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The dependant orphans really enjoyed their lucerne today without disruption from any Ex Orphans. Laragai carried her pile away and went to hide. The rest started walking one by one to the bush.

Later Barsilinga was play fighting with Vuria whilst the other orphans were all busy browsing. The group hid under the shade as the sun beat down. Kithaka and Barsilinga spoke to each other and communicated for ages, they are still best friends which is so nice to see. Sirimon led the group to mudbath for their milk.

At the mudbath, Bongo, Laragai, Vuria and Boromoko played in the main mudbath vigorously. Then they walked to the next small pool of water and started wallowing there too. Teleki and Boromoko led the group back to the bush to browse.

When they were back browsing in the afternoon it started raining. They all started scratching on the rocks and trees around them as they took off the mud from their legs and bodies. Enkikwe was scratching his neck while Boromoko scratched his hind and Orwa watched both of them. Narok started rolling in the mud and Barsilinga, Bongo and Shukuru rolled in a different pool of water. It was lovely to watch all the orphans playing and being so happy and active. The group later walked back to the stockades for their evening milk.
Yatta’s Ex Orphan group came in to say hello again after some time away, since the rains broke. The group included Kinna, Mulika with Mwende, Ithumba, Meibai, Makena and others. Today we recorded 12mm of rainfall in the area.


It was a quiet morning as the orphans left the stockade and settled for lucerne. Only one wild bull was drinking water at the stockade water trough and a buffalo could be seen at distance away; some difference compared to yesterday! The orphans enjoyed their lucerne without any disturbance a part from a tiny bird that was picking some insects from the ground and which Kithaka kept chasing away using his trunk. Bomani spent sometime scratching his buttocks on a nearby rock and shortly later Shukuru led the way to the browsing field. Galana and a small group of Ex Orphans arrived minutes later after the orphans had left. Her group included Naserian, Loijuk, Ololoo, Orok, Makena, Ithumbah, Kenze and Lualeni. At the browsing field, Sokotei started the day’s activities by participating in a soil dusting exercise as the rest of his group concentrated on browsing. Later, Kithaka and Bomani had a strength testing exercise that didn't last for long. At mud bath time, eleven wild bulls were present. Barsilinga engaged Garzi in a pushing game while Laragai decided to scratch her buttocks against Vuria who was having a game of rolling on the ground. Bomani engaged Lemoyian in a pushing game and later it was Bongo tackling Vuria. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area where Bomani threatened to push Sokotei, but Sokotei stood his ground, which made Bomani think otherwise and turn away! 

Bomani scratching

Galana, Gawa and her group of nannies

Kithaka playing with Bomani

Laragai scratching on Vuria

Bomani plays with Vuria


Early in the morning, the stockade compound was flooded with Ex Orphans and wild elephants. Babies Gawa and Wiva were present with their mothers and nannies, all in good health. Siangiki, Enkikwe and Olsekki left the stockade with branches in their mouths, but dropped them when they saw Makena approaching. Makena picked them up and started feeding on them. After settling to eat lucerne, Narok picked a fight with Kalama but ended up losing the game. Shortly later, the lucerne was finished and the orphans headed east while the Ex Orphans headed west. The two groups met again at mud bath. Kitirua engaged Narok in a pushing game while Naisula played with Teleki. Shortly later, Narok dropped Kitirua and went to play Melia.

After mud bathing, Chaimu and Bomani opted for a soil bathing while Vuria engaged Kalama in a strength testing exercise. Chemi Chemi felt drawn to the game and decided to come and help his adopted sister Kalama. Together they managed to drive Vuria away. Kibo had a brief strength testing exercise with Orwa before heading to comfort Vuria after being pushed away by Chemi Chemi and Kalama. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the upper kalovoto area and in the evening on the way back to the stockade, the juniors were joined by Mutara and her group. Mutara’s group escorted the juniors to stockade and soon after drinking water, the group left to an undisclosed location.

Olsekki, Siangiki and Enkikwe

Wiva and her nannies

Lenana playing on some logs

Naisula playing with Teleki

Bomani and Chaimu soil dusting


Madiba, Ololoo and a wild elephant joined the juniors in the morning immediately after the orphans settled for lucerne. A while later, Mulika and Yatta’s groups in the company of several wild elephants arrived for water. Some of the Ex Orphans like Wendi, Mulika, Challa, Lualeni, Sunyei, Makena, Lenana, Chyulu and Loijuk invaded the juniors who were feeding, which made them withdraw from the venue. Garzi kept himself busy by scratching on the acacia tree while Enkikwe settled to feed on the fallen acacia pods. Orwa, Narok and Bomani surrounded Wiva as each tried to play with the baby. Sokotei had an opportunity to interact with Wiva as she tried to push him. Sokotei didn't take Wiva seriously but ignored her and left to drink water. Orwa threw a back kick when Wiva was passing behind him. The kick landed on Wiva but she didn't complain as she continued with her games and interacting with the orphans. Orwa then walked to play with Kithaka as Teleki challenged a junior wild elephant, while Vuria played with Makena. At the browsing field, Barsilinga engaged Garzi in a pushing game that didn't last for long.

Towards eleven o'clock in the morning, the weather changed abruptly and the cloudy sky gave way to showers. Boromoko led the way to the mud bath where the orphans drank their milk bottles and some water before returning back to the browsing field. Laragai had a brief conversation with Lemoyian before Lemoyian went to play with Teleki, Bongo, Garzi and finally with Sokotei who he attempted to climb on. In the evening Mutara and her group of six showed up at the stockade for water and stayed until dark which was an indication that they were intending to spend the night just outside the stockade.

Madiba and Ololoo with the orphans

Ex Orphan Sunyei in the compound

Naughty Orwa kicking Wiva

Sokotei talking with Wiva

Bomani, Wiva and Yatta


The stockade compound was flooded by one hundred and twenty elephants this morning. This included Ex Orphans and wild elephants. Three elephant calves that were aged less than one year were present, including Wiva and other two other calves, all girls which is good given the high number of bulls within the area. Shukuru was looking dull and walked down to pick the acacia pods that she likes so much. Enkikwe left with a branch in his mouth which he kept himself busy feeding on, since he knew very well that with the very high number of elephants in the stockade compound, the chances of ever getting to the lucerne were minimal. Garzi engaged Melia in a light pushing game and later played with Makena. Shortly later, the orphans left for browsing leaving the former orphans and wild elephants still drinking water at the stockade.

At the browsing field, Bongo engaged Lemoyian in a pushing game while Barsilinga played with Garzi. Olsekki tried to bully Boromoko by climbing on him as Orwa engaged Kithaka in a pushing game. Shukuru was feeding slowly and looked dull just like the weather of the day. At mud bath time the weather was still dull and none of the orphans wanted to step into the cold water. Garzi kept himself busy by trying to uproot roots of an acacia tree while Enkikwe used a tree stump to scratch his itchy foot. Later, Garzi played with Barsilinga while Bongo played with Vuria. As the orphans prepared their exit from the mud bath, the Ex Orphans and wild elephants started checking in one by one. Bomani entwined his trunk with Loijuk in greeting and later engaged Ololoo in a pushing game that he lost miserably.

Enkikwe with a branch

Elephants in the stockade compound

Loijuk with little Bomani

Buchuma arriving

Wiva with the Ex Orphans




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