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It was another quiet morning today as the dependent orphans walked out of their stockades in what seemed like slow motion today. They walked straight out to the bush in a hurry to go and browse. Mutara’s herd later came running in looking for the dependent babies to join them. Narok's group with Bomani and Orwa were among them. Kibo and Murka were also with them. They walked out in the direction the dependent orphans had gone and found them browsing out in the bush. Mutara was very active today and started play fighting with Orwa. She went on to roll around on the ground showing off playful poses. She went on to comfort Sana Sana, who had been pushed down by Pare. She's a very good caring elephant. They all later walked to the mud bath so the dependent orphans could have their milk bottles.

Siangiki led the group into the water after their bottles so they could swim. They started from one end of the water pool and swam to the other. Suguta, Sities, Kainuk, Bomani and Orwa got a fright when they realized they had been left behind by the group and ran very fast back to catch up with them.

Out in the bush, Mundusi was busy browsing while the others hid under the shade of the trees. Mutara’s herd later separated from the dependent orphans and walked away. Later the orphans walked back to their stockades as usual for the night. Kithaka, Garzi and Barsilinga followed the ex-orphans but they came back home later in the evening and were locked in.

Kainuk scratching


Mundusi busy browsing


It was a quiet morning today after the elephants came out of their respective stables to feed on lucerne. They don't like the lucerne as much these days because there is so much green vegetation to be found out in the bush. They all rushed out to the bush to browse.

Out in the bush, Esampu was busy scratching on some rocks while Enkikwe busy browsing. Malkia was close with Ndiwa and they were browsing together. Usually Ndiwa browses with Sana Sana, but today she was with Malkia. Mutara's group later join the dependent orphans and started interacting with them. Kibo, Murka, Orwa, Narok and Bomani were amongst them. They stayed with them throughout the morning hours until mud bath time and the noon milk feeding for the dependent orphans.

At mud bath, a good number of elephants went in for wallowing despite the coldness of the water. They came out fast however and walked back to the bush to browse. As the afternoon went on it warmed up significantly, as the cloud cover disappeared, and later the orphans had to seek shelter from the sun. Oltaiyoni later led the whole group back home in the evening for their milk with Kithaka, Garzi and Barsilinga being more reluctant to follow them. They came in late after the orphans were already in.

Malkia going through an erosion trench

Ndiwa on the road



It was an easy going day for the orphans. Narok, Orwa and Bomani came again in the morning and joined the orphans. It's not clear what their mission is, as they do not usually stay around this long, or spend this long with the dependent orphans. The Keepers could not help but wonder if they are prospecting to see if any of the orphans might be ready to join them in the wild, sort of like a recruitment drive! If that is the case then we are not sure, since Kithaka, Garzi and Barsilinga, who they would be targeting, have not made up their minds yet whether they are ready. The three junior ex-orphans accompanied the dependent babies up to mud bath time, and thereafter parted ways. Esampu and Sana Sana competed who between them would finish the mud bath race first. Since Esampu is lighter and smaller, she emerged as the winner of the day. Narok’s group left with Kithaka, Barsilinga and Garzi. In the evening at around six, Kithaka Barsilinga and Garzi returned back to the stockade for the night. 

Orphans feeding

Naseku, Duppotto, Wanjala

Malkia and Esampu drinking water


Orwa, Narok and Bomani spent the night outside the stockade and joined the orphans when they came out in the morning. Mundusi started his day's activities by scratching on nearby rocks as the rest of the group settled for lucerne. Shortly later, Narok led the way out. Kithaka and Sapalan stayed back a little bit as they tried to get enough lucerne to fill up their stomachs. Later, they followed their friends out.

At around half past ten in the morning, the orphans came across a small water pool that they used to cool themselves down in since it was quite hot already. After the mini mud bath, Dupotto settled for soil dusting while Malkia scratched her neck against some nearby trees.

Despite having a small mud bath earlier, the orphans had a prolonged mud bath in the main water hole since it was still so hot. Sana Sana made sure that she was ahead of everyone as Tusuja kept trying to climb on whoever was close to him.
In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse west of Ithumba Hill where Olsekki and Oltaiyoni had a light strength testing exercise that ended in a draw. On the way back to the stockades, Sapalan, who used to always be last in his group, made sure that he was one of the first to arrive by overtaking Dupotto, and he arrived at the milk third in line, a number that he was very happy with. Orwa, Narok and Bomani left shortly later, after seeing everyone safely back in the stockade for the night.

Sapalan and Kithaka enjoying Lucerne

Olsekki and Oltaiyoni playing

Esampu in the water


As soon as the orphans left the stockade in the morning, Orwa, Narok and Bomani emerged from south east side at a run. Their speed scared the orphans and this prompted them to run towards the Keepers. The Keepers calmed them down and after, Narok led the way to the browsing field with Orwa carrying a bale of lucerne in his trunk.

Shortly later, after the orphans had left for browsing, Challa passed by the stockade compound and left shortly after sipping some water. Out in the bush, Esampu settled to browse with Sana Sana while Lemoyian teamed up with Kauro. Olsekki briefly engaged Galla in a strength testing exercise that ended when Galla surrendered. Narok, Bomani, Orwa, Kithaka, Garzi and Barsilinga parted ways with their friends, only to join them again later at mud bath. The weather was chilly and none of the orphans stepped into the water.

In the afternoon, Namalok and Siangiki shared the same tree to scratch on, while Oltaiyoni challenged Olsekki in a pushing game. Galla played with Rapa as Roi settled on soil dusting. In the evening, Narok, Orwa and Bomani escorted the juniors back to the stockades again.

Challa visiting

Orwa visiting

Namalok and Siangiki




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