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The orphans strolled nonchalantly out from the stockade and settled for lucerne. Outside the stockade Olareís group was waiting as twenty five wild elephants concentrated on drinking water. The sky was crystal clear and this was an indication of a hot day ahead. After finishing their Lucerne, the orphans briefly joined the wild elephants to arm themselves with enough water to take them through the entire morning. Led by Kamok the orphans walked off east of the Ithumba Hill where they settled to browse. At nine o'clock in the morning, a pack of African wild dogs passed by, disrupting the peaceful browsing of the orphans. They scattered in different directions and ran away from the wild dogs. It took the keepers nearly half an hour to get the situation came back to normal by trying to bring all the orphans back together again. Sapalan, known for his quiet behaviour and silently dodging the keepers, was the last one to be found. Whenever Sapalan heard the keepers looking for him, he would stop feeding and stand still to make sure he wouldnít create any noise to alert the keepers as where he was. By luck the keepers eventually bumped into Sapalan and directed him to join his friends.

At mud bath, the orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans led Yatta. Naseku had a disagreement with Wiva that resulted in a fight. Olsekki came to assist Naseku and together drove the naughty little Wiva away. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot and this prompted the orphans to converge under a tree with nice shade until it was cooler. In the evening, the Ex Orphans in the company of twenty five wild elephants showed up at the stockade and left immediately after having enough water.

Wendi, baby Wiva and Olsekki

Sidai, baby Kama and Kinna

Tusuja leading

Wild elephants relaxing at the stockades


A big group of Ex Orphans came today to share lucerne with the orphans. They know the time and came in as early as possible. The orphans had their share of milk and later joined them with the keepers distributing lucerne to everyone. Barsilinga was very clever and was carrying his share on his back to have it later. Boromoko accompanied the dependent orphans to the bush and stayed with them the whole day.

Galla was very playful at mud bath today again. He actively played in the new mud bath and started rolling as he scratch his belly, head and bottom on the tree there. Six wild bulls also came to drink water but there werenít any other Ex Orphans apart from Boromoko.

Back in the bush Sapalan browsed on his own as usual and didnít socialize with the others. The others browsed and later walked towards the small water hole beside the dirt road to play in the water and cool down before heading home.

Wendi's herd came to have some water in the stockade today and say hi to the keepers as we had not seen them for the last few days. Kinna, Nasalot, Sunyei, Galana, Yatta and Mulika with all their babies were with Wendi. They stayed for a long time under the shade in the stockade. Narok also came with only Bomani and Vuria. Enkikwe is still on medication. Kithaka and Laragai today did not return for the night as they fear being locked in, but all others in her group came and were locked in.

Ex Orphans feeding on lucerne

Barsilinga walking away

Wild bulls at mud bath

Kinna and Kama


This morning, Ex Orphans Kinna, Sunyei, Yatta, Galana, Wendi and their babies as well as some others appeared at the stockades in the early morning, waiting for the orphans to come out after their milk so they could join them to feed on lucerne. The orphans had their milk and later joined them. Wiva was the most playful as she was piling a bunch of lucerne on her head whilst eating more from the ground. After awhile her head was full covered with lucerne and she did not bother taking it off. Maybe she was trying to carry a stash of it for the day! She is also very proud of her small tusks which are already starting to show. She keeps throwing her trunk up in the air to show them off to the keepers. Maramoja and Rapa scratched their trunks together on a rock. The orphans left the Ex Orphans to finish off the lucerne as they walked out to the Park to browse.
Sapalan and Namalok browsed separately from the others. They prefer to be separate from others or sometimes amongst the older Ex Orphans. Roi later led the group to the mud bath for their milk.

Half Trunk was in a group of wild bulls who came in mainly to have water. Half Trunk tried to play in the new mud bath with the orphans after their milk. He later walked away to join his group who were at the water trough busy drinking water. The orphans later came back to drink water after the wild bulls had left and walked back to the bush to browse.
It was very hot as usual in the afternoon and most of the orphans were hiding in the shade. Wendi's herd passed nearby and Namalok decided to join them rather than staying with the dependent orphans. They walked with him trying to hide him in the middle of the group but the keepers ran a head of them and led him back to the younger orphans. He stood alone for some time and rubbed his bottom on the baobab tree. The rest of the group was busy browsing.

Laragaiís group did not return to the stockades this evening as they prefer to stay out rather than being locked in. Only Barsilinga appeared very late in the evening and we locked him in. Enkikwe is still on medication but his leg is still quite big; we are very busy taking care of him and giving him all the treatment he needs.

Sunyei and Kinna with babies Siku and Kama

Wiva with lucerne on her head

Wiva shows off her pretty tusks!

Maramoja and Rapa scratch their trunks

Namalok scratching his bottom on the tree


It was a very busy morning with the orphans having their usual morning breakfast before joining the other groups of Ex Orphans and wild elephants outside the stockade. There was a big group comprised of wild elephants and Ex Orphans Nasalot, Sunyei, Wendi, Yatta, Mulika and Galana with all their babies.

Out in the bush, Kauro, Ukame and Galla were browsing together as all the orphans concentrated very much on getting enough food before it got too hot to think about browsing; later they walked to the mud bath for their milk.

At mud bath there was a mixture of wild elephants, Ex Orphans and our dependent ones. They played together and interacted and later, the orphans walked out to the bush as they could not compete with the wild bulls for space in the mud bath. It was very hot and most of the orphans stood in the shade. Maramoja and Dupotto were standing together under a different tree with Kamok. Sapalan was a bit further away browsing whilst the others were resting. The orphans came out from under the shade to browse for a little bit before walking back to the stockades for the night.

Orphans and Ex Orphans socializing

Kauro, Ukame and Galla together

Barsilinga scratching on a tree

Kamok in the shade

Wanjala sharpening his tusks


The orphans had their morning breakfast of two milk bottles as usual and walked to the lucerne field where they met with some Ex Orphans and wild bulls who welcomed them out. They knew that when the dependent orphans came out they would get to have some lucerne as well! Nasalot and Galana with their babies Nusu and Gawa were among them. They all interacted together until it was time for the dependent orphans to walk out to the bush; Narokís group accompanied them. They stayed with them for some time out in the bush. The other Ex Orphans and wild bulls stayed until they had finished all the lucerne and later walked away.

Sapalan browsed on his own, despite having many friends and being well liked, he prefers to be on his own when browsing. The orphans later walked to the mud bath for their milk. After their bottles they played vigorously in the water and were joined by other Ex Orphans and wild elephants. It was lovely to see them interacting and playing together. The dependent orphans later walked back to the bush with the keepers, leaving Nasalot and Nusu in the mud bath still mingling with other wild elephants there.

It was very hot and all the orphans were hiding under shade for the most of the afternoon. They came out to browse for a bit later and then walked to a small mud bath to cool themselves before going back to the stockades. A big group of wild dog who were hunting passed through the stockades and came to drink water. We had also some wild elephants and Ex Orphans visit including Yatta and her babies Yoyo and Yetu. They drank water and left. Enkikwe is still on medication and but is strong and doing well.

Namalok and Sapalan

Ex Orphans bathing in the mud bath

Maramoja and Dupotto in the shade

Yatta, baby Yoyo and Yetu




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