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Galana, baby Gawa, wendi, baby Wiva, Chyulu, Lenana, Nasalot, baby Nusu, Makena, Orwa, Bomani, Sidai and Narok joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning. A lone buffalo showed up for water at the stockade in the morning. As the buffalo settled for water Tusuja and Kamok spotted it and tried to charge. The buffalo stood its ground making Kamok and Tusuja retreat. Kamok met with Gawa and tried to scare her, something that left everyone wondering what sort of mother would she become when she grows up! Initially the girls are supposed to be good nannies and guardians to the young since at one point they will be mothers and they should learn early how to be when the time comes. Tusuja had a lone game of rolling on the ground as Laragai, Kithaka, Barsilinga, Garzi, Lemoyian, Siangiki and Olsekki left with the Ex Orphans. Boromoko and Sokotei were not seen in the morning but by noon they had come back and joined Laragai. Sirimon decided not to join the Ex Orphans but instead stuck with the dependent orphans. At mud bath time, Roi, who has become so greedy for milk, decided to play a trick on the keepers. After having her milk, Roi stood a short distance away sucking her trunk and pretending to be a good girl. As the keepers got themselves busy on feeding the next group, Roi tiptoed up and managed to grab a bottle of milk from the ground. The keepers shouted and told her to stop but she didnít listen and guzzled all the milk before one of the keepers could retrieve the bottle from Roi's mouth. Roi wasnít disappointed but just noted somewhere that next time she should have the perfect plan to make sure that she empties all the contents in the bottle before she gets caught. 

Chyulu eating

Gawa begging from her mum

Zurura playing with Garzi

Naseku with baby Nusu

Roi snatching a bottle!


Galla left with a branch in his mouth and soon as he was out, Roi requested him to break a piece for her. Galla resisted by walking away and pretended not to have heard Roi's request. Roi was angered by Galla's behavior and Roi quickened her steps and managed to catch up with him. Roi pulled the branch from Galla's mouth. Galla had no option other than to let go since he didn't want to invite the wrath of Roi, given that they share a stockade at night. Six wild elephants were drinking water at the stockade water trough as the orphans settled for lucerne. One wild elephant that had a three month old baby joined the orphans to feed. Shortly later, the wild mother and her baby left while the orphans headed towards Hyena Hill which is north west of stockade.

At around seven o'clock in the morning, the keepers herd some noise of elephants coming from the lower Kalovoto area and thought that it was the normal noise from female elephants being chased by bulls. Kauro settled to feed with Rapa. At around ten thirty in morning, the unexpected happened. At a distance Makena, Rapsu, Enkikwe and Tumaren approached the orphans with Makena paying so much attention to Enkikwe. The keepers walked to check why Makena was paying so much attention to him and to their shock, Enkikwe was bleeding on his right hind leg, neck and at the back. On top of his back one could see lions fur left behind after the attack. It appears that the way Makena was behaving she was the one who saved Enkikwe, assisted by Rapsu and Tumaren. The three were escorting him back to the stockade where they knew very well that he would get the much needed help. Laragai and her group checked in shortly later and together with the juniors and the keeperís, they escorted Enkikwe to the stockade when he was put to wait for the vet to come and attend to his injuries.

In the afternoon, Makena left with Tumaren, Rapsu and Laragaiís group. An hour later Makena felt that the juniors needed protection and went looking for them. She finally located them on the eastern side of Ithumba Hill. Makena stayed with the dependent orphans until evening and after escorted them together with their keepers back to the stockade. At the stockade compound, Makena found that she couldn't access where Enkikwe was staying and so raised her trunk, rumbling to Enkikwe to inquire if he was okay. Enkikwe responded by thanking Makena for her help and assured her that he was in safe hands. Makena then left after being reassured by Enkikwe.

Suguta, Kalama and Barsilinga

Poor Enkikwe

Rapsu and Makena checking on Enkikwe

Enkikwe after treatment

Makena with the orphans


Narok, Orwa, Bomani and Vuria spent the night outside the stockade. When the orphans were let out in the morning, Olareís group in the company of Galana, Gawa, Makena and Sidai joined them briefly before leaving. Gawa had the opportunity to interact with the orphans for some time before leaving with her mother. She started her game with Rapa and Maramoja before heading to play with Roi. Tusuja engaged Sidai in a pushing game but Sidai was too tall for him. Galla tackled Bomani but quit the game shortly later and moved to get some pushing lessons from Makena.

