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Yatta and Mulika’s groups reported to the stockade compound at the same time that the orphans were coming out of their stockades. Laragai met with Naserian and the two exchanged morning greetings as the rest of the orphans came and surrounded Naserian demanding morning greetings too.

Laragai saw Wiva standing close to her mother with the nannies nowhere in sight and took this opportunity to go and practice babysitting Wiva. Garzi joined in and stood close by watching Wiva and Laragai. Yetu, one of Wiva's nannies, wasn't happy to see Wiva with Laragai and Garzi and ran over at which point she pulled Wiva's tail to try and discourage her from associating with Laragai. Laragai who has never seen eye to an eye with Yetu warned Yetu to not dare to try and take Wiva away from her. Yetu rumbled for the other nannies to come and assist her and it wasn’t long before Loijuk and Mwende came to see what the problem was. As there was nothing alarming taking place that needed their attention they just stood close by watching Wiva interact with the orphans.
Orwa engaged Makena in a pushing game before going to play with Meibai who was enjoying a game of rolling on the ground. Suguta played with Ololoo as Orok played with Zurura.

At the browsing field Narok settled to browse with Lemoyian as Olsekki browsed with Enkikwe. At the mud bath Olsekki, Siangiki and Enkikwe once again headed straight for wallowing after taking their milk. Once they had cooled down the three new babies walked up to the water trough for a drink of water. Bomani spent some time scratching against the acacia trees while Teleki rolled in the soil dust bathing. Laragai was quick to come over and enjoy a scratching session against Teleki who was still lying down enjoying the dust bath. In the afternoon the orphans converged under a tree to relax until the temperatures dropped to a favorable level so that they could continue their browsing activities. Olsekki, Orwa and Narok spent some time soil dusting before rejoining the rest of the group who were browsing close by.

Laragai greets Naserian

Orphans surround Naserian

Wendi, Wiva and Laragai

Yetu, Wiva, Laragai and Garzi

Yetu pulling Wiva's tail


The sky was clear as the orphans strolled nonchalantly out from their stockades. Bomani at one point blocked Garzi from coming out and even tried to push him. The cool Garzi did not want to invite trouble by retaliating and just stood without showing any interest. Garzi's action appeared to have worked because Bomani expected Garzi to retaliate but when he didn’t rise Bomani just turned and left. Lemoyian came across a nice shrub that he liked so much he went to the extent of going down on his knees to eat it using his mouth. Shortly later, Lemoyian walked to Laragai and tried to take a piece of lucerne from her. The no-nonsense Laragai did not accept this kind of behaviour and pushed Lemoyian away. As the orphans occupied the water trough ready to drink enough water to take them through the entire morning, Chaimu and Kilaguni in the company of Mutara’s group emerged from the east and joined the juniors.

On the way to the browsing field Orwa engaged Turkwel in a pushing game as Kilaguni played with Teleki. In the browsing field Suguta played with Mutara as Kainuk invited Orwa in a pushing game, which Orwa declined and instead walked to tackle Chaimu. Barsilinga spent some time in the moist soil dusting as Orwa withdrew from Chaimu and settled to play with Vuria; Chaimu then went to engage Teleki in a pushing game. On the way to the mud bath the juniors were joined by some members of Olare’s group, Kibo, Naisula, Murka and Kitirua. At mud bath time only Kilaguni, Naisula and Bongo participated in wallowing. The rest just drank water and returned back to browsing. In the afternoon the herd settled to browse in lower Kalovoto and in the evening Yatta, Yetu, Wendi, Wiva, Nasalot, Chyulu, Lenana, Naserian, Ololoo, Lualeni, Sidai, Ithumbah, Sunyei, Makena and a wild elephant reported to the stockade. The Ex Orphans left shortly after drinking water.

