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It was a quiet cloudy morning and only Naisula, Murka, Kibo and Kitirua were the guest elephants to visit the stockades. Two buffaloes checked in a little later. Kithaka tried to charge at one of the buffaloes but the buffaloes stood their ground. The buffaloes only left after quenching their thirst. After feeding on the lucerne pellets, the orphans passed by the water troughs, to arm themselves with enough water that would see them through the morning. The junior ex-orphans accompanied the orphans to the browsing field and spent the entire morning browsing together. Murka settled to browse with Karisa as Kibo took on the role of “trainer” showing Wanjala and Tusuja some pushing skills. The independent and slow Sapalan teamed up with Enkikwe while Esampu settled to browse with Maramoja. At 11am, the temperatures dropped slightly and only Taita joined the orphans at mud bath. Once the orphans had their milk and water, they opted out of wallowing due to cold weather. On the way back to the browsing field, Karisa engaged Namalok in a strength testing game that ended as soon as Tusuja intervened by separating the two boys. Sapalan enjoyed a brief soil dusting exercise as he slowly made his way to catch up with his friends.
As the sun started to set, we watched with great joy and pride, Lualeni walk into the stockade with hew new baby girl! Lualeni was accompanied by two wild boys. An hour later, there was trumpeting and bellowing of happiness and celebrations as Lualeni‘s friends arrived to congratulate on her first baby! It was a great end to the day! 

Murka and Karisa browsing together

Sapalan dusting

Lualeni with her new born baby


Galana and her small group of Gawa, Sunyei, Siku, Lualeni, Chyulu, Lenana and Ololoo joined the orphans for lucerne pellets this morning. Also present were Tomboi, Rapsu, Taita, Orwa, Narok, Bomani and Kainuk. It seems that Kainuk has left Mutara’s group and joined Narok’s, since Kainuk’s only friend Turkwel who was in Mutara’s group, is recuperating at the stockade hospital after the lion attack. Siku happened to pass behind Narok but was startled to get a back kick from Narok that nearly sent her stumbling. Siku, a little bewildered, wondered what crime she had committed that warranted such treatment from Narok. As she pondered on what to do next, Narok threw another kick that missed Siku by a few inches. It was only then Siku decided to get out of Narok’s way and find some safety with Esampu. Esampu was enjoying her lucerne pellets and wasn't too happy at the thought of having to share her pile of pellets with Siku and drove away the little baby. Siku ran to the safety of her mother. Gawa followed her and placed her trunk on Siku’s back for comfort. The ex-orphans and the rebel group parted ways with juniors soon after leaving the stockade compound. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by thirty wild bulls. After mud bath, the orphans led by Naseku settled for soil dusting before Kamok and Dupotto led the way back to the browsing field. In the evening twenty five wild bulls arrived at the stockade water troughs whilst the rebels were seen reporting back at stockade at 10pm and were ushered in by the Keepers on night duty. 

Orwa and Kamok at the stockades

Narok giving Siku a back kick

Mundusi ready to start the day


There was not a cloud in the sky this morning as the orphans exited the stockades; this meant it was going to be a very hot day. Maramoja led the orphans to feed on lucerne pellets and shortly after, this street wise boy, also led the way to the browsing fields. Siangiki settled to browse with her friends Olsekki and Enkikwe while Wanjala engaged Galla in a brief strength testing game. At around 10am, as predicted, the heat became unbearable; the orphans had no choice but to seek shelter under a tree from the scorching sun. The 11am mud-bath, turned into a grand affair, the orphans were joined by Zurura, Taita and one wild bull. Esampu led the orphans into quite a long wallowing session. She spent a considerable amount of time splashing water and showing off her mud wallowing moves. Once the orphans were done, Naseku led everyone to her favorite pastime, dust bathing and then, led them back to browsing. The orphans settled to browse along the banks of the Kalovoto seasonal river, an area with big trees that give a lot of shade. Later in the evening, Turkwel and Enkikwe were seen browsing together, sharing their experience of their encounter with the ruthless lions.  

Zurura and Taita on their way to mud bath

Namalok enjoying the water

Turkwell an Enkikwe browsing


Melia and her group with Taita and Zurura joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning as sixteen wild bulls were busy drinking water at the stockade water troughs. Taita took Zurura aside and tried to climb on his back. Karisa who was watching keenly picked on Mundusi and tried practicing what he had seen Taita do. Chemi Chemi reported later on his own and had some water before heading straight to mud bath where he joined his team. Naseku and Roi competed who among them would reach the milk bottles first, and Naseku emerged as the winner of the race. Twenty one wild bulls attended the bathing exercise. In the afternoon, Melia and her group joined the orphans for the rest of the day.  

Taita riding on Zurura

Naseku and Roi racing to the 11am feed

Orphans and Ex-orphans at mud bath


This morning just before dawn we heard the aggressive lions roaring again. Twenty one wild bulls were busy drinking water at the stockade water troughs this morning while Olare’s group, led by Melia, joined the orphans for lucerne. Olare has joined Yatta’s herd for the time being, and we have not seen that group for two weeks now. Kalama tried to bully the juniors as she pushed them away so as to have the lucerne for herself, but was cautioned by the Keepers to stop her greedy behaviour. Shortly later, Esampu the brave girl walked down and joined the bulls that were drinking water. A few meters from the stockade compound, a wild bull broke a big branch from a tree and the noise of the breaking tree attracted the orphans. Maramoja led the group in the direction where the bull had broken the branch and joined the bull to feast on the tasty leaves he had now made accessible.
Melia and her group spent the exception of Kauro, who is not very water friendly. Taita and Zurura, who have become great friends and travel together, showed up at mud bath and joined the orphans to wallow. Later, six junior wild bulls joined the orphans at mud bath and brought it to an abrupt end when one bull pinned Wanjala down in water. Wanjala screamed loudly making the orphans run out of the water towards the Keepers. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the upper Kalovoto area.

Esampu joins the wild bulls

Enkikwe and Tusuja browsing

Kandecha exiting the mud bath




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