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Lualeni, Ololoo, Makena, Kenze, Kilabasi, Makireti, Kora, Orok and Kasigau reported at the stockade in the morning. The group joined the juniors soon after they left the stockade and spent the morning feeding and playing with them. Kora and Orok engaged each other in a pushing game as Orwa stood beside them watching their techniques. Later Orwa tried the techniques he had learnt on Makena but Makena showed him that he was only a small boy and not fit to play with her by pushing him out of her way. Elsewhere, Kasigau was busy playing with Kenze while Teleki tackled Turkwel. An hour later the ex orphans parted ways with the juniors.

At 11am, although the sun was hot, only Bongo, Kanjoro, Mutara, Narok and Teleki wallowed and then joined the rest who had settled for soil bathing. Vuria and Bongo were the last to leave the soil bathing after they had a brief tussle. In the afternoon the sun became unbearably hot so the juniors took refuge under a tree for almost two hours. In the evening as it is so warm it has become the routine to pass by the mud bath to cool down. Some baboons, drinking water at the mud bath, appeared unmoved by the approaching elephants until Vuria and Teleki charged them which got some action. Chasing baboons is irresistible for baby elephants! After the evening mud bath, Shukuru led the way back to the stockade.

Makena plays with Orwa

Orphans in the shade

Kenze and Lualeni


At the stockade compound Vuria started the day by soil dusting while Shukuru scratched on the nearby rocks. Shortly after the ex orphans arrived and joined the juniors and were warmly welcomed by Orwa, who feels comfortable their company. Orwa played with Mwende Mulika’s wild born baby who eventually surrendered so he went to play with Meibai and after that he played pushing games with Makena. Orwa had a wonderful morning today.

Rapsu and Kora had a brief strength testing game before parting. After an hour of interaction with the juniors the ex orphans left. The morning was cool today and at mud bath time only Bongo wallowed. Afterwards Shukuru, who seems to have slightly lost weight, led the way to the browsing field. She was active and feeding normally in the bush. In the afternoon the clouds cleared giving way to sunshine. The temperatures skyrocketed and this prompted Orwa to stand in the shade to relax. While relaxing Orwa developed an itchy ear and used the tree he was standing under to scratch himself. In the evening, Shukuru led the first group back to the stockade.

Vuria soil dusting

Rapsu and Kora

Mwende playing with Orwa


Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi reported at the stockade compound early in the morning. When the juniors came out Orwa headed straight to Kasigau and engaged him in a pushing game. Bomani and Narok proceeded to scratch on the nearby rocks. Later Kasigau attempted to mount Mutara but she resisted and ran away.

At mud bath the juniors were joined by the ex orphans and six wild elephants. They climbed into the dam together for a good swim and frolic. Orwa engaged Makena into a pushing game. When Makena quit the game Orwa stood just beside the water waiting to challenge anybody leaving the mud bath. Bongo and Teleki enjoyed pushing each other while still in water. The ex orphans wallowed for a long time. The juniors returned to browse except for Orwa who remained behind with the ex orphans. Orwa challenged Ololoo and later Meibai before the keepers took him away to join his friends. Orwa is showing signs that it will not be long before he jumps into the semi independent camp of orphans and possibly hooks up with Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi. It was hot and the orphans had a quiet afternoon. In the evening the orphans passed the mud bath where they wallowed for a second time to cool off and then soil bathed until, led by Laragai, they headed back to the stockade for a restful night.

Kasigau and Orwa strength testing

Mutara browsing

Ex-orphans and wild elephants at the mudbath

Meibai plays with Orwa


Bomani and Vuria had a standoff over a place Bomani wanted to use as a scratching post with Vuria eventually surrendering then went to feed close to Bongo. The morning was peaceful and the orphans fed on grass up to mud bath time.

Soon after taking their midday milk feed the orphans went to wallow but before they got into the water the ex orphans showed up in full force, pouring out of the bush en masse with a wild bull in tow. The juniors soon vactated the waterhole and the games became far to boisterous with 37 large elephants swimming and playing. This lasted over an hour. The juniors left to give them space. Only Bongo and Teleki were bold enough to remain behind and compete with the seniors in wallowing. Teleki learned some pushing tactics from Kora later practiced them on Makena. Makena proved to be strong and experienced and so Teleki surrendered and went off to follow his friends. In the wallow, Wendi had a pushing game with a wild bull while Kenze and Kora had a pushing game at the edge of the mud bath. Rapsu enjoyed free rides from Lualeni. After a mud bath which was nothing short of spectacular, some of the ex orphans had a soil bath. Then they all got excited, trumpeted, charged and broke down bushes as they disappeared to an undisclosed location. Kinna is looking like she might surprise us any day with a baby, we are hopeful! In the afternoon, Bongo who never gets tired of water, came across a water hole and continued mud bathing.

It was a lovely hot day and the orphans were full of good food, comfortable with the many mud-wallows and full of fun and games.

Teleki and Kora

Teleki plays with Makena

Ex-orphans wallowing

A wild friend wallowing with the ex-orphans


Early before 6am, ex orphans Kora, Orok, Ololoo, Kenze and Lualeni were at the stockade compound. Kora and Orok kept themselves busy with a strength testing game as they waited for the orphans to come out. Ololoo got hold of Kenze for some strength testing training but after receiving a few pushing tactics he relaxed and waited for orphans to come out, waiting to put into practice what he had learned from Kenze. Ololoo then picked on Orwa for a pushing game which went on for some time until Lualeni interrupted by pushing Orwa. Orwa was not happy and even turned to tackle her but unfortunately Lualeni was big and strong so he lost the battle. Ololoo went to Mutara was and attempted to climb on her but she resisted and ran away so he moved on to Kanjoro, the boy with an altitude, and engaged in a pushing game. Kanjoro remained unmoved until Orok intervened by pushing the two of them out of the way. The five ex orphans left after an hour. Vuria and Bongo had a misunderstanding that they decided to settle by fighting but it ended into a draw and Vuria headed off to soil dust while Bongo resumed browsing.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by ex orphans Yatta, Kinna, Nasalot, Mulika, Wendi, Sunyei, Galana, Naserian, Rapsu, Challa, Sidai, Orok, Kora, Lualeni, Kenze, Loijuk, Zurura, Lenana, Makena, Chyulu, Meibai, Ololoo, Mwende and Yetu. The baby orphans didn't stay for long at the mud bath as they were scared of being bullied by the seniors whilst wallowing so they dissolved into the nearby bushes to fee. The ex-orphans had a wonderful time in water swimming and frolicking for over an hour. Ololoo was mounting on Lualeni, Orok and Rapsu had a pushing game and Kenze and Kora strength tested, all in the water. Mulika, Mwende, Nasalot and Loijuk left wallowing to soil bathe but soon returned back to the water. Loijuk left the wallow to charge at some swallows that were flying around. The ex orphans once they had finished their mudbath they dusted themselves and then headed off into the bush and disappeared leaving the juniors to remain with their keepers.

In the afternoon, Kainuk soil dusted and was joined by Vuria and Garzi. In the evening Shukuru did soil bathed as Turkwel stretched her trunk towards Teleki to warn him about something.

Today was a special day as we received a report from Voi that ex orphans Emily had given birth to a baby girl. Our own ex orphans Kinna, Wendi and Sunyei are about to have babies, with Kinna pretty close to giving birth we think.

Ololoo pushing with Orwa

Orwa challenges Lualeni

Kenze pushing with Kora

Ex-Orphans wallowing

Vuria pushing with Bongo




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