Lemoyian eating a shrub with his mouth

Laragai pushing Lemoyian

Mutara leading her group

Chaimu playing

Orphans at mud bath


Yatta’s group consisting of Yatta, Yetu, Kinna, Nasalot, Sunyei, Lualeni, Chyulu, Lenana, Loijuk, Makena, Wendi, Wiva, Sidai and a wild boy reported at the stockade early in the morning. Shortly later, Makireti, Kilabasi, Ishanga and Kasigau joined. Soon when the gates open for the juniors to leave for browsing, Chyulu, Nasalot, Naserian and Lualeni walked into the stockade to find out if there were any leftover branches to chew on. On her way out, Narok met with Chyulu and entwined their trunks in greeting; once she was out, Narok engaged Makena in a strength testing exercise. Garzi played with Ishanga as Orwa engaged Vuria in a pushing game. The orphans didn't stay for long to share lucerne with the Ex Orphans but left for the bush. Chyulu escorted Lemoyian to the bush and shared plants with him before returning to join her friends.

In the browsing field, Garzi came across an anthill that he played on while Narok and Bongo spent some time rolling on the ground and lying on top of each other. After they were done rolling on the ground Narok and Bongo stood up and took their game to another level of pushing one another. Their game ended in a draw and thereafter the two orphans resumed browsing. At mud bath time the orphans were joined by Yatta and her herd. Garzi walked over to Yatta and stretched his trunk towards her. Yatta responded by putting her trunk in Garzi's mouth. It wasn't a very hot day and the mud bath was brief as the elephants left immediately after drinking water; the Ex Orphans heading east while the juniors headed west. On their way, Narok and Bongo managed to have a brief soil dusting exercise. Later in evening, the orphans came across a small pool of water and Bongo, Kithaka and Laragai got in the water, splashed water behind their ears and then resumed browsing together.

Naserian, Chyulu and Nasalot in the stockades

Lualeni eating lucerne

Ishanga playing with Garzi


Garzi playing on an anthill


Wendi with several members of the former orphans were at the stockade compound early this morning. This group consisted of Wendi, Wiva, Nasalot, Galana, Makena, Loijuk, Chyulu, Zurura, Challa, Sunyei and Sidai. It’s not clear whether this is a new group in the making since Mulika and Yatta, the matriarchs, were not present. If it’s not a sub-group then Yatta and Mulika with the other Ex Orphans had embarked on a special mission. Narok exchanged morning greetings with Nasalot soon after leaving the stockade then she met with Sidai and they entwined their trunks in morning greetings. Orwa kept himself busy by engaging Makena in a strength testing exercise. As the juniors left for browsing, Orwa lagged behind with Wendi and her group as he enjoys the company of his seniors.

After having enough fun with Makena, Orwa slowly followed the rest of the orphans out into the bush.
It was a sunny day but the orphans weren’t bothered by the sun and concentrated on browsing. At the mudbath only Teleki, Bongo and Kanjoro enjoyed a good wallow whilst the rest stood at the edge of the mudbath drinking and watching the three boys. Vuria picked up a piece of stick and used it to scratch in between his forelegs. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse around the Imenti area and in the evening they were joined by Challa who escorted them back to the stockade.

Makena and Orwa




Narok greets Sidai


The sky was clear as the orphans nonchalantly left the stockade; an indication of a hot day a head. Orwa scratched his head against the only remaining acacia tree at the stockade compound while is good friend Bongo participated in a strength testing exercise with Vuria which he lost. Bomani and Laragai walked down to the water trough where they loitered for a while to make sure they had drunk enough to last them all morning. In the browsing field, Garzi settled to browse with Kainuk as the rest of the juniors scattered all over the field for browsing.

Shortly before mud bath time, the orphans came across stagnated water that they used for a mini mud bath; a welcome relief from the hot day. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined briefly by the Ex Orphans and Narok went to stand close to Wiva who was suckling from her mother, Wendi. After mud bath Kanjoro engaged Ex Orphan Meibei in a pushing game but he lost to Meibei. Teleki was standing close by and he too tried to challenge Meibei but he also lost to the much older elephant. After Teleki lost to Meibei, he decided to tackle Makena thinking that she was softer than the other two but he was surprised when he lost yet again. Orwa and Ololoo had their own game of pushing one another that ended in a draw after which they parted ways.
In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at Kone area where Bongo teamed up with Shukuru for browsing. The afternoon was hot and in the evening the orphans stopped at Kone dam where they all participated in an evening cooling off by getting into the water to wallow.

Orwa scratching

Bomani and Laragai having a drink

Garzi and Kainuk

Meibai plays Teleki

Narok standing close to Wiva and Wendi




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