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Enkikwe enjoyed a bottom-scratch whilst eating the lucerne before heading out to the bush this morning with his friends. Later, Bomani, Orwa and Narok came in running for some lucerne cubes too. They were late and found the orphans had already finished most of them.

In the bush, Barsilinga was scratching his neck and behind his ears. Other orphans were busy browsing and sharing food in one place. Roi and Ukame were also browsing together in one area with their trunks touching each other. Others came across a small pool of water and drank from it. Kamok later led the group towards mud bath. On their way, they came across another pool of water again and started playing in it before they reached the main mud wallow.

When the orphans arrived for their milk, Enkikwe ran away with his bottle, holding it by himself. The orphans then had some water and chose to wallow in the main mud pool today. They swam in a straight line which was quite a funny sight, and then all came out in a straight line to walk to the bush for browsing again!

They were all busy browsing in one group, but Shukuru was searching for Narok's group so she could join them, as they had been with them for part of that morning. She was restless, looking for Narok and leaving the rest of the dependent herd behind. She later came back after being unsuccessful in finding the Ex Orphan herd, and joined the orphans and the keepers on their way back to the stockades.

Galana’s herd visited us in the stockade today and drank water her baby Gawa; later they walked off back into the Park. Very late in the evening, Sunyei's herd with baby Siku came and they too drank water before going back into the bush. We were lucky to see these groups of Ex Orphans today as usually when it rains they do not come back to the stockades as much for water.

Enkikwe scratches before heading out in the bush

Rapsu, Challa and Kenze at the water trough

Orphans splash in mud on their way to 11am feed


The orphans walked down to the lucerne area and started feasting on the lucerne cubes without any interruption from the Ex Orphans today. It was very quiet and they later walked to the water trough to drink water before going out to browse.

Enkikwe and Sokotei started play fighting while Dupotto scratched her belly. Shukuru and Kamok were busy browsing separately. Galla scratched his feet on a bent tree while Karisa was browsing as he scratched his bottom at the same time. Later on, they walked to the mud bath for their milk.
Today the orphans chose to swim in the mud wallow after they had their milk and some water from the water trough. They all enjoyed the bath and then Sunyei’s group arrived with her baby Siku too. They only drank some water before walking out to the bush again, but then Challa came in with a wild bull.

In the bush the orphans met with Ex Orphans from Galana’s herd and they interacted together for some time. Enkikwe left his group and went out in search of water for them to play in. Unfortunately he couldn’t find any small pools today. The orphans continued browsing and later in the evening, they walked back to the stockades. Mutara’s herd arrived at the stockade in the evening and stayed for a short time.

Orphans drink up before heading to the bush

Dupotto scraches her belly

Challa plays with a wild bull


Early this morning, Yatta’s group came in with Wendi, Kinna, Nasalot, Galana, Mulika and Sunyei with all their babies. Siku stuck to her mum Sunyei whilst Gawa and Kama were also next to their mums. The orphans drank their milk and didn't stay long with the Ex Orphans but walked out to the bush.

Galla was struggling to browse high in the trees in search of food. Olsekki was climbing on Tusuja while Galla and Boromoko enjoyed a play fight. Naseku started leading the group to mud bath with Tusuja. All the juniors walked in and started swimming, with Shukuru in the lead. After they came out and went back to browsing. We saw Lemoyian scratching his trunk on a tree.

Sirimon, Olsekki and Enkikwe were standing under some shade from the hot sun whilst the others browsed. It was very hot and all the orphans went to play in a small water hole in the bush. Shukuru was the most playful and Lemoyian was playing on the ground along the road. Karisa tried to a tree to ground level to reach the leaves to eat. Barsilinga was busy browsing from the tallest branches in the trees. Later the orphans walked back home in the evening for their milk.

Yatta and Kinna arrive with their babies

Boromoko playing with Galla

Karisa bending a tree to get to the leaves


Early in the morning two groups of Ex Orphans, Mutara’s and Narok’s, arrived. They waited for the orphans to have their milk and come out to join them. They all joined together and walked out to the bush. Shukuru was very busy finding some fresh food to eat. After awhile browsing Wendi's group came in with Sunyei with her baby Siku. They were heading to the mud bath and the orphans later joined them to walk there for their noon milk bottle.

At mud bath Rapsu arrived first and Wendi's group came in with Yatta, Yoyo and Yetu, Sunyei and Siku, Nasalot and Nusu, Kinna and Kama, Galana and Gawa, and finally Mulika and Mwende. It was a very big group with only two wild elephants among them. Challa and a wild bull were playing inside the mud bath. Sunyei washed her baby with water outside the mud bath. Rapsu was scratching against a tree. Later the Ex Orphans left whilst the juniors waited for the keepers to have lunch and join them in the bush. It was a very hot and dry afternoon and when the juniors came across a small pool of rain water they started to play and roll in it. They later started their journey back home in the evening.

Mutara's group visited us in the evening. They stayed in some time and later walked back out into the bush. It is still very dry and we are waiting for more rain.

Orwa scratching

Nasalot with Nusu

Nusu and Kama entwin trunks


The orphans had their milk this morning and then feasted on the lucerne cubes laid out before them. Dupotto was kneeling down to collect up all the cubes as fast as she could! Shukuru was busy scratching her bottom. They drank some water from the water trough and then left to browse in the bush.

All the orphans were busy browsing this morning despite the cold weather. Enkikwe started play fighting with Sirimon and mounting on him. Shukuru was searching for some fresh pasture. The group later headed to the mud bath. They drank water and Sunyei came in with her baby Siku, Zurura and Kenze. They only drank water and left. Siku was very active and in good condition. The juniors were very excited and happy to see the baby. They later walked to the bush to browse. After some time browsing they started playing in a puddle they found. Lemoyian was the most playful elephant and was vigorously playing and rolling in the dust in different styles.

There were no Ex Orphans around today and no wild elephants.

Kamok with a stick in her mouth

Olsekki and Sokotei playing

Sunyei with Siku




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