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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 LIMA LIMA  Female  Monday, February 27, 2012 Loisaba Ranch, Laikipia West  1 Year  Lima Lima was finally captured within the grounds of Loisaba Lodge in Laikipia West  Poaching 

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12/31/2018 - All the orphans walked out of their night stockades and went straight to the corner where they know the Keepers lay out their Lucerne pellets for them. Shukuru went to her own corner as usual, where some pellets where there in a wheel barrow waiting. The Keepers kept an eye on the pellets there, guarding them from the greedy Lima Lima and any naughty boys who might try their luck before Shukuru could get there.

When the orphans went out to the forest they came across a little snake along the pathway. It was trying to slither away and hide but Ngasha and Faraja stopped and tried to stamp on it. Ngasha then picked it up with his trunk and threw it very far away to be sure they were all safe from the snake.

The Umani Keepers and all the orphans wish everyone a very happy new year.

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 Kainuk caring for Lima Lima Lima in Nairobi National Park
Kainuk caring for Lima
photo taken on 2/26/2013
Lima Lima in Nairobi National Park
photo taken on 2/26/2013


A female calf of about 1 year old was first seen on the l8th February 2013, thought to be an orphan of recent poaching that had taken place within Laikipia West. The calf was then reported to have turned up in the grounds of Loisaba lodge two days later on the 20th and her presence was immediately reported to the lodge management by the gardener.

The calf, who was very thin and clearly distressed, was restrained by the lodge staff whilst a call was made to the rescue team at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi and a rescue plane was organized. Once the DSWT team was on their way the calf was transported to Loisaba airfield where she was taken care of by Joanna Silvester whilst awaiting the arrival of the plan. During this time the calf was given a rehydrate mixture and three buckets of water to keep her hydrated pending the arrival of the plane some 3 hours later. On arrival the rescue team assessed the orphan’s situation and decided to put her on life support for the plane journey, also giving her prophylactic Nuroclav to guard her against pneumonia and a little Stresnil to lessen the trauma.

Lima Lima's rescue at Loisaba  Lima on on her rescue

On the rescue plane back to Nairobi  Flying to Loisaba

The calf was thin and was passing runny pink stools upon arrival at the Nursery, clearly having been browsing during her abandonment on the invasive ‘Prickly Pear’ plant, which can prove very poisonous. However, she took milk from a hand-held bottle and was warmly welcomed by the 20 resident Nursery elephants, all of whom crowded around her stockade rumbling their greetings. She was given the name “Lima Lima”, which is the name by which Loisaba Lodge is known.

Lima in the Nursery Stockade  Kainuk caring for Lima

Since settling into her new life at the Nairobi Nursery Lima Lima has been understandably mourning for her lost family and has been unsure and nervous of her new human keepers. Having joined the other orphans out in the forests of Nairobi National Park over the last couple of days Lima Lima has been secluding herself from both elephants and humans, choosing to be alone with her grief, which is sad but natural behaviour for an older orphan who has been through such trauma. Despite Lima Lima’s self-isolation, the rest of the orphan family are not giving up on her and continue to shower her in love and affection in an effort to remind her she is not alone. Within a few more days she will become more accepting and happier as she settles down, whilst we hope she will continue to put on weight and regain her strength.

Lima and Adan  Lima Lima in Nairobi National Park

Lima and the rest of the Nairobi orphans

Please help us provide Lima Lima with the specialist care and support she needs by fostering her today.


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