwa stayed with Makena

Tomboi having a dust bath

Vuria playing with Bongo




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