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Godoma has been branded the milk time keeper recently as she is always the first ready to race down for her bottles. She is also the one who will alert the rest of the herd when she knows the milk has arrived in the feeding area. Sagala and Mteto were naughty at the feeding and causing trouble for their friends and the keepers. They were being very greedy and fighting for more milk. Malkia can also be like this sometimes and can be a little trouble maker at feeding times. But today after seeing these two orphans causing problems whilst she was having her milk, when she finished she drove them away and stood guard over the others trying to have their milk as well.

Ndiwa never shows that much interest towards the little babies, but today she was being very helpful towards the keepers. Most of the orphans had moved into the bushes while the keepers had their lunch, and one of the small babies was left all alone beside them. Ndiwa came over and escorted the little one away to a few meters away from where the keepers were seated, until they were done with their lunch.

Godoma the milk time keeper

Sagala in a naughty mood

Mteto naughty at feeding time

Ndiwa was very caring today


Malima is a clever little girl. Today she saw one of the babies coming out to the forest to join the rest of the group. From a distance she watched as one picked up a piece of rubbish and put it in his mouth. She swiftly ran over to meet him and snatched out the piece before escorting him to join the herd. Tamiyoi and Jotto then stepped up and led the little one away from the group. One of the other little babies loves Tagwa and Mbegu the most and whenever she joins the orphans in the forest she will raise her trunk in the air trying to find one or both of these females. Sattao has come to accept the presence of the babies around Mbegu as well. Before it was difficult to share her attention, just after he had won her affection from Ambo, but now he does not mind as much. Mbegu still dedicates lots of special time to Ambo too, even though he is older than these babies and Sattao now.

Musiara and Luggard are still special friends but when they are browsing they do tend to separate these days, as Musiara likes to walk deep into the forest now with Ndotto, Mundusi, Sagala and Ngilai. Luggard prefers to stay close to the keepers. But when it comes time to milk feeding times they will always want to accompany each other. They both walk slowly because of Luggardís bad leg, but they also like to dawdle and often get distracted. Today when a keeper walked back to check on them as they had not arrived for their milk bottle during the public visit, they were found enjoying a dust bath half way down the path!

Maisha has her special place to stand during the public visit. When everyone else in enjoying a mud bath, she is far in the corner standing in the shade cooling herself and dosing whilst the others play.

Malima is a clever girl


Tagwa loves babies

Mbegu and Ngilai

Musiara with a Keeper


Kiko has been in the stockade area for some time now due to the regular presence of lions, but today he was escorted out to the forest when it seemed he was beginning to grow restless at being kept inside. We are not sure it is because he was happy to be in the forest or just because he was being naughty, but he caused havoc all morning for the keepers and elephant orphans. He came over to the elephant babies when they were having their 9am milk bottle and started chasing everyone around Ė both elephants and keepers. Some of the orphans were scared of him and ran away on fear, not even wanting to come to the feeding point. Mundusi, Jotto, Kuishi, Sagala, Maisha, Ndiwa and Lasayen were just watching from a distance as Kiko ran around and kicked his legs out. It was not until Ndoto, Mbegu and Shukuru arrived at the scene that things started to calm down. Ndotto confronted Kiko whilst coming for a bottle but Kiko did not give way to him; this was apparently a test between height and strength! Mbegu and Shukuru stepped in to help Ndotto drive Kiko away from the area and they won in the end, chasing him all the way back to the stockade area before returning to have their milk. It was a relief for both the orphans who had not had their milk yet, and the keepers as well as Kiko is getting so big now.  

Kiko near the stockades

Sagala browsing

Ngilai and Mundusi

Ndotto drove Kiko away


Recently, once they have finished their bottle feeds, Mundusi, Malkia and Tagwa have been little trouble makers during feeding times. They keep running from one keeper to the next or to where their friends are having their bottles to demand another, when really they know that two bottles is their maximum! They seem to love it at the moment and canít get enough. During the public visit today Mundusi was almost uncontrollable! He quickly finished his milk and then jumped on Sagala who was peacefully enjoying her milk bottles. He head butted her because he wanted her milk and because she was quietly enjoying her milk with her eyes closed she didnít expect it and she stumbled backwards yelling. The keepers got cross with him and warned him away, keeping him away from the rest of the group for the rest of the session.  

Mundusi, Mbegu, Sattao and Malima

Mundusi has been naughty at feeding time

Malkia having her milk

Sagala browsing


The very small babies walked out of their stockades a bit later in the morning today to join the other orphans out in the forest. It was so sweet as when they picked up the scent of the other orphans and the path they had taken, they started yelling with delight. Their calls were heard by Tagwa, the adopted mother of the babies, Godoma, Mbegu, Malima, Sana Sana, Esampu and Tamiyoi who all walked towards where the babies were to escort them back to where all the orphans were busy browsing. The babies were most concerned and captivated by Tagwa, who they love very much.

Before it was time to go to the public visit today, Shukuru, Sagala, Ndiwa, Ndotto and Lasayen sneaked away from the group to browse deep in the forest. Sagala, Ndiwa and Lasayen turned back before the public visit began and returned to the group so they could go down for their milk, leaving Shukuru and Ndotto in the forest. Ndotto was clever enough to find his own way to the mud bath before the visiting time ended however. Shukuru never made it to the public visit in time as she took her time browsing, but she appeared at the mud wallow a bit later when all of the orphans had already gone back into the forest. She is wise enough to be able to follow the path they took, and soon joined up with them again in the bush.

Sweet Tagwa browsing

Godoma walking to the babies

Sana Sana

Shukuru out in the forest




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