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Mist covered everywhere today including the Hill as the orphans left the stockade in the morning. It was quite chilly and Laragai and Barsilinga warmed up by briefly pushing one another. Barsilinga couldn't allow it to go on for a long time since he knew Laragai was a no-nonsense girl and the game could easily turn to a fight, with he being the obvious loser. Half an hour later, the ex-orphans, reported in the company of four wild bulls, one of them being new to the group and he was a very big bull! It was interesting to see the massive bull not being aggressive but behaving as if he was a frequent visitor at the stockade. The massive bull might have been coming to take Nasalot out since Nasalot is in season. Unfortunately Nasalot was not present.

Teleki engaged ex orphan Makena in a pushing game but Orwa who was close by wasn't happy as he thought that he should be the one playing with Makena. Orwa stepped forward and pushed Teleki away so as to get chance to play with Makena. Makena decided to teach Orwa a lesson by hitting him hard until he screamed. Orwa quit the game and left to feed instead. Meanwhile Teleki had found another friend to test his strength, Kenze, who allowed Teleki to play with him for some time as Vuria played with Ololoo. A short while later, the groups parted ways. The orphans had a quiet morning until at mud bath time when Laragai and Lemoyian had a disagreement that ended in a fight. Vuria also had a misunderstanding with Bongo that forced Vuria to push Bongo from behind. Bongo ran straight to the water knowing very well that Vuria would not attempt to follow him into the water because the weather was chilly. Bongo enjoyed swimming on his own as the rest of his friends boycotted the wallowing due to the low temperature. In the afternoon, the clouds cleared giving way to sunshine and this prompted the orphans to browse while flapped their ears due to the humid conditions.

Barsilinga playing with Laragai in the morning

A very big wild bull in the stockade

Makena plays with Teleki whilst Orwa watches

Kenze plays with little Teleki

Laragai pushing Lemoyian near mud bath


Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi were at the stockade compound early before the orphans were let out. Shortly after the juniors were out they were joined by Makiretiís group. The ex-orphans emerged from east and as soon as Sities spotted them, she ran down trumpeting to meet Wiva. Sities then escorted Wiva up to where she was joined by Kilabasi in being Wiva's escort. Wendi had no problem with that and she allowed them to escort her baby. At the time of leaving for browsing, Sities and Mutara lagged behind with the ex-orphans as they felt they needed to spend more time with Wiva. The keepers persisted on calling Sities and Mutara and eventually they heeded the call and so followed their friends. In the browsing field, Orwa challenged Suguta in a strength testing game while Barsilinga challenged Bomani. Later, Barsilinga settled to browse with Bongo and from time to time Bongo would stretch his trunk and take leaves from Barsilingaís mouth. It reached a point when Barsilinga could take losing his food no more and left Bongo to go and browse far away. At mud bath time the ex-orphans in the company of fourteen wild bulls reported early before the orphans. A female wild elephant had taken over the responsibility of taking care of Wiva. It appears that the wild female was highly respected by the ex-orphans as she was the only one escorting Wendi and the others followed from a distance. Kanjoro entwined his trunk with Makena in greeting while Ololoo tried to bully Barsilinga by attempting to mount him. Kithaka, who never seems to like crowds, moved a distance away and scratched against some trees and waited for the time of going back to the browsing field. Suguta spent some time playing with Ithumbah. An hour later, the groups parted ways. The juniors settled to browse at Kanziku area while the ex-orphans browsed as they headed towards the stockade; they arrived at stockade in the evening, drank water, then left to undisclosed location.  

Sities, Wiva and Wendi

Orwa playing with Suguta

Bongo trying to steal from Barsilinga

Wendi, Wiva and wild female

Ithumbah and Suguta


The partially independent group was at the stockade compound in the morning and they joined the juniors for lucerne soon after they were let out. It wasn't as chaotic as when the ex-orphans are around too. The partially independent group tolerated the juniors with the exception of Melia who didn't want to have any junior passing behind her. Shukuru, Turkwel and Bongo were not lucky that day as few back kicks landed on them when they walked behind. Kithaka, who saw what happened to his three friends, decided to pass some metres away from Melia. Soon after finishing lucerne the juniors passed by the water trough to drink enough water to carry them through the entire morning.