On the way to browse, Roi played with Boromoko while Oltaiyoni had her own game of rolling on the ground. The orphans were briefly joined by Mutaraís group and Tusuja seized the opportunity to challenge Sities. The no-nonsense Sities, who never entertains small boys, pushed Tusuja out of the way. Shortly later, the junior Ex Orphans left and we did not see them again today. Later Oltaiyoni, Pare and Rapa took a break from feeding to participate in a game of rolling on the ground while Sapalan dusted himself. After mud bath time, Garzi and Kithaka engaged each other in pushing game that ended in a draw.

Roi playing with baby Gawa

Tusuja challenging Sities

Pare, Rapa and Oltaiyoni playing

Garzi and Kithaka playing on the soil pile


Shortly past midnight, Laragai managed to open the gate and all are her friends happily walked out to join Mutara and her group who were relaxing outside. It was the first time that Siangiki, Olsekki, Enkikwe, Sokotei spent half of the night feeding outside. In the morning, they came back with Orwa, Bomani and Narok and briefly joined the juniors for lucerne before heading to the bush. Kauro moved a distance away from the rest where he fed quietly without disturbance, while Namalok took a break from feeding to participate in a wet soil bath. Sapalan held a brief conversation with the cool Shukuru while Boromoko and Olsekki decided that work without play made Jack a dull boy, and so for some time enjoyed a wrestling match that ended in a draw. When the sun became too hot, the independent Kamok found a suitable tree with nice shade where she relaxed for awhile before resuming browsing.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined briefly by Wendi, Lualeni, Loijuk, Zurura, Lenana, Makena, Kilaguni, Chaimu, Ithumbah, Makireti and two wild elephants. Amazingly Wiva, Wendiís baby, was nowhere to be seen and Wendi seemed unfazed; she must have stayed with her other nannies. Galla tried to challenge Makena to a pushing game but Makena was too strong for him, so Galla surrendered by turning and walking away. In the evening, the orphans passed by mud bath where they had an evening cool-off before heading back to the stockade.

Kamok relaxing

Sapalan talking to Shukuru

Naseku and Lualeni

Big Makena playing with Galla


Early before dawn it started raining. Kauro, Sapalan and Namalok woke up to their first morning in Ithumba with a blessing of rain. The ground was very slippery following the 30mm of rain we received early before dawn. Karisa, who isnít very attached to any of the orphans, was the first one to leave the stockade. The orphans made a brief stop at the stockade water troughs where they only played with the water with their trunks, before leaving to browse.

The orphans had fun playing with the wet soil. Sokotei, Kamok, Naseku, Olsekki, Siangiki, Dupotto and Wanjala rolled on the ground as Sapalan stood a distance away watching. Lemoyian joined the group and started climbing on those who were on the ground, but his actions slowly brought the game to an end. Boromoko and Olsekki wrestled with each other but there was no clear winner from their game. Sapalan browsed close to Karisa, and we thought that Karisa might soon have a friend, while Namalok browsed close to the peaceful and gentle Shukuru. Close to the mud bath area, the orphans were briefly joined by Wendi, baby Wiva, Lenana, Chyulu, Makena, Makireti, Kasigau, Kilabasi, Lualeni, Loijuk, Ishanga, a wild orphan and three wild elephants. Lenana and Loijuk interacted with the juniors, trying to find out more about the state of the new comers. Sapalan and Namalok didn't look too bothered by the presence of the Ex Orphans but concentrated on feeding, as Kauro stayed close to his keepers. Garzi invited Ishanga to a pushing game with the intention of learning some new pushing techniques, which he could use on his fellow age mates. Olsekki played with Boromoko but Sirimon tried to intervene by getting in-between, something which angered Olsekki. He stopped the game with Boromoko and ramped up the game with Sirimon. Sirimon couldn't withstand Olsekki and surrendered by running away. Later, Ishanga had a brief conversation with Siangiki as they engaged each other in a light pushing game.

Karisa leaving the stockade first

Sokotei and Kamok playing

Dupotto and Oltaiyoni

Lualeni with the dependent orphans




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