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Icholta turned up early this morning, and escorted Mweiga, Seraa and Burra to the waterhole for a drink. In the evening Icholta came back to the Stockades with the others, but did not go in with them for the night. Instead, she went up Mazinga Hill to feed. 

Icholta, Mweiga, Seraa & Thoma


Thoma and Seraa came to collect Mweiga early in the morning, and the three elephants had a wonderful day together. Thoma and Seraa brought Mweiga back in the evening, and spent the night in the Stockade with her. Mweiga was so happy to be with them in the Stockade. 

Seraa & Thoma feeding


Mweiga and Burra left the Stockades early as usual. Later, Natumi’s group arrived for a drink. It was noticed that Seraa had lost her left tusk and part of the right one, which was now only about 30 cms. Long. Burra went off with Natumi’s group today, leaving Seraa and Thoma on “Mweiga-Sitting” duty. The two remained outside the Stockade, but close by all night. 

Seraa's left tusk is missing


Burra and Mweiga fed alone, without meeting up with the others. 


Burra and Mweiga fed alone, without meeting up with the others. 

Serena at the foot of Masinga Hill




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