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It was quiet and a peaceful morning when the orphans left the stockade and settled for lucerne. Soon after feeding, Shukuru, who is now feeling a lot better and is active like her friends, led the way to the browsing field. Shukuru settled to feed with Olsekki while Enkikwe teamed up with his greatest friend Siangiki. The weather was cloudy and temperature appetizing as the orphans concentrated mainly on browsing. At mud bath time the Ex Orphans in the company of three wild bulls joined the orphans. The juniors intermingled with the Ex Orphans; Enkikwe engaged Chaimu in a pushing game while Boromoko played with Lemoyian. Barsilinga tried his hand on Makena but ended up losing the game terribly after Makena pushed him so hard he shouted. Garzi engaged Zurura in a light pushing game while Boromoko moved to play with Makena. Makena was gentle with Boromoko and she didn't handle him in the same ruthless manner as with Barsilinga! Laragai kept herself busy by babysitting Gawa. Later, Lemoyian wound up the mud bath activities by engaging Garzi into a strength testing exercise. The orphans parted ways with the Ex Orphans and headed to Kanziku area where they settled to browse for the remaining part of the day. 

Shukuru soil dusting

Chaimu with the orphans

Kithaka with Barsilinga


The sky was partly covered by clouds when the orphans were let out. Kilaguni, who had reported at the stockade compound early before dawn, joined the orphans for lucerne. Shortly later, Mutara and her group showed up and joined the juniors for lucerne. Tomboi emerged from the western side of stockade and also joined in feasting on the lucerne. On their way to the browsing field, Kanjoro engaged Garzi to a pushing game while Kilaguni had strength testing exercise with Orwa. At the browsing field, Barsilinga briefly engaged Garzi in a pushing game that ended in a draw while Enkikwe played with Olsekki. Naseku came across a nice tree that she used to scratch the left side of her belly on. At mud bath time, Shukuru emerged as the star of the day as she rolled and splashed water with her trunk while sitting in water. Sirimon got a free ride from Roi and later Sirimon climbed on Olsekki. After mud bath, Lemoyian engaged Kithaka in a pushing game that ended soon when Kithaka surrendered. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in Imenti area. Orwa and Olsekki took a break from feeding and relaxed under a tree. Laragai and Kithaka then did the same.

In the afternoon the sun was still hot prompting the orphans to pass by mud bath for an evening cool off. Shortly after five o'clock in the evening, wild elephants in the company of a few Ex Orphans started trickling into the stockade to drink from the water trough. Members of the Ex Orphans present included Yatta, Yetu, Mulika, Mwende, Lualeni, Orok, Buchuma, Makena, Nasalot and Ololoo. Soon a total of fifty elephants were at the stockade drinking water and as soon as they had enough, the elephants left back into the Park.

Kilaguni and Tomboi

Enkikwe playing with Olsekki

Sirimon climbing on Roi

Kithaka playing with Lemoyian

Evening mud bath


The Ex Orphans consisting of Wendi, Wiva, Galana, Gawa Loijuk, Lualeni and her boyfriend Taita, as well as Lenana, Chyulu, Zurura Meibai, Sidai, Makena, Naserian, Ithumbah, Ololoo and Tomboi were at the stockade compound early in the morning. Babies Gawa and Wiva were in a playful mood and as soon as the orphans were let out, Wiva engaged Roi in a pushing game. She later played with Olsekki Laragai, Bomani and Narok. Orwa played with Ololoo for a while and later Orwa and Oltaiyoni tried to leave with the Ex Orphans. The keepers intervened and took them back to join their friends.

Out in the bush Kithaka played with Barsilinga as Vuria soil dusted. At mud bath time, the sun was really hot and all the orphans participated in wallowing. Two Egyptian geese also attended mud bath and this brought a standoff between them and Bongo. The geese stood their ground by not moving away which made Bongo surrender his mission of chasing them away and continue his business of wallowing. After mud bath Lemoyian participated in a soil dusting exercise where he was joined by Barsilinga. Orwa and Shukuru scratched against nearby trees. Later Lemoyian and Boromoko relaxed under a tree that had good shade but kept themselves busy with a pushing game, while enjoying the cool shade. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse north of the mud bath. In the evening they passed by mud bath again where they participated in an evening cooling off.

Wildborn babies Gawa and Wiva with the Ex Orphans

Wiva playing with Narok

Wiva with Ex Orphan Makena

Bongo charging at geese

Lemoyian soil dusting


The Ex Orphans arrived early before the orphans were let out. When the orphans came out, Teleki engaged Makena in a pushing game that ended when Kilaguni intervened by pushing Teleki away, and proceeded to enjoy a pushing game with Makena himself. Chyulu went down to roll on the ground and her game attracted Wiva who came to climb on her. Narok and Laragai tried to snatch Gawa when she was a short distance away from her mother. They pushed her slowly ahead of them but they weren't lucky since Galana was very alert and she came over to pick up her baby, leaving Narok and Laragai stumped. Shortly later, the orphans parted ways with the Ex Orphans.

Out in the bush, Bongo engaged Barsilinga in a pushing game as Shukuru and Kithaka participated in a soil dusting exercise. Bomani and Sokotei had a misunderstanding that they ended up solving by pushing one another. Sokotei lost to Bomani though and went to comfort himself by tackling Olsekki. At mud bath time, the orphans participated in wallowing soon after drinking their milk. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area. The rest of the day was quiet as the orphans browsed calmly without any major observation.

Lualeni and Naserian

Makena plays with Kilaguni

Galana with Gawa

Wiva climbs on Chyulu

Sidai with Wiva and Gawa


Siangiki was the first one to leave the stockades followed by Enkikwe as the rest of the group streamed in behind them. Once the orphans were out, Garzi settled close to a nearby tree so as to scratch his neck. Kithaka and Lemoyian started their day by engaging each other in a strength testing exercise. Sokotei settled to scratch on some nearby rocks. Soon after the orphans had lucerne, Narok led the way to the browsing field. Out in the Park, Bomani, Narok and Lemoyian settled to feed together while Enkikwe, Olsekki and Siangiki, who are great friends since their time at the nursery, teamed up together to browse. Shortly before eleven o'clock in the morning, Kithaka led the way to the mud bath.

The weather wasn't appealing for the orphans to participate in wallowing at the main waterhole but they opted to use a small water hole a short distance away. Bongo, Orwa, Garzi, Kithaka and Shukuru had a prolonged mud bathing session and when they felt that they had enough, then they quit and went to join their friends who by now had moved deeper into the bush.

In the evening the sky opened up and gave way to rain. The orphans stopped their browsing activity to roll on the ground as the rain poured. At the end of the show, they all looked like anthills after smearing themselves with red mud. Late in the evening, a small group of the Ex Orphans led by a wild female made a brief visit to the stockade. The group consisted of Galana and her baby Gawa, Wendi and Wiva, Loijuk, Lenana, Lualeni, Kenze, Makena, Sidai, Chyulu, Ololoo, Taita and Tomboi. Ololoo walked over to the gate of the stockades and had a brief chat with Orwa, Teleki, Vuria, Bongo and Bomani.

Garzi drinking water

Lemoyian playing with Kithaka

Lemoyian, Narok and Bomani

Orwa, Shukuru, Kithaka and Garzi mud bathing

Shukuru all muddy




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