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Mutara and her group of six joined the juniors for lucerne in the morning. Orwa and Kithaka had a brief moment of strength testing that saw Kithaka surrender to Orwa. Orwa then moved to tackle Kanjoro and their pushing game went on for a long time until it ended in a draw. Shukuru spent some time soil dusting while Vuria engaged Bongo in a pushing game. At mud bath time the juniors were joined by Napasha, Kilaguni, Chaimu and five wild bulls. Laragai played with Kilaguni for some time and after the brave Laragai walked up to the wild bulls and started sniffing at them. Barsilinga and Lemoyian decided to conduct their scratching close to the wild bulls but as they faced the opposite direction. They chose to scratch against that bench for safety and if the bulls turned aggressive towards them they would have access to an escape route. After mud bath, Napasha, Kilaguni and Chaimu joined the juniors for the afternoon and parted ways an hour later. The sun was hot and the orphans relaxed under a tree until the temperatures went down. In the evening, the orphans passed by Kone dam where they decided to go for a late wallowing session. 

Kithaka plays with Orwa

Shukuru soil dusting

Chaimu coming to mudbath

Kilaguni near the dustbath

Wild bulls at mudbath


Soon after leaving the stockade, the orphans joined Challa, Kilaguni, Lualeni, Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi just outside the stockade. It appears that the group arrived late at night and decided to spend the night just outside the stockade. The herd settled to share lucerne together and a short while later Chaimu, Mutara, Sities, Kanjoro, Kainuk, Turkwel and Suguta arrived. Chaimu was happy to meet Kilaguni who for a long time had formed a group of only two members. After feeding on lucerne, Turkwel and Orwa spent some time in a strength testing exercise as Narok scratched her buttocks against the nearby rocks. Later Orwa engaged Chaimu in a pushing game that ended in a draw. Orwa, who likes a challenge, moved on and met with Kasigau who he had a play fight with. Kasigau won that fight and Orwa went on to practice more so that the next time he would be the victor.

On the way to the mud bath the herd was joined by Napasha, who had been away for several months. At mud bath time Napasha spent a long time wallowing, perhaps to compensate for the days he had been away without taking a bath. Barsilinga opted for a soil bath as Lualeni, Challa, Kasigau, Kilabasi, Bongo and Mutara joined Napasha in wallowing. Later the herd returned back to the browsing field leaving Challa and Napasha behind. Two hours later, the partially independent group parted ways with the juniors and left to an undisclosed location.

Lualeni and Challa

Narok scratching her buttocks

Kasigau plays with Orwa

Challa and Napasha wallowing


All the orphans ate their lucerne nicely this morning, Barsilinga enjoyed a good scratch and then they all walked into the bush. There we had a good play fighting show from Orwa and Vuria. They played for some time until Vuria finally surrendered. He started sharpening his tusks by piercing them in the soil and then came back to play with Orwa again. Bongo, Kithaka and Garzi found a water pool and started playing in it. Laragai, Bomani and Kanjoro started rolling on the ground as they scoop and tossed soil in the air. They all then walked slowly to the mudbath. There we met Napasha, Tomboi and Challa playing in small rainy water dams in the field near the mudbath. Later, Wendi's group with Wiva came and walked straight into the orphans group. They interacted for a short time and then they walked away. Back in the bush, Barsilinga was rolling around in the grass whilst Garzi tried to mount him. Wendi's group came into the stockade in the evening and drank water; then Wiva started playing with her mother and trying to kiss her. She was making circles around her mother and after some time, the group left again. There was no rain today.  

Bomani relaxes with Kithaka

Orwa going to play with Vuria

Garzi playing

Wendi and Wiva


This morning the orphans left their respective stables and join the three ex-orphans Napasha, Kora and Meibai, who were also with one wild bull. The orphans came running out towards the keeper who was carrying lucerne and started competing for it. Orwa started mounting on some of the other orphans after he was satisfied with enough lucerne and turned looking for another activity. The group later headed to the bush for browsing.

Where they were browsing, Orwa started scooping and tossing chunks of soil on his head and up in the air. It was very hot after the first rain in the area and the elephants were walking in groups whilst they browsed. Barsilinga decided to lead the group to the mudbath. There Bongo led some of them to the mudhole for swimming such as Vuria, Garzi, Laragai, Kithaka, Bomani, Shukuru, Teleki and Sities. They later came out and followed their group back to the bush. Mutara the matriarch was scratching as she browsed and later even tried to climb a tree whilst browsing. Later, Kithaka led the group back home in the evening. Today we recorded 8mm of rainfall again. 

Napasha dusting himself

Bongo wallowing

Mutara heading to browse


The ex-orphans in the company of few wild elephants reported at the stockade compound early before the juniors were let out. Wiva is now walking steadily and manages to keep pace with her mother. When the gates opened for the juniors Ishanga, Chyulu and Napasha walked into the stockade to find out whether there was anything left to feed on. When the juniors left the stockade, Sities, Narok and Laragai went closer to Wiva and started sniffing at her since she was standing in between Wendi and Kinna and they couldn't access her directly. Four wild dogs emerged from east in search of water but they were driven away by Rapsu and Buchuma.

Soon after arriving at the browsing field, Barsilinga started the day’s activities by engaging Vuria in a strength testing game that saw Barsilinga surrender shortly after. Narok played with Orwa briefly before settling to browse. Chyulu, who had escorted Lemoyian to the browsing field, watched him for sometime as he scratched his ear on the rocks. She later left to join her friends. Bomani had a misunderstanding with Kithaka and they decided to settle it through pushing one another. Lemoyian came across nice vegetation that he wasn't able to cut using his trunk, so he went down with his front knees and managed to bite it using his mouth. At mud bath time, the juniors were joined by the ex-orphans and fifteen wild bulls. Vuria and Shukuru went to relax under a tree that had good shade, instead of going for wallowing. After mud bathing, Teleki picked a long piece of stick that he used to scratch his chest and later, he engaged Ololoo in a strength testing exercise as Barsilinga played with Bomani and Narok played with Zurura. In the afternoon the orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area and in the evening, Teleki wound up the day’s activities by engaging Vuria in one last a strength testing game.  

Wendi and Wiva

Ishanga holding a branch

Chyulu watching Lemoyian

Lemoyian bent over to eat with his mouth

Teleki using a stick to scratch




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