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Galana and her small group of Gawa, Sunyei, Siku, Lualeni, Chyulu, Lenana and Ololoo joined the orphans for lucerne pellets this morning. Also present were Tomboi, Rapsu, Taita, Orwa, Narok, Bomani and Kainuk. It seems that Kainuk has left Mutara’s group and joined Narok’s, since Kainuk’s only friend Turkwel who was in Mutara’s group, is recuperating at the stockade hospital after the lion attack. Siku happened to pass behind Narok but was startled to get a back kick from Narok that nearly sent her stumbling. Siku, a little bewildered, wondered what crime she had committed that warranted such treatment from Narok. As she pondered on what to do next, Narok threw another kick that missed Siku by a few inches. It was only then Siku decided to get out of Narok’s way and find some safety with Esampu. Esampu was enjoying her lucerne pellets and wasn't too happy at the thought of having to share her pile of pellets with Siku and drove away the little baby. Siku ran to the safety of her mother. Gawa followed her and placed her trunk on Siku’s back for comfort. The ex-orphans and the rebel group parted ways with juniors soon after leaving the stockade compound. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by thirty wild bulls. After mud bath, the orphans led by Naseku settled for soil dusting before Kamok and Dupotto led the way back to the browsing field. In the evening twenty five wild bulls arrived at the stockade water troughs whilst the rebels were seen reporting back at stockade at 10pm and were ushered in by the Keepers on night duty. 

Orwa and Kamok at the stockades

Narok giving Siku a back kick

Mundusi ready to start the day


Yatta, Yoyo, Yetu, Mulika, Mwende, Naserian, Lualeni, Sunyei, Siku, Chyulu, Tomboi and Olare’s group were at the stockade compound early before six o'clock in the morning. After the orphans were let out, the graduate orphans joined them to feed on lucerne. A while later, the rest of the senior graduate orphans showed up. Esampu kept Kainuk company as they seemed to be communicating about something. The dependent orphans settled in Kone area while the graduate orphans headed west of the stockade. It was a quiet morning for the orphans as they concentrated on browsing without any major observations.

At noon when it was mud bath time, only one wild bull was present and Siangiki was brave enough to join him drink water. The orphans had a spectacular time wallowing given that the sun was very hot. In the afternoon, the temperature was still high prompting the orphans to take a break from feeding and relax under a tree. In the evening, Turkwel showed up at stockade and we kept her in since she had lost a bit of weight.

Esampu and Kainuk

Siangiki with a wild bull

Sunyei and Siku


Tomboi, who had been away for several months, reported early in the morning. He had crossed the fenceline and was living in the community area near Kanziku. He was spotted outside the fence and the gate was opened so he could be pushed in by the DSWT/KWS desnaring team. Tomboi seems to have fully recovered from the arrow injury he received in January this year, which he must have received when in a similar community area. Today he looked very well and he joined the orphans to feed on lucerne. Shortly later, Mutara and her team checked in and joined the orphans. Tusuja picked on Kanjoro shortly later after exchanging morning greetings, and they settled for a strength testing exercise that saw Tusuja bow out without giving any reason. After feeding on lucerne, Mutara led the entire herd out to browse, while Tomboi headed the opposite way. The weather was chilly and the orphans concentrated on browsing without any major distractions. Roi, who has an abscess around her buttock area, settled to feed with Oltaiyoni. The abscess was treated today and looks much better now. At mud bath time, the weather was still chilly and the orphans had their milk and drank some water before soil dusting, without going into the mud bath. The afternoon was again quiet and dull just like the weather. Four wild bulls reported for water in the evening and left shortly after having enough water.  

Tomboi drinking water

Tusuja plays with Kanjoro



Mutara’s group joined the orphans in the morning and this is the first time they pitched up since it started raining. Mutara’s group is the only group beside Olare’s group that has shown unity by sticking together ever since they left the human family more than two years ago. Shortly later, Laragai and Narok’s groups joined in and after feeding on the lucerne pellets, Karisa led the way to the browsing field. Orwa lagged behind in an effort to clean up all the pellet leftovers. He later joined the juniors at the browsing field. Naseku found sometime to roll around on the ground and when she had enough of her game, she held a brief conversation with Galla before going back to browsing. Kauro, who is well known for his dislike of water and usually avoids mud bathing, enjoyed a lone game of rolling on the ground. Mutara and her group escorted the juniors to the mud bath where they were joined briefly by Tomboi. They spend the rest of the day browsing together.  

Suguta and Kanjoro with the orphans

Bomani and Sities

Naseku playing on the ground



Fearing the lions, the junior Ex Orphans have been choosing to spend the night outside the stockades. For the second time now, the lions, early at dawn, roared not far away. The scuffle with the lions which made Enkikwe lame also left Barsilinga limping as he tried to escape from the scene, which resulted in him hurting his front leg. The junior Ex Orphans joined the orphans to feed on Lucerne, and later they left to browse altogether. On the way to the mud bath, the orphans were joined by Tomboi. After mud bath the junior Ex Orphans, Mutara and Narok’s groups left with Kithaka, Boromoko, Sokotei, Lemoyian and Laragai. In the evening, Boromoko didn't show up at the stockade with Laragai, Kithaka, Sokotei and Lemoyian, but decided to stick with the older Ex Orphans. This is not the first time Boromoko has spent the night out with the Ex Orphans and it appears that he is always comfortable being in their company. 

Pare feeds with Ukame

Rapa leading

Sapalan mud bathing

Orphans relaxing in the shade




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