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In the morning just after the orphans had arrived in the forest the weather changed, and it started raining. The cold weather is so enjoyed by Maxwell but this morning Mbegu and her herd also enjoyed it. Sana Sana started digging at the ground with her short tusks to make some soft piles of soil. Then she started rolling around it and Musiara decided to join her. Mbegu seemed to feel that is was her duty to play with Musiara and she came over to push Sana Sana away so she could take her place. Being the leader of the group everyone will obey her decision! As soon as Mbegu started rolling on the soil Musiara started climbing on her back. Sattao and Mundusi came to join in but Mundusi’s game did not last long as Mbegu stood up and pushed her away – this game was only for the babies! Soon it was like all the babies were rolling and sliding down Mbegu’s back as she was acting like a true mother and trying to accommodate and play with all the babies. As the rain went on they all enjoyed rolling and playing in the mud having a lot of fun. They only finished their game when it was time for their 9am milk bottle!  

Sana Sana with Ndiwa

Sana Sana in a playful mood

Sweet little Sattao


Esampu has picked up Mbegu’s habit of sucking up every drop of spilt milk from the ground with her trunk. This combined with how naughty she is at feeding times and she is a little terror! Today she wouldn’t move away from the feeding area as she was trying to suck up all the milk, and when she had finished there she tried to push her way through to the wheelbarrow holding the bottles in order to get the spilt milk there. Mundusi was having his milk bottle and getting very frustrated with Esampu’s behaviour. He started throwing back kicks trying to get her away and when he was done with his bottle he decided to discipline her properly and chased her away.
Ambo and Malima are becoming great play mates, especially during the public visiting time. When the public applaud and are happy to see them playing Malima doesn’t like the noise however, and charges at them to be quiet!

Milk feeding time for the orphans

Esampu, Jotto and Malima

Malima going to play with Ambo


It is quite funny on the mornings when it is raining to watch the smaller ones like Musiara, Maisha, Maktao, Sattao and Emoli trying to stay in their rooms as much as possible, to avoid the wet and cold weather. When the keepers open their doors wide for them to come out, Maktao, Emoli and Maisha yell out in protest as they don’t want to walk out. The keepers always give them a bit more time and allow them to come out when they want. When they want they can come out and join the others who enjoy the chilly weather a lot more.
Today after the 3pm milk feed, Ndotto, Ndiwa, Sagala and Mundusi sneaked off and walked deep into the forest. The keepers found it very hard to find them! Ndotto and Ndiwa are very brave, and clever too. They always walk off quickly and go as far as possible as they know the keepers will notice and come to find them before they have had any fun.

Ngilai and Ndotto

Funny Sagala

Mundusi browsing


Whilst some of the elephant orphans are not enjoying the rainy weather, Maxwell is in his element and is having lots of fun in the wet weather. Today he had a lot of fun playing with the warthogs in his pen, before the elephants went out to the forest this morning. He also spent some time playing with Sattao, Enkesha and Malkia. They were running up the outside of his stockade, and he was inside, pushing at the gate to encourage them to play more.
Mundusi tried to charge at Kiko when he approached the elephants while they were having their 9am feed. Kiko wasn’t afraid of him at all however. Mundusi tried to drive him away several times but Kiko kept walking up to them. It wasn’t until Mbegu came over to assist Mundusi that made Kiko leave and wander off into the bushes.
When Kiasa arrived back to her stockade this afternoon she decided to run out again after finishing her milk. Luckily when she got close to Ndiwa’s pen, she met with Tamiyoi, Enkesha and Maktao who were just arriving from the forest to go into their own rooms. With an empty bottle of milk and in the company of Maktao she was led back into her room and the door was closed immediately behind her. We are wondering if she does not like the sound of rain at night at the moment? And that is why she does not want to be in her room.

Maxwell enjoying his lucerne pellets

Malkia is a playfil girl sometimes

Mundusi doesn't like Kiko


In the morning all the orphans seemed very happy and relaxed, browsing in a very calm and peaceful way. Even little Maktao, Jotto, Enkesha and Kiasa who normally like to browse next to their keepers were seen happily browsing alongside the big girls like Mbegu, Godoma, Mteto, Malkia and Shukuru. In that respect even the older ones including Shukuru, Ndiwa, Sagala, Mundusi, Ndotto and Mapia who like to go off and browse stayed with the group this morning and they all moved and browsed together as one herd.

During the public visit, after the first group had finished their milk bottles, it was lovely to watch mud bath lovers like Enkesha and Kiasa dive into the mud, accompanied by Tamiyoi, Godoma, Mapia, Emoli, Malima, Sattao and Kuishi. They were very playful in the mud and had a fun time rolling and swimming, even sliding in from the mud bath edges. Kiasa and Enkesha were too funny when they saw Emoli and Sattao trying to slide into the mud pool. They were trying to slide in on their sides and Enkesha and Kiasa were trying to push them out at the same time. It was a very funny scene and the visitors that day really enjoyed watching the orphans having fun.

Enkesha out in the bush

Enkesha and Jotto

Mapia with Maktao




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