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<<--  Entry for:  September   28, 2017  -->>

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Voi Unit  September   28, 2017 This afternoon the Voi stockade keepers received a report from the trust pilot of an orphan baby elephant that he had spotted during a routine patrol. The calf had been seen near the Sala gate and the team wasted no time getting to the area. On arrival they noticed that the calf was about 6 years old and as such too big to rescue. As the area had received some rain there was vegetation for him to feed on and he was close to the Galana river all of which meant his chances of survival were very high.

On the way back to the stockade we received word, from tour drivers out on a game drive, of a collapsed wild elephant cow in the Kanderi area. The team went to the elephantís assistance but found that she could not even stand even when aided to her feet. While helping her an approximately one and a half year old orphan calf (Chedi) came to drink from the Kanderi water trough. Chedi is a Taita/Taveta name meaning the lucky one as that orphan elephant was very lucky to have come to the water trough when the keepers were there. The team followed the calf for about four hundred meters. They saw it browsing close to an elephant calf that had collapsed and died a few days ago. The tusks had been recovered by one of the trustís desnaring teams. The calf was subsequently rescued and brought into one of the taming stockades where it was warmly greeted by Tahri and given some much needed reassurance.

Naipoki greeting Ndii

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