Lemoyian browsed close to Narok as Barsilinga spend some time browsing whilst leaning against a tree. Sities took some time off to scratch on a rock that was close to where she was browsing. At mud bath time the sun was really hot and Teleki was the first one to jump into the water. Barsilinga and Lemoyian just stepped into it and then walked backto relax under a tree that had good shade. Later Teleki and Vuria had a play fight whilst still in the water. Sities left the mud wallow and stood at the edge waiting for her friend Garzi to have enough of mud bathing. As soon as Garzi was through with wallowing Sities took him for soil dusting. As the juniors wound up their activities in the mud bath twenty five wild bulls checked in for a bath and drink of water. Noticeable were Mwende's dad that was treated few days ago and Half Trunk. In the afternoon Bomani, Vuria, Laragai and Kanjoro spent some time in soil dusting. Garzi that was browsing close to his friend Sities kept on picking grass from Sities mouth. Sities allowed Garzi to do that because he was her friend; if it was another small boy stealing grass from her mouth the case would certainly be different!

In the evening the stockade compound was flooded with ex-orphans and twenty one wild elephants. This created a jam as the juniors were returning back from the browsing field too. Walking through the ex-orphans and the wild elephants was so difficult for the juniors as some of the ex-orphans tried to block them while others like Makena, Lenana and Chyulu tried to sneak in with them. 

Melia feeding on lucerne

Barsilinga relaxing

Sities relaxing under a tree

Kanjoro going to dust bath


Makena, Wendi and Lenana spent their night just outside the stockade. As soon as the orphans left the stockade Wendi and her small group teamed up with them to eat Lucerne. A little later Lualeni and her new found group consisting of Kilaguni, Kilibasi, Chaimu, Makireti, Kasigau and Orok joined the juniors. Kithaka, Garzi and Sities settled under the acacia trees to collect a many pods as possible. Orwa played with Kilibasi as Kasigau invited Turkwel for a strength testing game. Lualeni appeared tired, probably from keeping vigil at night over her new herd and she lay down to take a nap and also think about her Ololoo. She woke up when she heard the orphans walking away.

In the browsing field, Kasigau and Teleki had a disagreement that was settled by pushing one another. Due to his experience and age, Kasigau won the game. An hour later, Lualeni and her small group parted ways with the juniors. At 11am the weather was chilly and the juniors didn't dare to step into the mud bath; they decided to only drink water soon after their milk. Wendi and Tomboi joined the juniors briefly at the mud bath water trough and left twenty minutes later. Narok and Orwa kissed each other by entwining their trunks and shortly later, Mutara rumbled informing her herd that it was time to move on. The orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area. Vuria spent some time testing his strength against a tree as he tried pushing it down. Garzi browsed close to his friend Sities while Kanjoro browsed close to Bongo. In the evening six bulls reported at the stockade compound for water. The bulls settled at the upper water trough where Kanjoro raised his trunk to sniff them. At one time one bull sucked water into his trunk and blew it out close to the fence which gave Kanjoro a fright. Later, the ex-orphans with twenty five wild elephants reported for water. Ololoo, who has abandoned Lualeni, was among the ex-orphans. Also noticeable was that Ishanga has joined Chaimu and Kilaguni. Perhaps she has started a habit of changing herds like one would change clothes. Only time will tell where she goes next and what herd she might join, or if she is in Chaimuís to stay! 

Kithaka browsing for acacia pods

Kilabasi plays with Orwa

Lualeni appeared tired

Narok playing with Orwa

Garzi browsing with Sities


Lualeni, Makireti, Kasigau, Chaimu, Kilaguni and two wild bulls were at the stockade compound. The two bulls were keeping watch over the small group that was a sleep. It was surprising to see Lualeni without Ololoo. As soon as the water was turned on, the bulls walked down for a drink. Lualeni and her small group followed soon after waking up. The juniors were let out after they had drunk their morning milk and as usual, settled for lucerne. Lualeni and her group didn't hesitate but joined the juniors to get their share of the lucerne ration. Kanjoro and Orwa used the nearby rocks for scratching as their friends continued to feed on Lucerne. Lualeni at one time laid down in front of the juniors for a brief nap and what was going on in her mind, no one can tell. At a guess she might have been thinking of Ololoo who was the only firm and loyal member of her group that never exceeds four members. If Ololoo has decided to quit, then things are bound to change though it is still early to predict until we get to know the whereabouts of Ololoo. Lualeni and her small new group escorted the juniors to the browsing field and later to the mud bath.

At mud bath time, the juniors were joined by three wild elephants and after sharing water, the wild bulls walked down for wallowing, where they were joined by Bongo and Kanjoro. The rest of the juniors participated in red soil bathing. The afternoon was quiet with moderate temperatures and the orphans browsed quietly. In the evening, Lualeni, Wendi, Chaimu, Kilaguni, Kilibasi, Buchuma, Makena, Makireti, Kasigau and Lenana reported for water at the stockade. Shortly later, a wild herd consisting of four elephants joined Lualeni and her small group. The herd stayed at the stockade until dark.  

Lualeni coming to join in

Kanjoro scratching

Wild bulls wallowing joined by Bongo and Kanjoro




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