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Kiasa spent her first night under full observation and protection from her new loving human family and was really enjoying the milk formula that was slowly but surely rejuvenating her and improving her condition. During the night she was happy to exchange greetings with Maktao through the partition in their stable and this really helped calm Kiasa and help her settle into her new environment too.

During the public visit this morning as the first group of orphans were walking back out to the forest after their milk feed and play around the mud hole, the temperature was really felt to soar high and the older orphans walked down flapping their ears like mad to keep cool. Even the greedy elephants like Ndiwa, Mundusi and Pare who always run like mad to get to their milk bottles first, were just sauntering down because they felt it was too hot to run. When they came in, some like Pare and Mundusi only drank their first bottle before running to the mud pool to splash some water behind their ears, before eventually going back for their second. Pare had barely finished his second bottle when he turned back to the mud bath and started splashing himself again. When the keeper walked up to him to plead with him to finish his bottle, Pare just turned his back and through more mud over his back, which ended up hitting the milk bottle and the keeper right in the face! This made all the visiting public laugh and eventually Pare turned back for the bottle when he felt he was finally cool enough; on his own terms!

Maktao walking out

Mundusi slowly walking along

Pare just relaxing

Maxwell picking up lucerne pieces


Sagalla is pretty settled within the orphan herd these days and with her new human family too. She has made some friends including Ndiwa, Mundusi, Maramoja and young ones like Emoli and Maisha too. She has been polite and gentle in her approach towards the others which has meant it has been easy for her to make friends. She has a unique feature which distinguishes her from all the others in the Nursery and that is her extraordinary long eyelashes and long tail hairs – more than we have ever witness before!

Ndiwa is a very fast learner. We have seen this since her early arrival here when she quickly learnt about all the bottle feeding places and we continue to see this trait in her. She has often had to change stockade due to the new arrivals from the drought in Tsavo, and she has never failed to remember her new room. When she comes home in the afternoon she goes right into her new stockade and without a fight, unlike others when they are first getting used to their new pen! She is a lovely young girl.

Up until now Namalok has not learnt to take his milk from a bottle and it is funny to watch him in the bush take it straight from the wheelbarrow. He loves the milk but is still so shy to take it from a bottle from the keepers, even after watching the other orphans do just that; he is a funny bull!

Ndiwa in the mud bath

Mundusi and Ndiwa

Ndiwa with Mbegu behind


Watching Ngilai this morning we were thinking about how Ngilai is not really a bully; he hardly bullies anyone, it is just that when he is playing he is slightly rougher. When it was nearly time for the 9am milk feed all the elephants were gathering around the keepers. Ngilai was standing very close to them when Mundusi pushed his way through and then head butted Ngilai to move him out of the way. He then ran away knowing that he would be told off for his naughty behaviour. Ngilai is such a soft bull that those weaker and younger than him can still push him around and he will not retaliate. Esampu then appeared from nowhere and pushed Jotto down. Jotto is another mellow boy who loves his keepers and others will be able to push him around.
At 3pm we had two orphans arrive at the Nursery in very critical condition from Tsavo where the drought continues.

Ngilai is not a bully but is quite rough

Ngilai drinking water

The orphans all walking out

Mundusi running away


Last night at around 8.30pm the Nursery received another baby from Lake Jipe in Tsavo West. She is less than two years old and has been named Lumi but she is very thin and in very bad condition. Mbegu, Ndotto, Lasayen, Kuishi and Godoma were all very welcoming and crowded around her stockade before they left for the forest. She was upset when they all left to join their friends in the forest but she soon settled to eat the browse in her pen. She seemed to settle in very quickly in general and drank milk from a bottle at noon. Ndiwa and Mundusi were moved to a different stockade on the other side which Ndiwa took very well. She is such an easy going girl and settled into her new room very well, but Mundusi gave the keepers a hard time about going into his new room and it took awhile to get him used to it! 

Lasayen can be very welcoming


Ndiwa is such a calm girl


Mundusi seems very serious with whatever he does and doesn’t normally like to waste time playing with the others. This morning Ngilai seemed to want to play with him and put a smile on his face but instead Mundusi kept fighting back whenever Ngilai approached him. In the end Mundusi pushed him so hard that Ngilai walked away but this seemed to please Luggard who walked right up to him and initiated a pushing game, which they both seemed to enjoy.

Kuishi is one of the only girls that hasn’t developed an attachment to Pili yet. Today she approached the little one and started pushing him, which annoyed Enkesha and she pushed Kuishi from behind. Kuishi turned to push Enkesha back but Malima was quick to intervene and block her from hurting Enkesha. A keeper was also there to help bring control to the situation. Usually Maramoja is very selfish at sharing little Pili as she likes to look after him most of the time. She will walk him away from the rest of the herd and the other females like Mbegu who might want to care for him, to care for him all by herself. Today Malkia watched her walk away from Mbegu with Pili and thought she would join them, but Maramoja drove her back to the herd as she walked away with the little one.

Little Musiara thought he was very brave today when he charged at Kiko who was walking towards the orphans. When he saw him coming he ran towards him with his little ears held high, but Kiko just looked down at him and walked away.

Mundusi doesn't like to waste time

Mundusi soil dusting

Kuishi walking in the forest

Malkia likes looking after young ones too




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