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Godoma can be another little greedy and pushy girl but this morning she was doing something different. Mbegu led her out this morning along with Ndotto and Murit to visit the little babies. Whilst with the little babies she was different from her usual character. She was friendly and gentle with the little ones, almost copying Mbegu’s behaviour with them. She would allow the babies to take the greens she was chewing from her mouth and was not pushy like she normally is. The four only left the babies at 9am to go for their milk feed.

As the orphans left the milk feeding area they all went in different directions. Roi, Naseku, Murit and Ndotto decided to go in the same direction. Roi led the three to go and eat some wild fruits as in the morning there is always wild fruit on the ground that has fallen in the night probably from roosting birds. Roi knows where to find them so she took these three younger orphans to go and eat them. It is amazing to watch their little trunks picking the small fruits off the ground. This group only fed on the fruit the whole time, not browsing on the leaves around until they left for the public visiting time.

Today we had to perform a rescue. It was a really small baby girl under a month old which arrived at the nursery at around 10.30 in the morning. She is believed to have been rescued from a muddy well two days ago near Mpala Ranch in Laikipia. She had been rescued by the Mpala research staff and taken to their centre where she spent the night. She was fed on sugar water throughout the night until we came to rescue her in the morning. The baby is looking very weak with bruises on her body from her ordeal in the well. She seems to have strained her neck very badly and cannot see very well.

Godoma drinking from a rain pool

Mbegu and Galla

Roi with a mouthful of grass


At 9 a.m. Emily’s and Edie’s Ex Orphan group came to the Stockades to drink, but did not stay long, heading out to search for the Youngsters. They first went to the Middle Waterhole, where they did not find them, but detected their presence when the Youngsters accessed the Big Waterhole. The Ex Orphans hurried there and plunged in without hesitation, which at first scared the Youngsters who began to exit the waterhole, until they realized that it was Emily’s Unit, when they returned to join them. Icholta enjoyed playing with Taveta while Edie engaged Mzima in a wrestling match, after which Mzima took on Mpala and Seraa. Mzima remained with the Ex Orphans for a long time before joining his colleagues as they made their way back in the evening. It was a very Happy Ending to the month. 

A keeper greeting Emily

Icholta playing with Taveta

Edie playing with Mzima

Mzima left challenging Seraa

Mweya left Seraa and Lolokwe


After the youngsters had entered their stockades for the night there was a big congregation of Ex-Orphans at the stockades. Aruba and Mkuki were the first to arrive with Edie and Emily’s groups coming in 10 minutes later. Mpala spent his time doting on Edie’s calf while Burra had dustbath in a pile of red soil. They all left at 7pm. 

Mkuki at the stockade

Mpala stroking Edie's calf with Eve at the front

Solango lifting his trunk


Ex Orphan Mpala again joined the Juniors at the Stockades this morning after they were let out in the morning. He took on Tassia and Shimba in a Pushing Game which was interrupted by Siria and Mzima. At the mudbath Tassia, Kivuko, Taveta and Wasessa enjoyed rolling in the mud. Wasessa and Shimba led the way back in the evening. 

orphans arrive at the waterhole

Wasessa leading the others


The orphans enjoyed playing around the compound as usual. Today, Ex Orphan Mpala was a visitor to the Stockades along with Ex Orphan Mpenzi and her wild-born calf, “Asante”, all of whom enjoyed a handout of Dairy Cubes and Lucerne. Mpala attempted to mount Siria as Taveta and Tassia played a Pushing Game. The mudbath now had more water, so Tassia, Mzima, Siria and Kenia enjoyed splashing around playfully in it before all resumed feeding before returning in the evening. 

Siria leaving the mudbath

Taveta scratching his eye




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